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When the verb “baking” is used in statements, many people’s minds quickly rush to bread. It is, however, erroneous for you to limit baking to only bread. Baking is not only limited to bread as many other confectioneries and snacks such as meat pie, fish roll and buns are also involved in the act of baking.

However, the most consumed baked commodity is bread and that is why a bread-answer for baking should not be ruled out. In Nigeria today, there are many business ideas and many business outfits are springing up almost on monthly basis. How to start a bakery business in Nigeria is one question that has been on the lips of many entrepreneurs.


Bakery is one of such businesses and it is not surprising that as many as 3 bakeries can be found in the streets of Nigeria. What led to this is not far from the fact that bread being the most consumed baked product is widely accepted in many homes. Reports have it that about ten million loaves of bread and about six million loaves of bread are consumed on daily basis in Lagos and Cross River States respectively.

Whether this assertion is true or exaggerated, the fact remains that bread and any other confectioneries are highly sought after. On the part of meat pie, Nigerians tend to take it as a snack and others upgrade theirs by taking it down with drinks.


The profitability of bakeries is quite enormous and that is why there is a constant increase in the number of bakeries in the country. Whether you are a baker or you wish to learn how to bake, it is only a matter before the thought of starting your own bakery creeps into your thoughts.

Starting a bakery business and any business, in general, is quite a herculean task and in a country as Nigeria, the risks involved are quite numerous and many bakeries have been forced out of business on account of this. However, you should not be deterred as a right approach to the business will yield you meaningful profit while keeping you relevant for a long time.

If you’re looking for the steps to take in floating a bakery in Nigeria, the tips to be provided herein will go an extra mile in helping you achieve that. Even if you’re not yet interested, the insight given here will guide you when you eventually wish to start. You’re now presented with the tips on how to start a bakery business in Nigeria.


The first step, I believe, towards the establishment of any business in general and a bakery business, in particular, is the mindset. Most businesses were floated on the basis of profit and when this wasn’t realized or when the expected profit wasn’t forthcoming, such businesses are likely to fold.

When considering how to start a bakery business in Nigeria, you should pause and pose pertinent questions to yourself. Are you starting your bakery for profit or to add value to the business? Are you establishing a bakery to run down other bakeries or you’re doing so to bring quality to already existing bakeries? Will you force other bakeries out of the market when they compete against you?

The summary here is that the right frame of mind is what will lead you far if you really wish to establish a bakery. Make sure you have passion for the business so that in the event of low turnout, you can still be happy running your business.


Another aspect you should look at if you want to know how to start a bakery business in Nigeria is the location and its proximity to your customer base. It will be foolhardy to establish a bakery in an area that has a low population.

The population isn’t the only factor here because your bakery should be as close as possible to your customers. Have in mind that there are many competitors (bakeries) out there who will be most willing to take over your customers if you don’t act accordingly.

Optionally, you should cite your bakery in a “virgin” location. The implication here is that your bakery should not be situated close to another bakery because this will breed unhealthy competition that might metamorphose to an ugly situation such as loss of customers.

It should be noted that location of any business plays a vital role to its sustainability so make sure your bakery is cited in a good area and the chosen location should not be far from your expected customers.


You cannot beat a child and expect the child to smile. In the same vein, you should you not make attempts at starting a bakery business without having the required funds. Any bakery business in Nigeria no matter its size demands some reasonable amount of capital.

The capital is however influenced by the location. In cities such as Lagos and Port Harcourt, the cost of establishing a bakery business there will be more costly than doing so in Ebonyi and Sokoto States.

Though you can start on a micro scale from the comfort of your home, it is important you extend your reach to a more viable location and this demands capital. While some bakery businesses can be started with half a million, the costs of others are as high as a million or two.

The capital is not limited to the ingredients needed for baking, it also encompasses baking tools, staffing, storage facilities and setting up a suitable building for your bakery. It is important you conduct a feasibility study to determine what it will cost you to start a bakery business.

Business Mastery

It is true you need qualified staff to run your bakery business but what if none was forthcoming at the time you needed them? Will you pack up and refuse to operate anymore? Will that signal the end of your bakery business?

That is why you should endeavor to have the baking tips at your fingertips, know them by heart and sing them like a song. If your bakery business must survive, you should not be totally dependent on your staff because there might be eventualities when your staff will desert you.

As the owner of the business, you should master the business and imbibe the different baking approaches. This will leverage you and place you in an enviable position among your staff. Having this in mind will help you set a standard for your bakery business and stick to it with or without a staff.

Niche Selection

You can’t just decide to start a bakery without having a basis or niche. Is your bakery to specialize in bread alone or will snacks such as meat pie and buns feature? If you want to know how to start a bakery business in Nigeria, then the choice of what to offer the public through your bakery will help you answer that question.

A well-defined niche will help you reach a consensus on what to expect and what is expected of you. It is true that bread sells fast and is generally accepted in virtually every home but not all bread are accepted. Some families love sliced bread more than the loaf. A feasibility study on these will help you select a niche for your bakery business.

Know Your Customer

The customer, user or consumer is the soul of every business and their choice and interest are placed above every other priority in your business. Do you want to know how to start a bakery business in Nigeria? Do you want to know what is actually expected of you to run your bakery business smoothly in Nigeria?

If these are your interests, then your customer base is one of the right approaches to that. The selection of your customer-base should not be limited to your location; you can also get customers from locations far away from your bakery site but all these depend on your approach.

Most people often mistake the customer-base to be those close to your bakery site. Another school of thought thinks it to be the people who purchase your products. A customer is far from all these perceptions.

The niche you select for your bakery is synonymous with who your customer will be. Some people prefer sliced bread to loaves while others prefer the latter to sliced bread. You should note that your customers can only be defined by their preference. If you have a target audience that is almost at par with each other in terms of their preference, it is only right for you to produce products that will suit both sides.

So if you have majority of the populace demanding for both the sliced and loaf bread, it is left for you to produce same at the right quantity and satisfy their quest. Your customers can only be selected based on their preference and not just by their location.


Your staff or employees are great of great importance and should be in your line of thought if you want to know how to start a bakery business in Nigeria. Your staff can either make or mar your bakery business so you should always treat them right.

The mistake most bakery outfits make is to recruit staff that has little or no knowledge about baking. The idea behind this is to underpay them because they don’t have much idea of what the business entails.

If you really want your bakery business to succeed, you should never have the mindset of reaping from other people’s input. It is pertinent that you employ qualified staff; preferably bakers with vast knowledge. These set of persons if present, will churn out quality products and help move your bakery business forward.


We’ve discussed on some key steps you should take and what you should consider if you want to start a bakery business in Nigeria. The next vital step you should embark on is to register your business or bakery name. This will give your business the relevant presence and also make your business unique because you’re the only one bearing the license to your preferred business name.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the agency vested with the power of registering businesses. You can seek out the requirements and register with the one close to your locale.

You should also endeavor to register your bakery with the Association of Nigerian Bakers. This association provides you the guideline for running the business and possibly, tips on how to scale certain hurdles.

You are also expected to register with the National Agency for Food, Drugs, Administration and Control (NAFDAC). It is true the bread you churn out from your bakery isn’t intended to kill but it is necessary to take precaution by registering with NAFDAC and obtaining a license to operate alongside a NAFDAC number. This will be your shield in the eventuality of adverse effect of the bread from your bakery.





You cannot talk about how to start a bakery business in Nigeria and neglect the most relevant tool you need for the business. You need to have the necessary bread bakery equipment for the smooth run of your bakery. If you really want to start a bakery business, certain bread bakery equipment in Nigeria should be purchased.

Bread bakery or baking equipment will help you in baking your desired type of bread whether loaf or sliced. The equipment shall be discussed to give you the insight you need on the necessary tools you should purchase for your bakery. These are some bread bakery equipment in Nigeria that your bakery should have:


The first thing that calls to mind is where the equipment will be stored. It wouldn’t be wise to keep your bread bakery equipment outside so there should be enough space to contain them. This space can be a spacious room or a hall. Whichever one you choose, make sure it can contain the equipment you’ll need.

The housing should also be carpeted or if you have enough finance, tile it. The baking room should be neat and this is the idea here. It should be spacious to contain both the bakery equipment and the storage.


The tables are for kneading the dough and mixing the flour. It is also the first port where the baked bread will touch before being shipped out for sale or stored for the future. You’ll need about 3 long tables for a start and this can be increased as the business progresses.

Baking Pans

Bread literally needs coaching and the baking pan is here to give your bread the desired shape you want. There are many baking pans out there and each is vested with the function of molding bread into different shapes. There are baking pans for sliced bread and the loaf equivalent just as there are other baking pans for other bread shapes. You should identify the baking pan that suits your preferred bread shape and purchases same.

Measuring Equipment

If you don’t want your bread to have different tastes, it is important you take an accurate measurement. Most times, some bread we purchase has many flavors to one part than the other. This does not augur well for the bakery that produced such.

How to start a bakery business in Nigeria is quite easy if you master accuracy in measurement. You should purchase a measuring spoon and cup and use them in their respective scope.

Mixers and Moulders

There are two main mixers you should have in mind when conducting a feasibility study on how to start a bakery business in Nigeria. These are the mixing bowl and mixing machine.

The mixing bowl is often used for the manual aspect of baking but if you really want to carry out a high-profile baking, then the mixing machine is the best choice. There are tendencies of ingredients going their separate way when the mixing bowl is used.

The mixing machine demands you empty every necessary ingredient into it after which it turns them properly into dough.


We’ve gone through the preliminary aspect; what we have here is the secondary aspect of baking. The oven is needed and is the primary channel for producing your bread. The oven is where you empty the mixed flour or dough into for the final processing.

There are different ovens for different bread. Some bread are baked with a higher degree than others and thus, there are special ovens for this. There are 4 feet by 8 feet and 6 feet by 8 feet ovens likewise other ovens that abound.

Ovens are also chosen based on the number of steps they have. Some have 3 steps and others have as high as 5 steps. The number of steps available on an oven determines its loading capacity and the loading capacity, in turn, determines the quantity of dough that can be baked in it at a go.

Pastry Brushes

To prevent dough from burning, it is advisable to add some butter to it and this where the pastry brush comes in. The pastry brush is used to apply some ingredients to dough while being baked. It is also used to brush off stains from the finished bread before consumption.

Whisks and Wooden Spoons

You’ll certainly need eggs for your dough. Whisks are therefore bread bakery equipment you should have in your bakery. Whisks are mostly used to “beat” your eggs into suitable foamy nature before being mixed alongside other ingredients.


If you want to know how to start a bakery business in Nigeria, there is a need that you consider the cost of the business. The cost of starting a bakery business in Nigeria is not easily ascertained.  The question: how much does it cost to start a bakery in Nigeria is always on the mind of everyone that wishes to start a bakery business.

Some peg the figure at half a million while others suggest about two million. What you should know is that the cost of starting a bakery in Nigeria is greatly influenced by pertinent factors such as your location, bakery niche and equipment.

Though the cost of starting a bakery in some locations might be cheap, starting same in another location might be high or even lower than the other location. Factors that demand much finance in the bakery business are the facilities and the equipment.

You might be forced to set up a new building for your bakery if running same from your home might not be accepted by agencies such as NAFDAC. Some bakery equipment such as ovens and mixing machines are very costly and this is more reason why you should set apart enough finance if you really want to know how to start a bakery business in Nigeria.

If you’re battling with the question of how much does it cost to start a bakery in Nigeria, the tips given above will provide you the insight to the possible amount to be expected in starting a bakery business.


There are many businesses you can engage in Nigeria but the bakery business is one business that always flourishes despite the economic downturn. How to start a bakery business in Nigeria has been a topical issue and it is hoped that the information provided in this guide will help you launch your bakery business sooner.

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The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Guide For Nigerian Businesshttps://sheriph.com/search-engine-optimization-seo-nigerian/ https://sheriph.com/search-engine-optimization-seo-nigerian/#respond Fri, 20 Jul 2018 20:37:07 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=2007 THE ULTIMATE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) GUIDE FOR NIGERIAN BUSINESS

This is the ultimate guide to search engine optimization (SEO) for Nigerian Businesses. It shows you how to perform SEO like a proffesional in simple ways. If you are a blogger in need of more traffic to your blog, then you need a top search engine optimization strategy. If you run an e-commerce website, or you render services via an online office just like me, then search engine optimization strategy is very right for you. Whatever you do, so far you have a website and you need people to visit the website, what better way can you solve your problems than getting your web pages at the front of search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization is the most popular digital marketing strategy. Sit back, relax and stay calm while i show you how to perform Search engine optimization (SEO) for Nigerian businesses so that you can start generatingi more traffic. We all agree that, More traffic = More Lead = More Sales = More Profit.

Right before we delve into search engine optimization for your website, let us look at some historical details about how search engine companies rank websites.

Hint: I want you to safe the following infograph as a guide. It highlight what i will be discussing in the next chapter, just glance through it and comback to it later.

Search engine optimization SEO infograph

Search engine optimization SEO infograph

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the story so far…

It all began in the mid-1990s when website owners started optimizing their website for search engines. Getting a website indexed by the search engine was quite easy then, you would have to send your URL to various search engines such as ALIWEB, INFOSEEK and ALTAVISTA who would now crawl the page and subsequently index it alongside the links contained on the page. The indexed pages are ranked based on the prominent words on the page. In truth, the ranking factor was not only the prominent words but it has the most points. For instance, If I should write an article about TOP 10 PLACES TO VISIT IN LAGOS AS A TOURIST, and other people wrote similar article, the search engine will determine the best among the articles by considering the number of times the title “TOP 10 PLACES TO VISIT IN LAGOS AS TOURIST” were repeated in each article. As a result of this, just as it is easy to point the obvious now that, with all due respect, the then search engines were not really smart but still, they were a great innovation of their time. People got smarter and that create opportunities for blackhat search engine optimization methods. Blackhat SEO method such as keyword stuffing became the order of the day and fraudulent and irrelevant content started ranking on the first page of most search engine before the recent search engine companies, google, yahoo and bing came and change the game.

Now, more factors, which are classified as on-page and off-page ranking factors, are now being used to rank website’s relevancy and it is guaranteed that you would be caught if you used blackhat method to cheat. Therefore, you need to do SEO the right way.

Defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After searching around the internet, I could not get a definition that really expresses my feelings about what search engine optimization is. Therefore, I will have to do this my way. Most people define it as the process of making your website rank on google first page by optimizing your online content. Wikipedia considers it as “the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results”. I will leverage on the definitions to give a more detailed one.

But what really is Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of altering your website architectural design in order to increase your websites search engine visibility. Furthermore, SEO is a process, whereby you affect your website architecture, such that it becomes search engine friendly, thereby leading to higher search engine result page (SERPs) ranking, and generating more traffic. Search engine optimization can be classified into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The purpose of this article is to show you how to properly perform on page and off page SEO for blog and website. Right before we jump into that, let me give you a solid foundation in what is called “website architecture” so that you will be able to perform SEO like an expert.

Contrary to what most people believe that search engine optimization is all about optimizing your article or webpage, reputable data analysis has confirmed that websites with poor architectural design usually suffer to rank. I have found websites that are well optimized for search engine struggle to rank on the first page simply because they lack good architectural design. I always maintain that good website architecture is the foundation of a successful Search engine optimization. Let now explained the features of a website with a good architectural design.

Website Design

Right before you start thinking of ranking, I want you to focus on getting your website a very good design. You should make sure that both the visual and technical design of your website is top notch. A poorly designed website would not be appealing to visitors, this will lead to a high bounce rate and a depreciating returning visitor’s value. In no time, Search engines will catch these values and will not be pleased to continue suggesting your website, leading to a lower ranking status. This metrics will gradually affect your ranking and you will notice that despite your excellent on-page and off-page SEO efforts, you will hardly see good results. I used WordPress with premium themes for all my websites so I don’t have issues with the visual design. WordPress is the world most used content management system (website builder), it makes designing beautiful websites very easy and I mean very easy. Just look out for a professional design theme, install and you have a great design in no time. Don’t over customize things, keep it simple and solid. For instance, looking at my website sheriph.com, what complain would you have about the visual design, almost none and what if I tell you it is just a day’s job, yes I don’t overdo things despite my website design skills. I stick to premium theme designs because it is usually the work of a professional IT group.

Talking of technical design, this is the technical part of your websites such as permalinks, ease of navigation, good internal linking structures, and good sitemap. If you are using WordPress, there are plugins to do most of these things with a single click. Permalink is your navigation URL as shown below;

Search engine friendly permalink

Search engine friendly permalink

The image above shows my URL to a post on digital marketing in Nigeria. As you can see, it short and does not contain any stop word. Also, I have removed any unnecessary category that is common with most website. That is an SEO friendly permalink and it should be your aim. Internal linking is the links from page to page on your own website. A well performed internal linking will reduce your bounce rate and time spent per visitor on your website will go up. A sitemap is the structural road map of your website. It is the way your website pages are linked together. No page should be more 3 clicks away, that’s the feature of an excellent sitemap. What this means is that taking my website, for example, you won’t need to click more than 3 times to locate a page. In order to achieve this, let us consider various site structures; popularly known as silos


In the above structure, ARTICLE A is probably located on the homepage, therefore, you simply need to open the homepage and click on ARTICLE A.


In the above example, ARTICLE A is 2 clicks away as you have to visit home, finance before you could click on ARTICLE A.

It is obvious that in order to avoid having articles more than 3 clicks away, you should avoid multiple sub-categories such as


Once you take note not to have many sub-categories that leads to many clicks, then you have a great sitemap. To make sure search engines index your websites, simply generate a sitemap structure (for WordPress user, search for sitemap generator plugin), the generated sitemap should be submitted to various search engine, the giant being Google, simply use the google search console to submit your sitemap to expedite indexing of your pages.

User experience

You should make browsing through your website as satisfactory as possible. A satisfied visitor will likely share your content, link back to you or give positive signals that will be interpreted by search engines. Do not overcloud your content with adverts, avoid unnecessary popups, install live chat if it is a business website, and make moving from page to page easier to do.

Page speed

This aspect is usually overlooked by a lot of webmasters and website owners. No one likes to browse a heavy and slow loading website, no one has that time. A study by kissmetrics confirms that conversion drops by 7% for every second delay in page load time. In fact, munchweb discovers that 75% of users will not revisit your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Google considers web loading speed as a ranking factor so if your website takes time to load, you will experience a drop in ranking. Google hates slow loading websites so much that it allows you to use a tool to see how much traffic you are losing based on your current speed. I always monitor the loading speed of my business websites so that I won’t miss a thing. I recommend Gtmetrix for speed test. Gtmetrix is quite the best as you would see the optimization suggestions that contribute to your slow loading page. You simply need to work on them to achieve greater speed. Also, you can compare your loading speed to competitors speed in order to stay ahead, I do this a lot. Let me show you how to perform a loading speed test;

Speed Test on Sheriph.com

Speed Test on Sheriph.com

As you can see, I live by example. I scored A’s in pagespeed and yslow, also my site is fully loaded in 2.5 seconds (average value is 6.8s), the total page size is 590kb (average value is 2.94mb), and number of requests is 23 (average is 86). You would see that in all cases, I did much better than the average values. Notice that Gtmetrix only measure your Desktop website speed, for mobile page speed, use this Google tool.

Mobile friendly design/Responsive Design

Mobile friendly design is the new trend. If your website doesn’t have a responsive mobile design, your SEO effort will suffer. Use this google tool to test your website mobile page.

Mobile page Test

Mobile page Test

Keyword Analysis

One more thing to look at is keyword analysis. This is a way of measuring how easy or difficult it would be to rank on the first page for a particular keyword. This is one of the most important preparatory processes before search engine optimization. You need to be certain you are not chasing a ghost. Yes, some keywords are extremely difficult to rank for due to the huge competition. For instance, let assume you want to rank for FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 SCHEDULE


Difficult keyword SERPs

Difficult keyword SERPs

Before writing the article, do a little google search to see who is ranking first. From the image above, you could see that Google already has a snippet that shows the schedule. So how would you possibly displace google itself? Secondly, the first-page ranking website is flooded by FIFA and FIFA partner websites and top news website such as www.goal.com. Therefore, the keyword is a very difficult one and you would need to write about something else if you want to rank. There are various tools that will help you in your keyword analysis process, the most popular ones are ahref, kwfinder and semrush. If your website is new, you should focus on low completion keywords and gradually scale up in competition as your website becomes an authority.

That sums up how to lay a good foundation for a professional SEO strategy. Having done all the above mentioned architectural design of your website and keyword analysis, you should be ready to start performing on-page and off-page search engine optimization for your pages.

What is on-page search engine optimization (On-page SEO)?

On-page search engine optimization is the activities that are performed on an article or a webpage to ensure that the page is search engine friendly. These are the ways you tweak your page to increase search engine visibility. The word SEO friendly website is quite inaccurate in some context, the right word should be SEO friendly web pages. Why do I say this? A website, most of the time, consists of 2 or more pages. In fact, many huge websites for instance, contains over a thousand pages. Performing SEO for a website is just performing SEO for the individual pages. Therefore, you should be concerned about tweaking each page to be SEO friendly, after all the pages have been well optimized, then you have an SEO friendly website. Now that we have identified what we need, our attention should be focused on tweaking individual pages, by paying attention to certain factors which are underlined below, in order to have a perfect SEO website.

How to perform excellent on-page search engine optimization like a pro using my 10 golden SEO Rules

Performing on-page search engine optimization is quite easy. You simply need to follow some rules and make sure that you always remind yourself if you have performed those rules before publishing your article or a web page. If you are wondering if there are any set rules laid down by search engine companies for SEO, don’t stress yourself finding out because there is none. Then, how did I come about the rules? Here is the thing, search engine company are very secretive when it comes to going public with their ranking algorithm. The truth is that most of these search engine companies sell ads, and they would prefer us to buy ads from them rather than getting free traffic as a result of perfectly optimized web content. Only a few ranking factors were disclosed by these companies leaving SEO experts in the dark about the rest. A lot of professional webmasters have invested time and resources in finding these facts, therefore most of the rules that I will be listed here are the results of many data backed experiments on what makes a page rank first on Google and other search engine. Do know that to attain a 100 percent perfection, which in my view should always be your aim, you should always follow the rules from A-Z. Read on as I take the rules one after the order.

Infograph Reminder: I want you to safe the following infograph as a guide. It highlight what i will be discussing in the next chapter, just glance through it and comback to it later.

Search engine optimization SEO infograph

Search engine optimization SEO infograph – click to zoom

Rule 1: Perform a Keyword research to discover your focus keyword

On-page or off-page SEO begins with keyword research. How well you know your keyword will determine your SEO success. You should be able to know the traffic volume of the keyword and the competition associated with it. I personally use keyword analysis tool named ahref, I normally subscribe for 7 days at $7 which is quite affordable. You can use any keyword analysis tool that is convenient for you, the most important thing is to know how to read the metrics such as traffic volume, keyword difficulty and understand the features of the ranking pages such as their PageRank and Page Authority. If the ranking pages on google have high PageRank and page authority values, that should tell you that it would be very difficult to displace such website. Remember, I wanted to target DIGITAL MARKETING in my example above. Upon seeing the stiff competition for that keyword, I decided to be creative. Instead of targeting a global keyword such as DIGITAL MARKETING, I decided to target local audience by adding the modifier “NIGERIA”, so I ended up with a new keyword “DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA”. Upon analyzing my new keyword, I discovered that competition is quite low, so over time, I am confidence that I would rank between 1-3 on page 1 for Nigerian audience and for international audience that is likely going to search for “DIGITAL MARKETING”, I would start getting bits of their traffic too.

Rule 2: Add your focus keyword to the title

Add your focus keyword to the title

Add your focus keyword to the title

The fundamental mistake anyone could make while optimizing an article for SEO is to use a title that doesn’t include the keyword. When google crawler visits your website, at first, it will read your title. This is your attempt to give Google a hint at what your page is about, having your focus keyword in your title ensures that you informed google on what your page is about. For instance, I decided to write an article on DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA: STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE. My intention was to educate Nigerians on what digital marketing is all about and how businesses can use various digital marketing strategy to promote their business. At first, I needed to choose a focus keyword, a focus keyword is the keyword that I want to rank for. In this example, you would agree with me that DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA is the perfect focus keyword.  It is perfect because

  • I will rank for DIGITAL MARKETING: If you search for digital marketing, you would see that the competition is fierce. The first ranking page is from my mentor, Neil Patel, the best SEO pro I have ever known. So, I decided to localize my focus keyword by putting “Nigeria”. I want to compete for digital marketing keywords against Nigerian content. That’s easier as I perceived the competition to be really low from my page analysis results of the Nigerian websites ranking for that keyword. Also, it suits me better because as you can see, sheriph.com focuses on Nigeria businesses, so why would I waste my time targeting foreign audience?

In conclusion, your first attempt at optimizing your page for search engine is to smartly fix your focus keyword in the title.

Rule 3: Add your focus keyword to the URL and use an SEO friendly URL.

Using the same example in Rule 1, this is what I mean;

Title containing focus keyword

Title containing focus keyword

Did you see my URL for the page on DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA? Yes, I ensured that my focus keyword reflects in the URL. I use WordPress, so whatever I chose as my title will be the extension of my URL. Having my focus keyword in the URL is the main reason why this rule stated that your focus keyword should be in your title. The position of your focus keyword should be as close to your primary domain name as possible. My domain name is sheriph.com, therefore, I would go for something like sheriph.com/my-post-title. In this case, https://sheriph.com/digital-marketing-nigeria/, also see image below;

Title containing focus keyword

Title containing focus keyword

Also, it is very important to make the URL as short as possible. Accordingly, to Google engineer, only the first 3-5 words are considered by Google.

Rule 4: Use H1 tag for your title or article heading

Header 1 (H1) is the most important header tag in HTML. H1 has been defaulted as the page title, so anytime you use H1, the search engine crawler will assume this is your title. As a result of this, right before you write anything on a page, write out your title and denote it as H1. Therefore, you would end up having your focus keyword inside H1 and also in your title. Very important. Bonus point: Try to make sure that you use your keyword with H2 and H3. For instance, I could have a subheading like WHY IS DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA SO IMPORTANT, in that case, I will denote it as H2. So I have my focus keyword inside H1 and H2 in the same article. This like repeatedly telling google crawler that my article is about DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA which is very important.

Rule 5: Use multimedia and name them as your focus keyword

A poorly optimized article is one without any media. The simplest being image. There are lots of freely available images so why anyone would write a post or have a webpage without an image baffles me. Videos are better and infographics are the best. If your page has any multimedia, make sure it is named after your focus keyword. For example, using the same example above, my first image, which I randomly picked from google images, is named after my focus keyword. Also in images, ALT attributes are very important, use your focus keyword theirs too.

Rule 6: Add your focus keyword in the first 100 words or paragraph

Immediately google crawler leaves the title, it will begin to crawl the body. You should quickly remind the crawler what your article is about again before it goes too far. This is the reason you need to ensure your focus keyword appears in your first paragraph.

Rule 7: Add outbound links

A recent study shows that pages with outbound links rank better. An outbound link is a signal that your article is a result of a well-research topic, leveraging other great content available online and offline. Google knows no one is an island, even Google is not an island, and hence, it likes to see that you give credit to where credit is due.

Rule 8: Add Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are keyword that is closely related to your focus keyword. Google refers to this as a similar search. For instance, search for DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA on Google, scroll to the bottom of the first page and you will see Google suggestions on a similar topic related to DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA. See the image below;

LSI keywords in SEO

LSI keywords in SEO

Therefore, my LSI keywords are;

  • digital marketing in nigeria pdf
  • digital marketing training in nigeria
  • list of digital marketing agencies in nigeria
  • best digital marketing agencies in nigeria
  • digital media companies in nigeria
  • marketing companies in nigeria
  • online advertising agency in nigeria
  • free digital marketing training in lagos

For me to do SEO justice to the article, I should find a way to talk about this keywords. Sometimes, this is not easy because, it is absolutely irrelevant to my goal, so I pick a few others that won’t hurt my article message and leave the rest. See the image below and notice how I included one of the LSI in that paragraph;

LSI usage in SEO

LSI usage in SEO

Smart hmm.

Rule 9: Keep the focus keyword density between 1-3%

This rule sounds tough but it’s very easy, in fact, you will end up doing it unintentionally. This rule implies that the number of times you should repeat your focus keyword in the article should be between 1-3%. For instance, if you wrote an article of 1000 words, 1-3% by calculation gives 10-30. Therefore, I should not repeat my focus keyword in the article more than 30 times and not less than 10 times. Les than 10 times implies that my search engine optimization on the keyword is weak and more than 30 times means I could be penalized by Google for keyword stuffing and you don’t want to anger Google. Keyword stuffing is a popular Blackhat search engine optimization techniques which involve unnecessary and multiple repetitions of the focus keyword in order to mislead google crawler. So be safe and take note of your keyword density.

Rule 10:  Post Long Content

Content is king, you must have heard that many times. SEO without good content is a waste of time. Don’t think you can outrank other websites that have put a lot of efforts in content with your smart SEO strategy. Research has confirmed that long and engaging content rank better. Google uses bounce rate as an indication of weak content. Most of the time, Google algorithm is right because most well research articles that can be found online are usually long, detailed, and highly informative. If you manage to rank high, as people visit, Google will take note of the bounce rate. Bounce rate will eventually be high for thin content. Take a clue from Wikipedia, most Wikipedia articles are usually long, all part of the subject of discussion would be treated.

That concludes our on-page SEO guide.  Now, let us look into off-page SEO.

What is Off-Page search engine optimization (SEO)

Off-page SEO is a set of external processes that are used to increase the ranking of a website. They are usually traffic driving activities to increase the reputation of the website. The two major examples of off-page SEO are Link building and Social Media sharing.

Building links to a webpage increase the PageRank of the page, a factor which Google algorithm considers as the most important in ranking. Also, another metric that increases as a result of Backlink building is Domain Authority. Having a high domain authority guarantees that most of your pages will be in position to rank first for any topic except in rare cases when they will be met with stiff competition.

Another Off-page SEO is social sharing which is another traffic driving method. Social indicators are now used to gauge the importance of web pages. You can either promote your page on social media such as Facebook or put a social share button on your website to encourage visitors to share your article.

We have come to the end of the article. If you made it this far, please share this post and give me +1 social signal.

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How To Increase Your Customer Basehttps://sheriph.com/increase-your-customer-base/ https://sheriph.com/increase-your-customer-base/#respond Mon, 02 Jul 2018 20:54:39 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1998 HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CUSTOMER BASE

With businesses coming into existence on a daily basis both offline and online, there is a need for you to ensure that you are doing everything within your powers to remain relevant in your niche. This is very important and it is something that you need to take into serious consideration to ensure that your brand or services remain as competitive as ever. This is evident in the fact that businesses which seem to be lagging behind or have fallen short in one way or the other when it comes to updating their strategies have shut down.


There are lots of strategies that you can adopt to ensure that your business survives any kind of competition in your niche. While some of these strategies are great and can produce outstanding results over and over, there are others which aren’t really worth giving a try. There are also the ones that can put a hole in your pocket in trying to adopt them while there are those which don’t require you to spend much. The best part is that they can produce some really outstanding results.


Here Is The Solution!

Amongst all of these strategies, there is one that has proven to standout over the years which is increasing your customer base. In case you are struggling to understand How To Increase Your Customer Base, you have come to the right place as this post will aim to have you exposed to some really powerful tips that you can start using today to ensure that your customer base is increased. These are hidden secrets which most of the powerful brands around the world today are making use of to ensure that they stay ahead. You will be discovering everything about How To Increase Your Customer Base in your business including the dos and don’ts.


Getting A Website

It doesn’t really matter what you must have been told about expanding your customer base beyond what it is today as such will never be a reality without a website. Businesses are creating websites every single day to reach out to as many people as possible. You need to embrace this strategy as it is simply one of the most reliable that can help increase your customer base.


Have you ever taken out time to compare the number of prospective and existing customers that a traditional brick and mortar store will be able to reach out to within a given period of time as against those of a website? It is really shocking to know that most businesses aren’t aware that the presence of a website will help publicize their brands which will lead to more customers.


Doing Some Promotions

Even if you have the best product to offer on your website or store, nothing is going to be earned once there is no promotion. Understanding How To Increase Your Customer Base doesn’t really have to be difficult and complicated in this regards as all you need to do is chose a promotion method and be consistent with it.


Lots of businesses and brands are carrying promotions every now and then to ensure customers buy what they have to offer. You don’t have to be different as it will only be a matter of time before such competition will start affecting your business adversely. Get the word out about your business and notice what will happen to your customer base.


Selling Winning Products

You can attend all the seminars, read every book out there and even hire some of the best brains to educate you on How To Increase Your Customer Base. However, if your product isn’t one that can meet the needs of your target audience, then you may lose customers faster than they are coming in which can put your business at risk of going into extinct.


What you are selling is very important if you want customers that will not only come once but will be coming repeatedly. Ensure that you are selling what they are searching for. The last thing that you want to do here is to start selling products that may sound appealing to you and not your customers. This is only a recipe for failure as you will definitely struggle to increase your customer base beyond what it is. A winning product doesn’t advertise itself that much before people know what it can do for them.


Using Social Media Platform

Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are increasing in popularity and you will be losing out if you fail to make use of them in creating awareness about your brand. These are platforms which have millions of active users on a daily basis. In other words, there is absolutely no doubt that by the time you start using them, your customer base will definitely increase.


All you have to do is create that unusual buzz about your product. It is all about making people aware of what you have to offer as they may not be aware. Do you want to know the best part about all of these? It is the fact that using this method doesn’t require you to spend a single dime yet the results are just awesome.


Understanding Your Customers

It has been discovered that lots of business owners don’t even know their customers. If you happen to be amongst such persons and are still searching for methods on How To Increase Your Customer Base then it is very safe to say that you are getting it all wrong. This is because your customers are the major reasons why your business is existing in the first place.


You need to devise the best strategies to ensure that they are well taken care of. Once this is perfectly done, they will begin to patronize whatever offer that you put in front of them. Try as much as you can to study your customers so as to know how they can be retained for years to come.


You can decide to carry out a survey thereby asking them some questions. One benefit of this is that it takes away every form of guesswork out of the way as your customers will give you an idea of what will work through the response they will provide. If you understand who your target audience is, you will definitely be able to devise the right means through which their needs can be met. The good part is that whether your business is offline or online, there are lots of tools which you can make use of to really study potential and existing customers.


Speaking At Events And Conferences

Are you searching for a cost-effective way of getting more customers? Do you know that you can achieve such a feat by speaking at events? There are lots of business owners who are using this strategy to increase their customer base and even become more competitive. If there is one thing that you need to understand about business in general, such as the fact that sometimes you need to use everything in your arsenal in other to keep customers coming continuously. This is one of the most effective strategies that you can make use of from today which will attract customers in a way that you have never seen before.


Organize events or take part in those being held around where your business is located. This will help to promote your brand and make people start asking more questions about what you have to offer. Sometimes when thinking about How To Increase Your Customer Base, a method such as this one will always be the last thing you would want to consider. However, it has been proven to produce more results than the others.


3 Things You Should Never Do When Considering How To Increase Your Customer Base

It is only natural that as a business owner who wants to increase his customer base beyond what it is, there are lots of things which you may be considering to try out. If there is one plain truth that you need to understand about all of these; such is the fact that there are things that you need to completely avoid whenever you are thinking of How To Increase Your Customer Base. Trying to do them will only have negative effects on the general performances of your business.


Lack of Planning

It is important that you avoid the pitfall or mistake of not planning very well because this can really have an adverse effect on how you apply any of above strategies which have been outlined above on How To Increase Your Customer Base. What you need to do here is set out goals and the timeframes that they are expected to be achieved. You need to give yourself a target in terms of how many customers are expected and how you plan to go about attracting them over the course of time.



When considering various options on How To Increase Your Customer Base, you may want to get tempted to start considering various methods. Don’t forget that some of these methods involve money. As a business person who is aspiring to make the highest amount of profits, you need to ensure that you aren’t spending above your budget. Ensure that you are using methods which are affordable so as not to put a hole in your pocket. The trick here is to avoid using methods such as advertising for now. Rather, what you are expected to do is stick to those free ones until when you have started seeing results. This is very important most especially once you happen to be a small business owner working on a shoestring budget


Zero Testing

Most times you are searching for ways on How To Increase Your Customer Base and start trying out various methods even without testing or tracking them. You need to know what works in other to get the best out of it over the course of time. The importance of tracking your strategies and results can hardly be overemphasized. It will help you to know what to concentrate on in other to help achieve your set business objectives.


This will really save you plenty of time and help to ensure that you are able to quickly spot strategies that aren’t working as effectively as they ought to. In that case, it will be left for you to decide whether you want to tweak them for improved results or get rid of them completely.


How To Increase Your Customer Base – Top 3 Benefits That You Need To Know

There are lots of benefits once your customer base increases far beyond what it is today. This is the reason why you need to throw everything at it to ensure that your business gets to where it ought to be. If you haven’t been considering the above strategies, below are some of the various ways that your business can benefit from them today.


Increased Profits

This is perhaps why you shouldn’t take the ideas which have been explained about on How To Increase Your Customer Base for granted. This is very important if you want to last in your niche for as long as possible. You need as many customers as possible to buy what you are offering. This is because selling the best product out there isn’t just good enough. In addition to such, it is very important that you look for ways to bring in customers. The best part is that you don’t need to start racking your brains.


Better Brand Exposure

There is nothing such as having a better exposure for your brand. With an increased customer base, this can always be achieved. Most small business owners don’t usually consider this one and as a result, they hardly give the idea of having to increase their customer base a second thought. More people will know about your brand.


Building Your Business Reputation

This is perhaps another reason why you need to start considering how to How To Increase Your Customer Base by applying the strategies that have been outlined above. The reputation of your business is at stake here. The more your customer base is increasing, the more your business reputation is being built. This is very important if you want your prospective customer or target audience to think positively about what you have to offer.


There are lots of bigger brands around the world who make use of their large customer base as a way of attracting other customers. The best part is that once your customer base has been built, you will not need to do much in future as everything will be automatic.


Top 3 Marketing Strategies To Increase Customer Base

Although these strategies may sound like the ones that have been mentioned above, they aren’t in any way. This is because they are always targeted to ensure that you get the attention and patronage of prospective and existing customers. Below are some Top 3 Marketing Strategies To Increase Customer Base that you can use today for your business.


Making An Irresistible Offer

This is one of the most effective Marketing Strategies To Increase Customer Base that you can adopt today for your business. All you need to do here is give your target audience something that they can’t refuse. This could be a free gift, a discount offer and lots of others.


Call To Action

Most business people always make the mistake of not asking customers to make the order. You need to tell them so they will not walk away from your store. The call to action is very important and once you have succeeded in telling your customers about what you have to offer, you need to tell them to take action. This is one skill needed by those operating website.


Creating Value

When the value is created, it can make your target audience believe in you the more. It is all about having the problem – solving mentality for whatever you are offering. Making profits shouldn’t be the primary objective here. This is one of those Marketing Strategies To Increase Customer Base that require you to focus on the well – being of your prospective and existing customers.


How To Attract New Customers To Your Business

It doesn’t really matter what number of customers you have at the moment, there is no doubt that you are searching for effective ways on How To Attract New Customers To Your Business. Below are some of the most effective ways to go about this.


Using Various Platforms

If you are using just one platform then the rate at which new customers will be coming in is going to be very low. You need to change platforms in other to get new customers. for instance, if you are considering How To Attract New Customers To Your Business, you can try using advertising on various platforms, creating videos, word of mouth, flyers and lots of others.


Rewarding Your Customers For Bringing New Customers

Encourage your customers to bring others and give them reasons why they need to do this. It is all about trying to reward them for every customer they bring. Just create a referral program for this and you will be fine.


Give Out Something For Free

Free is a magic word that brings in new customers. If you have something which is very valuable that you think will make the difference in the lives of your prospective customers, give it to them and see how they will respond.



Having seen the above, it is very obvious that the issue of How To Increase Your Customer Base involves steps and moves that are strategic. These will ensure that your business objectives are attained within anticipated timeframe.

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15 Ways To Grow Your Businesshttps://sheriph.com/ways-grow-business/ https://sheriph.com/ways-grow-business/#respond Mon, 02 Jul 2018 13:53:13 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1994 Grow your business

Businesses are constantly going into extinct because of stiff competition and poor performances. The former is due to companies coming into your niche and making things a little bit difficult while the latter has to do with not performing well over the course of time. Of course, once your performances fall short of your anticipated business objectives, there is every possibility that your business will start to suffer. It is the dream of every business owner to ensure that his business grows and compete favorably with others.


Are you a business owner that is struggling to survive in your niche? Do you know that not understanding what your competitors are doing right to sustain their businesses could do you more harm than good in the long run? The truth is that there are lots of secrets which your competitors know that you aren’t aware of. It is only a matter of time before you get kicked out from business.


Here Is The Solution

If you are having a nightmare about how to grow your business and make it relevant in your niche, there is no need to bother. This is because you have definitely come to the right place as you will soon be exposed to some of the ways on how to make your business stay ahead. The major aim of this post will be to have you exposed to the top 15 Ways To Grow Your Business. All that you need to do is discover and apply them wherever necessary to change the fortune of your business today.


Solving Problem

Amongst the 15 Ways To Grow Your Business that you will be learning today, this one stands out completely. It should be the primary reason why you exist which is to ensure that the needs of customers are solved. Most business owners claim that they intend solving the problems of prospective and existing customers. However, a second look at their business approaches simply implies that they are far from this.


One of the easiest ways to grow your business beyond what it is at the moment is to make your target audience see you as someone who wants to address their problems. The last thing that you want customers to notice is that you are simply there to make profits off them. It is true that you need to make profits but don’t forget that solving problems is what will bring about making all the long term money.


Building A Brand

There is no way that you can actually talk about 15 Ways To Grow Your Business without the idea of having the idea of building your brand being mentioned. This is very important and needs to be taken into consideration if you truly want your business to compete at the highest level. There are certain questions that you need to ask yourself such as what can change in the lives of my target audience, how can I build a reputation that will stand the test of time, is my brand unique amongst others in this niche and lots of others. The aim of this is to ensure that your target audience knows you specifically for offering something.


Treating Your Customers Well

There are lots of businesses out there that have established themselves as top brands. One of the strategies that they have made use of is ensuring that customers are given the best of attention. You can’t talk about improving your business without having to address how customers are treated. They are the primary reason why businesses do come into existence in the first place. Immediately you begin to ignore them and their needs, your business may crumble before you know it. There is always a simple rule in business which states that customers will come back when they are shown some love.


Scaling Your Business

This has been included amongst the 15 Ways To Grow Your Business not just because it is very important but also due to how it is being ignored by lots of business owners out there. It is a simple formula but very powerful to take your business to the next levels where it ought to be. What this method or strategy involves is having to grow your business by doing more of the same thing. For instance, you discovered that a product is selling very well. The best thing is to sell more of it to different categories of people so as to maximize its profit potentials. You can expand the sales of such product by taking it to different locations.


The Winning Product Formula

Are you having a hard time trying to sell what you have got to offer? If that is the case then you need to change what you are selling at the moment before it puts a hole in your pocket. This is so important that it can determine how long you will remain in business. You may know all the strategies that are most effective when it comes to growing a business. However, ones it happens that your product isn’t what customers want then you may likely incur losses rather than profits. A product that is in demand finds its way into the hearts of your target audience naturally. You don’t have to force it down their throats.


Effective Recording

There are lots of business owners who usually take records of what is happening in their businesses occasionally. They are always too busy to check how activities are unfolding every now and then. Employees will not keep records the way that they ought to and that is why it is your duty as a business owner to check regularly if things are in order. The benefit of doing this is that it will improve your decision making process. That is to say, you will be making decisions based on accurate records that have been kept over a given period of time.


Advertisement Can Help

If there is one method which shouldn’t be kept out of these 15 Ways To Grow Your Business, such has to be advertising what you are selling. There is power in advertisement and that is why you see major brands doing it every now and then. It is more like the engine or lifeblood of any business. This is a formula that you can copy and start applying for your business to grow even far beyond your imagination.


If you have a winning product and feel people aren’t aware of its existence, get the word out through advertisement. Through an advertisement platform, people will become aware of your brand and what it represents in whatever niche or industry that your business is into.


Using The Bait Formula

This is one of the 15 Ways To Grow Your Business which you should never ignore if you want to be as competitive as possible. It just makes your offer look unique amongst others in your niche. What it entails is making offers that are very hard to resist available to your customers. You can even decide to give them huge discounts on products that they buy over a given period of time.


One thing that you need to note about this strategy is the fact that you need to be as honest as possible. Just stick to whatever you must have promised your customers and you will see the impacts it will have on your business.

Hiring Dedicated Employees

Your employees are supposed to be ambassadors of your brand. This implies that they represent your business in the best way possible. Due to this fact, you need workers that are going to be dedicated to your cause and vision. Always ensure that you are getting employees who understand what it takes to make a business competitive. This makes the whole thing easy for you.


Speaking During Events

This is one of the 15 Ways To Grow Your Business that involves creating a buzz about what you have to offer. You can speak at conferences and events to educate people more about your brand. One thing about this strategy is that although it will look like it isn’t having the desired impact in your business initially; this isn’t the case in the real sense. It is all about trying to create some form of awareness about something in your niche and showing people what you are offering eventually.


Giving Something To The Society

This can also been seen as having to build the reputation of your business in the society. People don’t want to know how much you are making as profits on monthly or annual basis. What they are rather concerned about is how your brand or business will be able to contribute something positive into their lives. You need to consider the strategy of doing something for the society. For instance, you can decide to give something to charity homes or even come up with a scholarship program whereby people can be sponsored. Just sacrifice something and watch the impact in your business.


Focusing On A Niche

Businesses are struggling because they can’t seem to channel their strength and resources on that particular niche that they can perform better. You need to streamline your business activities to ensure that you are focusing on one aspect. It is very important that your target audience knows you for something. The benefit of this is that you will be able to understand clearly how the market changes over the course of time. It is all about being a master in a particular niche.


Getting Connected

Amongst the various 15 Ways To Grow Your Business that are being discussed, this one has got the capacity or potential to grow your business earnings by over 50% once it is properly implemented. You have to start taking advantage of social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. They are there to ensure that your brand is given a much better and wider presence online. Just get connected to prospective customers and other businesses to make the most of these platforms.


Redefining Your USP

The key to achieving success in your line of business mostly depends on how your target audience will be able to interpret your unique selling proposition. The clearer it is to them, the better for your business. You need to define your mission clearly by asking yourself questions such as how prospective and existing customers are going to see it and whether it addresses their needs or not.


Developing Yourself Constantly

The business world is one that is evolving constantly and your competitors are going to leave you behind once you fail to move with the times. This is a very important part amongst the 15 Ways To Grow Your Business and you should never ignore it for any reason. As a business owner who wants to remain competitive, you will need to ensure that you are always searching for new and effective ways to reach out to your audience. There are lots of ways you can do this such as consulting experts, reading books, attending seminars and many more.


15 Ways To Grow Your Business – Here Is Why You Need Apply These

Unless a sense of awareness is created in you about the 15 Ways To Grow Your Business which have been discussed above and how they can affect your business positively, you may likely ignore them. Below are ways through which you can benefit from the strategies above.


Continued Existence

This is perhaps one of the reasons why you need to start using the aforementioned 15 Ways To Grow Your Business. The last thing that you want is your competition discovering something before you do. With the strategies that have been listed above, you will definitely stay ahead in your niche.


Increased Profits

The strategies that have been mentioned above will help to ensure that your profits increase far beyond what you are making at the moment. Once your business isn’t making enough profits then you may end up closing down.


Effective Performances

The 15 Ways To Grow Your Business which have been mentioned above will help you scale your marketing efforts. You will be able to easily identify what works best in your business.


How You Can Use These 15 Ways To Grow Your Business

Being aware of these strategies that have been mentioned above is one thing and making effective use of them is entirely something different which most business owners are going to struggle with. Below are some ways to ensure that you get the best out of these strategies in your business.


Sticking To One

Until you have started seeing tangible results, ensure that you are making use of just one strategy. This is because you can get confused initially in the process of wanting to apply all of them.


Tracking Your Results

Ensure that you are tracking whatever results that you will be getting. This will enable you make the best business decisions that will affect your profits.


Using The Free Ones First

The 15 Ways To Grow Your Business that have been outlined above majorly involve free methods. Don’t spend money advertising your products for now as there are other effective methods that you can choose to use.


3 Effective Ways On How To Grow A Small Business Tips

There are lots of small businesses that are struggling to survive in various niches. If you happen to be operating any of them, below are some ways that you can improve your business performances today.


Offer Discounts

Amongst the various How To Grow A Small Business Tips, the idea of giving customers discounts is one of the most effective strategies as it can help you attract more customers. Trying to compete with bigger brands in terms of price will do your business more harm than good.


Addressing Customers By Their Names

Your business hasn’t grown very big that you don’t know your customers. You will need to take advantage of this as it will help build a solid relationship with them (customers). Address them specifically by their names and see how loyal they will be over the years.


Conducting of Survey

This is important so that you get an unbiased opinion from customers about what you need to improve on in whatever product that you are offering. There are different types of How To Grow A Small Business Tips but very few of them will give customers the chance to express their views about your small business. Just give them a survey and they will be very glad to get it filled.


Top 3 Super Effective Ways On How To Grow A Service Business

If you are rendering a particular service, you may want to ensure that you read this section thoroughly to make the most from your efforts. Some of what you will be discovering may sound simple but they are extremely powerful and can really make all the difference in your service business.


Offer Real Value

Always ensure that you are giving your customers something that is of real value. This makes your brand to become first in their mind. It is probably the most vital strategy on How To Grow A Service Business within a very short period of time. Your primary focus should be how real value can be delivered.


Watching Your Competition

This is another easy strategy that you can adopt starting from today. All that you need to do is look out for the big players in whatever niche you are operating and see what they are doing. There is no need trying to do something new when one has already been working.


Retain Customers

If you are thinking of How To Grow A Service Business, it is important you understand the fact that the more you are able to retain customers, that is how your business will be growing over the course of time. Ensure that you are doing everything within your powers to retain customers who come to patronize your service.

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HOW TO START HAIRDRESSING SALON BUSINESS IN NIGERIAhttps://sheriph.com/hairdressing-salon-business-nigeria/ https://sheriph.com/hairdressing-salon-business-nigeria/#respond Mon, 02 Jul 2018 08:28:58 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1988 HOW TO START HAIRDRESSING SALON BUSINESS IN NIGERIA

Despite the fluctuations of the economy, the beauty industry continues to blossom. Well, this is because many of the services offered by salons simply can’t be done at home or at least not done well. In addition, in an age where people freely shell out #1500 for a cup of coffee, the price of a hairdo probably doesn’t seem so expensive considering the lift it can give your spirits. As a result of the growing desire for a youthful appearance, the hair color segment of the salon industry continues to grow. The hairdressing salon industry is faring well.

There are three ways you can create your niche in the hair industry. The real focus of this article will be on starting your hairdressing salon from scratch.

The process of Starting Hairdressing Salon Business In Nigeria

Business plan

The best analogy to describe a business plan is to create a business plan for your entire business as an architect would create a blueprint for a new building being designed and built.

You’ll have to organize all the aspects of your business for continuous operation and put the plans in place for scalability and growth. For your hairdressing Salon, the main sections of your business plan should include:

Your Hairdressing Salon Summary:

This is a short 1-2 page overview of your hairdressing salon that may touch on the unique aspects of your business that will be defined in greater detail later. It’s important to keep this SUPER concise yet compelling. It’s the very first thing an investor or lender sees.

The products and services that you’ll offer. Define how you will make money. All the services, the products, and prices that you’ll be charging. Include the vendors and suppliers that you’ll be using as well.

Target Location and Market.

Where are you planning to open your hairdressing salon? How much competition is there? Who will be your customer, and how much does she make? Define your customer avatar, then your customer demographics as a whole. This is where a ton of research will have to be done… Really spend the time getting accurate research that is cross-checked with multiple sources.

The Marketing Plan.

Investors and lenders know that marketing is like oxygen to businesses, and with hairdressing salons, it’s no different! This is where a little creativity can go a long way. Stand out from the noise and come up with a campaign, the design, the goal, the timeline, every single cost of running the campaign, and the ROI you hope to achieve.

Milestones and KPI’s.

How will your salon launch? What measures will you put in place to ensure that you will be profitable? What KPI’s will you look at to break down the revenue details?

Management Team.

Who is on your team, and what makes them great? How many years of experience do they have and what specializations do they hold? Investors want to know about the people who will be making their investment worthwhile. Really sell your team’s abilities here, provide links and photos to examples of their work and any awards and recognition will be a great plus.

Your Salon’s Financial Plan.

How much money are you looking to raise? How will you spend the money and how fast? What is it going to cost to run your business? What does your revenue need to be to break even, and what does it need to be to profit? This piece is critical and may require the help of an accountant and some accounting software to be accurate and complete.

Appendix of materials.

All photos, links and outside research should be included in the last section of your business plan. Neatly organized so that it will be easy to find in the eyes of the investors and lenders.


Any hairdressing or beauty salon owner will tell you about the importance of a great location. Wherever you set up shop should have good traffic, high visibility, and be near your target demographic. The surrounding area should be well-lit, safe, and attractive. It’s best if it’s amidst other popular businesses. It will cost more for a prime location, but it’s better to pay more up front because you’ll attract more customers and grow your business much faster.

Products and Services

The products and services you offer at your salon help set your image. If you can do something better than anyone else, customers will come to you. Especially for their hair. There are more specialized salon where they only do blowouts, no cut, no braids, only shampoo, blow out and styling. On the flip side, have you ever gone back to someone who messed up your braids? Or who took off too much in a haircut? No, of course not. So don’t offer anything you can’t back up!

These are some services you can add to your hair salon service list:

  • Manicure, pedicure, makeup, hair styling.
  • Sea salt exfoliation, Vichy shower, massage, spa lunch.


Hiring the wrong person, or even having the right person in the wrong position can really hurt your business. You have to be able to trust your people to run the salon even if (especially if) you can’t be there. You need to know not only how many people you need on staff, but what type of people and where to find them. You can protect yourself by having a potential hire to demonstrate their abilities and also by interviewing with questions that will verify cultural fit.

In addition, you must also put together your stylist training program. All of your stylists should know the amount of time they have per service, and how much product to use per shampoo/conditioning. Employees don’t ever notice wastage until you show them how to care about it. It’s not their money they’re wasting, it’s YOURS. Protect your investment and make sure you have a policy/standard operating procedure for everything.


Tools Needed To Start A Hairdressing Salon In Nigeria




Hair Styling Chairs: This is the most basic furniture that you will require for your hair salon. You will find a variety of hair styling chairs that come in different colors and forms.


Hair Styling Station: A hair styling station should include a mirror, storage drawers, tool compartments or tool holders and an electrical outlet. There are various designs and amenities provided with the hair styling station that you can choose from.


Carts And Trollies: This very important furniture equipment allows hairstylist have all the styling tools right next to them while attending to a client. It enables easy storage and portability of the styling tools and keeps you organized.


Reception Desk: The first place that your clients see is the reception area. So you will need a reception desk that is stylish. You can choose a large or a small reception desk; it depends on the layout of your salon, the size of your business and your budget.





To keep up with the different hair styling demands of your customers, you will need the latest hair styling tools. Always check some hair styling magazines to get an idea about the latest styling tools that are used in this business, but here is a sample list:

  • Hair Straighteners
  • Standing Dryers
  • Diffusers
  • Hair Curlers
  • Hot Rollers
  • Multi-Styling Kits
  • Hair Washers



  • Hair Clips
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Aprons
  • Water Sprayers
  • Applicator Brushes
  • Paper Towels
  • Handheld Mirrors
  • Geyser
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Hair Steamers/Hair Processors
  • Hood Dryers
  • Shampoo Bowls
  • Combs And Brushes


How much does it cost to open a salon in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to open a salon in Nigeria

How much does it cost to open a salon in Nigeria

So how much does it cost to open a hairdressing salon? It varies depending on the type of salon you want open and the services you will offer. Make sure to create a hairdressing salon financial plan to give yourself a good foundation.

Costs to consider include:

  • Rent/Lease
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Interest (if you borrowed or took financing)
  • Promotions
  • Franchise fees (if applicable)

If you’re running a business out of your home to get started, you can make that happen for around #50,000. You just need to invest in quality equipment and supplies and spend a little on business cards.

If you’re starting a franchise salon, that can run anywhere from #150,000–#500,000. There are pros and cons to that. You’re going to pay a lot of money for it, but that will instantly make people trust your store, plus you’ll show up first in Google.

Opening your own hairdressing Salon? That can cost anywhere from #150,000 to upwards of #500,000 if you’re going super swanky. It’s good to know the cost of opening a hairdressing salon because it gives you a headstart on the amount of money to budget for.


Hairdressing/Beauty Salon Equipment Price List

Of course, your first move before delving into any business is to come up with a good master plan. Research your market and draw up a business plan and then find a good location for your business. To ensure that the salon runs efficiently, you will also need some essential equipment, supplies, and furniture for your beauty salon. This hairdressing salon equipment price list will give you a forehand knowledge of the supplies and how much they cost. A number of things go into establishing a good salon; from basic things like scissors and combs to large furniture like salon chairs and trolleys. You can purchase these supplies from a wholesaler but only as much as you need and later, you can add extra supplies according to your requirement. Before buying your equipment and supplies, you should bear in mind the number of customers you want to attend to at a time and the number of workers that you are planning to employ.



  • Square Brush(#800)
  • Rattail Comb(#450)
  • Wide-Toothed Comb(#600)
  • Tail-End Comb(#150)
  • Round Brush(#750)
  • Vent Brush(#300)
  • Paddle Brush(#600)
  • Smoothing Brush(#550)
  • Thermal Brush(#1200)
  • Wide- Tooth Brush(#250)
  • Rat-Tail Comb(#250)
  • Two-Tail Comb(#250)
  • Pitchfork(#800)
  • Rake Hair Brush(700)
  • Trimming Scissors(#150)
  • Barber Scissors(#70)
  • Hair Clipper(#6000)
  • Ridged Curling Iron
  • Curling Iron (#3000)
  • Hair Straightener(#4800)
  • Big Barrel Curler(#3200)
  • Standing Hair Dryer (#30,000)
  • Diffuser(#6000)
  • Hair Curler(#5500)
  • Hot Roller(#4500)
  • Multi-Styling Kit(#12000)
  • Hair Clip(#170)
  • Mixing Bowl(#200)
  • Apron(#1500)
  • Water Sprayer(#650)
  • Applicator Brush(#300)
  • Paper Towel(#500)
  • Handheld Mirror(#180)
  • Rubber Gloves(#100)
  • Plastic Gloves(#70)
  • Hair Steamer(#22000)
  • Shampoo Bowl(#200)
  • Shampoo(#3500)
  • Conditioner(#3500)
  • Styling Gel(#400)
  • Serum(#250)
  • Mousse(#3000)
  • Hair Color(#280)
  • Hair Dyes(#500)
  • Trolley (#700)

Hairdressing/Beauty Salon Business Maintenance

Pricing    Another important part of your beauty salon development plan is the appropriate pricing of your services. The price you set should correspond with the economic state of the business location. If you’re in an urban area with larger homes and other commercial buildings, you can price your services accordingly, and even offer outstanding beauty and spa services.     Setting prices require more than visiting other salons in your target market, collecting service menus, and pricing your own services so they’re competitive.


Swabbing the Decks

Another operational task that’s required to uphold the image of your salon is regular maintenance. You have to keep the salon looking and smelling fresh and clean so it’s inviting at all times, no matter how much traffic comes through the door or how bad the weather is. Some hairdressing/beauty salon owners prefer to have a maintenance crew come in to handle everything except the basics like sweeping and folding towels. The cost can be high, at up to #15,000 per visit, but the benefits truly do outweigh the cost. Alternatively, you could hire a person whose job is to clean up, do laundry, and otherwise keep the salon tidy.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect excellent service when they enter a salon. With tight competition in this industry today, no one can afford to risk losing a client through the inappropriate behavior or poor performance. An unhappy client will simply take your salon business elsewhere. It is often easy to turn clients off. This client will then circulate complaints with their peers and the bad publicity spreads. This is not good for the business. That is the very reason why you have to let every individual in your management know how their performance affects the business as a whole.

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DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA: STEP-BY-STEP GUIDEhttps://sheriph.com/digital-marketing-nigeria/ https://sheriph.com/digital-marketing-nigeria/#respond Sun, 01 Jul 2018 19:32:10 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1970 DIGITAL MARKETING IN NIGERIA - STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

Let me make a psychic guess; the fact that you are reading this mean that one of the following perfectly describe who you are;

  • You want to grow your business, and you believe your answer would be found in digital marketing.
  • You are an employee of a firm and you have been charged with the responsibility to generate more lead and customers. Being a smart dude, you Google your way to this wonderful article on digital marketing.
  • You just wanted to expand your skill set and become a digital marketer.
  • Or you got lost on the internet and suddenly you are here. Hmmm, that’s funny.

Digital marketing is one of the most popular phrases used by Digital marketing agencies and SEO expert (if that word even exists) to confuse business owners into thinking they are some sort of tech wizard. For you to understand the subject better, let me point out some of the things you know that are WRONG about digital marketing;

  • You probably believe digital marketing is all about social media marketing
  • You also believe digital marketing is all about Google AdWords (advertising on Google)
  • Finally, you sum it up by wrongly believing that digital marketing is all about online marketing.

Take this from me, you have been misinformed by the so-called digital marketing experts that keep churning out terrible and half-baked information on the internet.


If you have found your way to my article by Google searching the keyword free digital marketing training in Nigeria, then you are lucky as the information contained here is absolutely free and if I impress you, do me a favor by sharing on social media.



But what really is digital marketing?


Contrary to what your experts want you to believe, digital marketing has been around for a very long time. It all started in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. Gradually, people started using technology for marketing and words like marketing automation and database marketing started flying around the tech world.

To fully grasp what digital marketing is, let us first take a look at the word marketing and advertising. According to smallbusiness.chron.com “Marketing refers to the process of preparing your product for the marketplace” while “Advertising is the process of making your product and service known to the marketplace”.


In clearer terms, marketing involves branding your products and services to adhere to your company goal and objectives. On the other hand, advertising is the steps you take to create awareness for your brand.

Using the combination of these terms, we can define digital marketing as the advertising of products or services using any digital medium. It is simply reaching out to potential customers or creating awareness for your product and services using any suitable digital technology.


But what are digital technologies?

Digital technologies are electronic devices that generate, store and process data. By virtue of the capability of the digital technology in use, we could classify digital marketing into online digital marketing and offline digital marketing.


What is online and offline digital marketing?

As the name implies, online marketing is the marketing that takes advantage of the internet to reach the audience. The audience is reached via web pages, emails, and social media.

Offline marketing doesn’t use the internet to reach an audience. Offline marketing mostly uses Television, Radio and Digital LED Board as a medium.



List of digital technologies that are commonly used for digital marketing are;

Offline Digital Marketing

  • Radio – Used for radio advertising and jingles
  • Television – Used for TV Commercials
  • Mobile Phone – Used for bulk SMS marketing
  • Digital LED Board – Used to display adverts by the roadside

Online Digital Marketing

  • Computers – Used for Online Marketing
  • Mobile Phones: Used for online marketing


Some of this digital marketing technologies are dead, the emergent of new ways to utilize mobile and computer for digital marketing has made them obsolete.

Let us look at digital LED board for example.

Digital LED board in lagos - Nigeria

Digital LED board in lagos – Nigeria

How many of you have seen this around, yeah pretty much everyone but do you care? While you answer that question, try to remember the things you actually do while on a bus. Transit period is one of the most boring time. The lucky ones are usually the new visitor. Being new to a place, you would be amazed by the environment and would almost stare at anything around. Think about it, the majority of people pass the same route daily, I can beat my chest that 95% of passengers will pass through the same route daily for an average of 365 days. While in a traffic jam or a moving car in a familiar environment, the boredom would be killing most people would resolve to use their mobile phone to pass time. If you use public transport often, the next time you are moving from office to home and vice versa, try to see what other passengers are doing.

Average hours spent on mobile phone daily - courtesy of emarketer

Average hours spent on mobile phone daily – courtesy of emarketer


That is a little statistics to show the trend in mobile phone usage.


Similarly, Television advertising is getting out of fashion. The reasons are not farfetched. If you are anything like me, I don’t really have time to watch TV programs when I could watch a review of my favorite programs on YouTube. Majority of people who could afford your products are working class, they leave the house in the morning and return in the evening.  I expect that advertising companies would bid more for evening adverts as it is the only time Television adverts that are bound to have any decent views.

Radio commercials perform a little better as people listen to the radio while driving or moving.

In all ways, these age-old digital marketing medium cannot compete with the power of online marketing.

Now take a look at the billboard below;

Advertising Board

Advertising Board


It is a reality that some religion found this particular advert offensive. Aside from the angle of faith, any individual who is non-alcoholic would find this advert unnecessary as it will not change his mind. Imagining the thousands of people who will eyeball this advert only to ignore it. That is a wasted reach.

So far, we have looked into the weaknesses of offline digital marketing, but you should know that The reasons this advert would under-perform compared to online digital marketing are because it doesn’t have the key element of online digital marketing campaigns which are demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, performance data analysis, and re-marketing. Read further as I explain the key elements of online marketing.


What is online marketing and why is it the new cool kid in town?


Online digital marketing or put simply, online marketing is a type of digital marketing that leverage internet technologies to reach an audience. It involves sending out an advertising campaign to internet-enabled devices such as mobile phone and computers.


Types of online marketing

The following are the available online marketing methods;


  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing


Search engine Optimization (SEO)


According to Wikipedia “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results”. From a business and practical point of view, I would define Search engine optimization (SEO) as the use of search engine’s free and organic traffic to generate leads and sales for your product and services.

Search engine is a website that archived web pages and makes them available to people based on a search term and the relevance of the page to the search term. The major search engine are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  These search engines display a list of the relevant pages whenever a search query is entered in the search box. For example, visit Google.com.ng and search for HOW TO GET RID OF RATS, we have the following result;




The image shown above is a SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGES (SERPs). It is very certain the number one ranking website, www.homeremedyhacks.com, will continue to receive free traffic from Google. Search engines determine the relevance of a webpage to the search query through different algorithms such as the page article title, total number of words on the page (word count), number of times the search query was repeated in the article (keyword density), number of website linking to the page (backlinks) and many other factors known only to the search engine engineers. If you are serious about SEO digital marketing, your aim is to rank on the first page and, more important, to be among the first 3 websites on the first page. Study shows that first-page content receive about 95% of the traffic. The advantage of SEO as a form digital marketing cannot be overemphasized. Once you perfected the art of SEO and started ranking on page one, you will continue to receive free lead and sales as a result of free traffic from Google.


Search engine marketing (SEM)


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid form of SEO. SEM can be defined as the process of promoting your website to the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to increase visibility and click through rate (CTR). Generally, SEM is an aggressive form of SEO. Instead of working on your site architecture and the content that the search engine would consider worthy of first page, you would rather pay the search engine company to rank you above other websites. This method is also a very good form of internet marketing. If mastered very well, you would generate more sales from the traffic that would be more than enough to continue paying the search engine company. Let us look at Google first page for the search query HOW TO BOOK CHEAP FLIGHT ONLINE;





Notice that the first 4 website on the SERP has an “Ad” prefix, Google is simply telling you that these pages are promoted to the top because they are “Advertising”. The only website that was listed first as a result of good SEO technique was www.thriftynomads.com. Search engine marketing is a quick way to success if done right.


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Pay per click advertising is very similar to Search engine marketing. Pay per click is the cost model used in search engine marketing. PPC is a model whereby the advertiser or Search engine marketer is billed for every click on the promoted webpage. In a bid to make this easily comprehensible, How SEM and PPC work is that the advertiser would submit a list of keywords to the search engine company and bid a certain amount, let us say $0.1 for instance. Whenever someone searches for a matching keyword, the webpage would be promoted by the search engine to the top as shown above in SEM paragraph, if eventually the person clicks on the link and visited the website, the advertiser would be charged $0.1 immediately. Therefore, in a practical term, Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing while Pay per click is a billing model for internet marketing.



Content marketing

Oooh, my beloved content marketing. This is my favorite online marketing strategy as it is the only reason I have earned and still earning so much that I could afford to sit for over 10 hours and write articles like this at my spare time.

Let us try to find a befitting definition for content marketing. At first, paraphrasing Wikipedia, Content marketing can be defined as a form of marketing that is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing online materials for a set of defined online audience. This is just half of what content marketing means, I am not surprised because Wikipedia cannot afford to sound academic. There are some major words missing in that definition and they are interest, products, and services.

Putting the pieces together, we can now define content marketing as a form of internet marketing that is involved with the process of creating and distributing valuable and unique online materials such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts, infographics etc for a targeted audience in order to stimulate interest in our products and services.

It is similar to Search engine optimization marketing as the end results are free sources of patronage for our products and services. Let us look into how content marketing works.  For instance, I have heard so much about SMART TV. Now I want to have an idea of the most affordable smart tv, of course, the cost is a factor that is always considered. I went to Google and search for AFFORDABLE SMART TV;


Content marketing example

Content marketing example


The first webpage wrote an article on THE 7 BEST TVs TO BUY in 2018. That does not look like what I am looking. I know there is a difference between regular TV and SMART TV. Looking at the second webpage, I can see it is about BEST SMART TVs 2018. That’s it. So I click on it;


Content marketing example -tomsguide

Content marketing example -tomsguide


The introductory sentence is really interesting. The website claim to have spent over 500 hours evaluating over 40 SMART TVs. That’s cool. I am already having the feeling these people have done a lot of work for me, and I will definitely not go wrong if I follow their recommendation. So I read further, and I discovered some SMART TVs that are affordable, they even did better as I got to know more information about each TV pro and cons. After deciding on the TV to buy, I click on the view on Amazon link and I was directed to a page where I can buy the product. The link is an affiliate link so the owner of the website will earn a profit for every purchase. That is a cool way to sell SMART TV. The publisher provided useful information, and I ended up buying the product. Let me give you a bonus example that you would love. As a Nigerian, buying a land in a place like Lagos can come with a lot of land dispute. To avoid the issues of scam which are very common in property deals in Nigeria, I decided to do a little Google search on HOW TO AVOID LAND SCAM IN LAGOS.


Content marketing in nigeria

Content marketing in nigeria


The number one ranking website has a good title that is in line with what I want. So I clicked on it;

Content marketing in nigeria - Lawyer

Content marketing in nigeria – Lawyer


It is very wonderful that the website has a very useful guide on how I can avoid scams. Also, I can see that the webpage belongs to a law firm whose purpose is helping people avoid property scams. That is wonderful. Now, instead of me following the guide, why not call the lawyer and involve him in the buying process so I can be able to sleep at night? Finally, the law firm has secured a new client through publishing of a helpful guide. I know you would love this second example as it depicts how you can go about content marketing in Nigeria. Once more, do know that the omonilelawyer.com will continue to get clients with that post as long as they continue to rank high on Google.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Let us now talk about Social Media Marketing (SMM). In this age, social media has become the new online club for both adult and youths. According to statistics, number of social media users by 2019 should be about 3.02 billion. WOW!! That is approximately 16 times the population of Nigeria.


Number of Social Media Users from 2016 - 2021

Number of Social Media Users from 2016 – 2021


People of different personality are known to hang around on social media. From the sports lovers to shopping enthusiasts, there is hardly any type of profile you would not find on social media. But how do you use this to promote your business? The best way is through Social media marketing. Social media marketing is simply the use of social media platforms and websites to promote your products and services. There are basically two ways to promote your business on social media namely;

Social media paid campaign and social media customer service. Advertising on social media is very rewarding, it creates brand awareness and gives your business a personality. Another huge advantage of social media marketing is the built-in data-analytics tools by the popular social media company such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Different companies are now gearing towards social media customer service as a marketing strategy. Engaging your customers and potential customers is a good way to make people continue talking about your company. Personally, I peek at the social media page of some companies to do reputation assessment. To do perform social media marketing the right way, you must be able to read and interpret each social media campaign analytics tool. It is how you keep on optimizing your adverts for more reach and engagement.


Email marketing

Email marketing is the use of email to promote your services and products. As a digital marketing strategy, it comes with a lot of advantages. Regularly sending your customers and potential customers new email about interesting updates about your business is a way of reactivating your memory in their subconscious mind. It is a reminder and if you get lucky, they might be at the edge of making a decision to buy a product, so at that point, they will consider your product as an option. Advantages of email marketing are cost-effectiveness. If done properly, it can generate more traffic and sales for your product at minimal cost.


Journey So Far: We have looked into what digital marketing is and also the types of digital marketing strategy available in Nigeria and the world. We have also been able to argue that online/internet marketing is the best form of digital marketing, now let us talk about why online marketing is better than other digital marketing.


We have mentioned that in social media marketing, the majority of social media company provide data analytics tools that can be used to optimize your advert settings. This is applicable to search engine marketing too. While setting up the online marketing campaign, the various settings to ensure a perfectly targeted audience are;

Demographic settings, Interest-based settings, and remarketing.


Demographic targeting

This is a parameter used in segmenting audience into a smaller group in order to ensure that the marketing is targeted. The parameter value can be age, country, city, annual income, marital status, height, etc. This setting is very helpful and will result in getting your adverts in front of the eyeballs that are likely to engage with it. If you are adverting real estate properties, for instance, you may want to target ages in the bracket 18+. That will ensure you are not spending money reaching out to people that cannot afford your products.


Interest-based settings

Most internet marketing tools also have a setting for audience interests. This is another basic way of targeting the right people. If, for instance, I am running a marketing campaign for a travel agency on a flight promo, I will ensure that I targeted people that already have an interest in anything aviation or travel such as people that have liked emirates airline posts, Qatar post, and other travel-related companies. This is a smart way of reaching out to the right people.


This is a huge topic on its own and can be highly favorable to any digital marketer who knows how to go about it. Ever wondered that immediately after looking at a product on jumia or Konga you begin to notice that the product’s advert start following you around the internet like a monitoring spirit. Yeah, that is the power of remarketing. Remarketing is a clever strategy in which advertising campaigns are configured to target audience that has already visited the advertiser’s website. Remarketing as a digital marketing strategy is very popular with Facebook marketing and Google AdWords.


I will like to sum up my retargeting information by sharing this infographic;

Remarketing Process

Remarketing Process



Retargeting is the secret the big boys in digital marketing don’t want a newbie to know, it is the secret sauce for an effective digital marketing campaign. To have any chance of mastering the art of online digital marketing, you surely need to understand how to set up a remarketing campaign.


Digital Marketing in Nigeria

Nigerian-based small and large-scale businesses are now harnessing the power of digital marketing to grow their business. It is interesting to note that many companies now advertise on Google, Facebook, and other online platforms. Though it is only big brands that could actually afford some type of digital marketing but now that we have so many options to promote business digitally in Nigeria, there are no excuses for small business. The following digital marketing options in Nigeria would be an eye opener to whoever is interested in growing a business or planning to become a consultant digital marketer.


Private TV commercials:

TV commercials is a type of digital marketing used in Nigeria which involves the advertisement of goods and services, promotion of ideology and organizations through a Television station. Advantages of TV Commercials is the ability to show the product or explain the services with videos in a very comprehensible manner. Due to the large volume of details that could be passed with even a 1-minute explainer video, Television commercial is very suitable for some type of products and services that are quite difficult to comprehend.

Mobile TV commercial:

If you live in a big city like Lagos, you will probably comprehend this chapter with little effort. These are public TVs used for promotional purposes only. You can see them on cars and taxis, inside BRT buses, and also inside interstate buses like ABC TRANSPORT. You can also find them at various shopping malls across Nigeria, the most popular being ShopRite. These are cheap alternatives to private/home TV Commercials. I urge anyone looking to promote their business to consult these agencies for their quote.

Radio Advertising:

Radio advertising is a form of digital marketing that involves promotion of products and services through a Radio Broadcasting station. It is a very old school digital marketing and provides a good return on investment. It is becoming less effective though, simply because of the lack of visual display of products, it is limited to certain products and services. Also, radio enthusiasts are reducing as people either browse the internet for news or download music online. The emergence of online radio streaming is another challenge to terrestrial radio. Terrestrial radio, simply as radio in Nigeria, is being blown away bit by bit, study back data claims that radio will die in 10 years. You may not give up on trying to make radio advertising work for you because 90% of car commuters listen to radio (another fact).


Digital LED board advertising:

Digital board advertising is now on the rise and you may need to check the options out for your business. They are usually placed at strategic points to ensure that maximum viewership. The higher the potential number of view, the higher the advertising rates.


Bulk SMS advertising:

Why is Bulk SMS marketing so under-utilized and under-praised as one of the best, if not the best offline digital marketing strategy? I think it is simply because the technology has been around for so long that people thought it is no more effective. Bulk SMS marketing is the only offline digital marketing with a targeted audience capability. It even competes with online digital marketing strategy by having the highest click-through-rates (CTR) at about 94% compared to online marketing at 1-4%. Think about, the last time you on Facebook, when was the last time you click on an advert? Now check your phone to see if there is any unread message in your SMS inbox? Same goes for email, except it is business email, people hardly open it. But SMS is always opened. More interesting verified facts about SMS can be learned here.


Now that you fully understood what digital marketing is, you can now start planning on the most suitable marketing strategy for your business. Feel free to comment below.



I really hope you enjoy this post. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive new updates on business and career posts.

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Frequently, people ask, how do I make money online? This article is an ultimate guide to online money making methods that is practical in Nigeria. It contains many ways that anyone can make money online by using various skills. You will see familiar methods of online money making and at the same time, many ideas would be totally new to you. This is meant to serve as eye-opener, therefore extensive research can be done at a later time as we release more articles covering each method in dept.


No thanks to the introduction of the internet, learning how to make money online in Nigeria has become a lot easier.

In this article, I would walk you through how to make money online in Nigeria, no matter who you are and the level of skills you possess.

Why should you bother about How to Make Money Online In Nigeria?

  1. Rising unemployment

The increasing level of unemployment among the country’s teeming youthful population has led many of them to learn how to make money online in Nigeria.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s unemployment rate in 2017, moved from 14.2% to 18.8%.

And with the rising rate of unemployment across the country, many Nigerians are fashioning out ways to make money online.

  1. Making Money Online Is Not Quite Hard

Even though some persons still have reservations about anything online, it is quite or rather relatively easy to make money online in Nigeria presently.

Besides, the journey to make money online in Nigeria is easy to get by. Unlike most traditional business ventures, those who make money in Nigeria (not scams), do not require much capital.

This is because most of the avenues to make money online in Nigeria do not require much capital unlike the traditional businesses that many people do – requiring shops, salespersons and all that.

With a skill, product or service, and access to the internet, you could earn a decent income online.

Moreover, the internet has blurred physical distance as well as you can sell your products and services to people from other nations. You are not restricted by your geographical location. That is the beauty of online business – a reason you should be more excited to learn how to leverage your skills and make money online in Nigeria.

In fact, with a well-structured system, you can make money online in Nigeria while snoring on your bed.

  1. Ready Market

Again, there are loads of gap, which are people looking out for products, services/skills on offer.

With over 180 million Nigerians and about 100 million of them having access to the internet, you now have a ready population willing to pay for your skills and services and ultimately be on your way to financial freedom.

  1. You Need Little Knowledge of technology to Make Money Online in Nigeria

What more? With the gap closing rapidly on technological skills in the country, you can rest assured that “not been techy” is no longer an excuse not to make money online in Nigeria.

In fact, if you can operate your mobile phone or a laptop, that means you have the capacity to make money online in Nigeria.

What Can You Do To Make Money Online In Nigeria?

I must say congratulations for reading up to this point if you have ever asked: “How can I make money online in Nigeria?”

Below is a list of the jobs or things you can do to make money online in Nigeria in no particular order:



I want you to read on as we introduce you to each ideas on how to make money online in Nigeria.



Make money online with freelance writing

Make money online with freelance writing

The rising number of blogs, and other online media sprouting daily across the globe, has again given rise to increased demand for people who will produce content to drive traffic and ultimately make money online in Nigeria.

It is one of the easiest ways you can make money online in Nigeria if you can have impeccable writing skills.

Even if you do not have the skills, you can hone it and become an expert in the craft.

Aside from providing contents for blogs, there are many individuals who want to write books, whether ebooks or hard copy books, but either do not have the time or skills to do that.

You can pluck into the gap, create content for them (ghostwriter; as they can sell the books later to make money online in Nigeria without crediting you as the writer) and they would pay you handsomely well.

There are several platforms where you can sell your writing skills and make money online in Nigeria.

You can create a well-structured blog/website where potential clients can easily locate you and patronize your services.

Aside from that, your social media handles are great platforms where you can pitch your business to clients.

In addition, there are now free platforms like Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, to name a fee, where you can sell your writing and editing skills to get paid, irrespective of your location.

All you need is a laptop and internet connection, alongside your skills and you are as good as those who make money online in Nigeria.




Although some persons can write, they do not have the skills of editing or making written contents error-proof.

If you know the rules of grammar and can easily spot errors in articles, blog spots, newsletters etc., this is one free and fast way to make money online in Nigeria.

You would agree with me that it is also quite lucrative to make money online in Nigeria with this skill as there are many busy professionals who would not mind doling out the cash just for you to correct their written piece.

So, instead of cringing whenever you see errors in sentences and complaining of “gba kam,” why not put your skills to good use by marketing it to make money online in Nigeria?


make money online via copywriting

make money online via copywriting

Even though all copywriters are writers, not all writers are copywriters. As a copywriter, your job is well cut-out. It is to sell; persuade others to take certain actions via the written word.

Your words should be compelling enough to make someone, in this case, the potential customer, and the needed actions.

So, if you know how to sway people with words, you can easily make money online in Nigeria via writing copies for individuals and even firms.

Even if you do not know how to do but have good writing skills, there are several authorities in the area; many good books you can read to brush up your skills in that area and begin to make money online in Nigeria.




Here, your duty is to get the put the products/services of a firm on your website, social media platforms, etc., for your potential clients to buy.

How do you make money online in Nigeria through such means? It is quite simple as ABC. These companies have to pay you a certain percentage of the price of the product whenever someone buys through you.

That means if someone clicks on the link for a boutique from your site and buys a piece of clothes, some money will be wired into your account. Easy does it!


A bit related to the first point, writing and selling ebooks is one of the free and fastest ways of making money online in Nigeria. What are you knowledgeable about? What experience do you have?

Once you answer these questions, find a problem that people are facing in that area and then create an easy-to-follow; practical way of making transferring those skills to people who need them.

If you have a website/blog, you can then host your books, this is after you must have had the book thoroughly edited and formatted.

You can also publish it on platforms such as Amazon and once the promotional efforts are well-carved out, you can go to bed and be sure of money wired into your account while you sleep.


Can you use any or all of the social media platforms? If yes, this is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Instead of coming to troll others, fondly tagged “sub,” you can actually make some cool cash by managing social media accounts of other persons.

Once you can string one or good sentences, have an understanding of how these platforms operate, you can make money in Nigeria, even as a “side hustle” by posting/managing activities on such accounts.


A bit related to the earlier named online business. People are now paid to promote (market) products/services in the digital space.

From Google ads to the promotion of goods and services on social media, there is an ever-rising need for firms to “loud” themselves; make their businesses seen by their potential clients.

That is the work of a digital marketer. With a large following, you can easily make money online in Nigeria with digital marketing.


Social media are now alternative platforms where businesses reach out to their clients, and Facebook is undoubtedly one of such platforms where you can easily make money online in Nigeria by pitching your products to the right audience.

This is, like the traditional means of marketing, pushing your services to the target audience.

All you need for this is to get a product/service, select your audience range or target age range of the consumers, pay Facebook to showcase your products to them for a given period of them.

This may sound too good to be true but it is one of the free and fast ways to make money online in Nigeria.

If you master the basics of creating good Facebook ads, you can rest assured that you are on your way to joining the millions that make money online in Nigeria via this means.


Do you have light speed typing skills? If your answer is “yes,” then this could be one of the ways you can comfortably make money online in Nigeria by working on documents for people.

It is even more interesting if you leave close to a school environment. Use your social media handles and let people know that you offer such services to make money online in Nigeria with your typing skills.


If you are looking for the answer to how you can make money online in Nigeria, then social media promotion is for you.

To make money online in Nigeria with this, you need a large following on social media.

Have you seen those whose posts on social media platforms get loads of engagements? Well, if you fall into that category, then you should be able to make money online in Nigeria helping others promote their services or products.

You can use your huge following on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, not just to rant but make money online in Nigeria.


Transcription of audio and video messages is a guaranteed to give you some cash if you are still wondering how you can make money online in Nigeria with 1000 naira.

With your mobile device, you can transcribe audio messages for religious leaders, public speakers and busy executives who want to turn them into ebooks and other documents.

Aside from these persons, you can transcribe podcasts or YouTube videos which are guaranteed to give you money.

As noted earlier, the startup capital is what anyone can do with less than 1000 naira.

Use your phone, get the audio/video message(s) into it, and put on your headset and begin work. This is if you do not have a laptop.

Skills needed to be a good transcriptionist to make money online in Nigeria

  1. Good grammar

You must, and have a basic understanding of the rules of grammar and also have an impeccable ability to understand the rules of punctuations, spellings to make money online in Nigeria with this.

  1. Typing Skills

In addition, you need to have a fast typing speed, then you are good to go.

  1. Listening skill

Can you easily spot what someone is saying even if they have a thick accent?  What if the audio is not quite audible? Well, if yes, then, you are good to go.


Are you a teacher or possess a skill like writing? Then you are good to pass on that knowledge to others using the social media.

It is quite easy to make money online in Nigeria through this means.

Here are some of the basic requirements for online teaching:

  1. Get your content which could be either audio or text
  2. Use your social media handles and promote your course
  3. After that, you can teach those courses using a closed Facebook group, WhatsApp group, etc.


Consultancy to an extent is a good way to make money online in Nigeria. This is especially for professionals who have over the years garnered experience in certain areas, say online marketing, makeup etc. and wants an extra source of income.

You can use this method listed below to push out your message to the right audience:

  1. Use your social media handles and promote your course
  2. After that, you can teach those courses using a closed Facebook group, WhatsApp group, etc.


Across the globe, there are several languages with many of them needing people who would translate or interpret them in other languages.

This is due to the growing international development as nations now depend on one another to survive.

And for those who have a flair for languages, this is one way to make money online in Nigeria.

“How can I do this to make money online in Nigeria?”  I hear you ask!

On various freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. and even outside of these platforms, you can bid for translation works.

Here, for instance, there are many clients who would want their texts/audience and other materials translated to, say Chinese to English, or French to Spanish.

If you perfectly have an understanding of these languages, you can then bid for the work and make money online in Nigeria.


You see, the internet has opened up so many opportunities where you can make money online in Nigeria.

With online surveys, you can make money online in Nigeria while sleeping. Online surveys are simply questionnaires that target audience can do over the internet. It is like the normal surveys just that it is done on the internet.  You are made to answer questions concerning some products which are useful to the manufacturers.

There are broadly two kinds of surveys: general surveys and product-specific surveys.

As the name, product-specific surveys are aimed at getting the opinions of target consumers of a particular product, say mobile phone or computer device.

It might also be laser-specific like a product aimed at men between 50-70 years.

On the other hand, the general surveys are broad in nature and could, in many instances, not be geared towards a particular product(s).

Often, it might take between 10-15 minutes to carry out a survey and most foreign survey sites do pay twice in a month.

However, you must be careful, that, just as there are genuine survey sites where you can make money online in Nigeria and outside, there are also fake ones. Do your research well joining any.

Here are some tips to avoid falling prey to fake online surveys:

  1. Do not give out personal details like ATM card numbers or pins
  2. Avoid sites that are generally designed poorly
  3. When a survey site does not have a privacy policy, you might not be able to finally say you have joined the league of those who make money online in Nigeria
  4. If you are told to make payment to become a member, then run as fast as your legs can carry you – it is most likely a scam
  5. Do not go for sites that make your information available to third party sites
  6. Running to Google for information on survey sites, if not done thoroughly, might not give you the needed result

How to fully tap into surveys to make money online in Nigeria

  1. Sign up and keep your profile information updated
  2. Take the most profitable surveys if you get many invitations
  3. Sign up for as many survey sites as possible
  4. Always respond promptly to surveys
  5. Check your emails often as many invitations from online surveys are on a first come, first served basis

Note, however, that it is not advisable to leave your day job for online surveys. It is only one of what we call “side hustle” in Nigeria.

You just need a device and internet connection to do online surveys. Thus, to make money online in Nigeria via this means is not quite hard.


One of the ways you can make money online in Nigeria is by writing reviews of movies you have watched or books.

For the movie or book addict, doing reviews aside from the intellectual gains can put some cash in your pocket.  There are hundreds of websites that are looking for writers who can create great reviews for them.

To be a good reviewer, of course, you must have great writing skills. Also, passion in the chosen genre is a must.

This is aside from the technical knowledge of the art of doing great reviews. You can pick up this either as a side hustle or a full-time job –that is when you are already a known reviewer.

Nothing beats becoming an authority in your field while you join the league of those who make money online in Nigeria.


This is one of the latest ways you can make money online in Nigeria without much hassle. Blogs, Facebook pages are making use of this new technology powered by Artificial Intelligence.

With chat bots, individuals do not have to manually answer clients or potential clients’ inquiries. The answers are automatically processed with the potential audience in view.

For those that have this skill, it is pretty simple to make money online in Nigeria through it as chat bots are just gaining grounds in the country.

You can design Facebook chat bots for some authorities (individuals/firms) free or at a reduced rate to gain social proof.

Aside from that, you create a page and boost it with less than N1000 to draw customers and create awareness.

If you are on popular forums, you can make money online in Nigeria by promoting your work. Also, you can be paid to teach people how to set-up messenger chat bots for their businesses.


Photography is one of the ways a student can make money online in Nigeria. Being skilled in photography has gone beyond just taking shots during events like matriculation, convocation to name a few.

All thanks to the internet, searching for how to make money online in Nigeria has now become easier.

With your camera and photographic skills, you can take photos of beautiful, historical sites and events and then sell them to stock photography sites littered across the internet.

Aside from that, there are many online media outlets who buy photos at very good prices.


If you love research, you are sure to make money online in Nigeria.

There are many people who either do not have the time or find it hard making meaning out of data. This is where you come if you can dig up resources online and present them in an understandable manner to those who need.

And since research lies at the base of all academic activities and there are readily many people who are willing to pay you to source data and scholarly works online for them.

If you can use search engines and know how to dig up relevant data such as scholarly articles, ebooks and other resources that would aid such academic works, then make money online in Nigeria is easy.


In simple terms, podcasting is just a way of sharing audio files via the internet. It is an audio file that is downloaded from the internet, and usually in an MP3 format.

Once you download a podcast, you can listen to it anytime and anywhere, one of the beauties of it.

Podcasting has its advantages which includes flexibility, and the reduced amount of money needed to start off.

What do you need to start podcasting and make money online in Nigeria?

There are some basic things that you need if you must make money online in Nigeria via podcasting like:

  1. A recording device
  2. USB cable
  3. Earpiece
  4. Laptop (optional)
  5. Blog/Website

How to do Podcast to make money online in Nigeria

Doing a podcast is quite easy as the first thing is to create an account with either: Soundcloud.com, Mixcloud.com or archive.org.

So, follow the steps outlined below if you want to make money online in Nigeria with the podcast:

  1. Make a recording of your podcast with Parrot App or any other app other of your choice.
  2. After this, you do the editing with Audacity (which is also an alternative)
  3. Upload the podcast to your account created on sondcloud.com
  4. Share the uploaded podcast with your friends on social media.

How to make money from podcasting

In blogging, podcast networks like Mevio, Podtrac, and Wizzard Media. With this, you can make money from your podcasting.

Other means are

  1. Sponsorship

Here, you tell people to sponsor your podcast and give them something in exchange. These people could be your colleagues, friends etc.

  1. Get into Affiliate Marketing

What you should do here as an affiliate marketer is to promote and selling other people, company’s or firm’s products and services, which enables you to earn a certain percentage of the fee paid.

  1. Sell Premium content

Podcasting offers you the opportunity to make money online in Nigeria. As a podcaster, you can offer exclusive episodes, a back catalog of past episodes, or create a paid membership platform, and or a subscription service.

  1. Networking

You can meet up with people in your area who are celebs, feature them in your podcast and make your fans pay to listen to the podcast.

You could also make those celebrities pay to be featured in your podcast, connecting with their large fan base.

  1. Sell your products

One other way you can make money online through podcasting is to sell your own products or services. It could be an ebook, a service or any other product you have on offer.

Tell your listeners about those products or service via a call to action.

  1. Do consultancy

Once you have established yourself as an authority in your niche, you can become a consultant, get coaching clients and even land speaking gigs.

All these involve money which will eventually fulfill your dream: to make money online in Nigeria.


Domain flipping buying domains at a cheaper rate and then selling them off to the highest bidders.

Here, you go to web hosting companies and buy domains that are marketable, keep it until someone who needs such comes to you. That is one of the work from home jobs in Nigeria that can get you without much stress, just your ability to spot unique and marketable domains.


Put in simpler term, it is the processes that involved in designing a website and involve things like webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.

Being skilled in website design is one of the hottest digital skills in the 21st century. It is rated as one of the most lucrative work from home jobs in Nigeria.

With this skill, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to make money online in Nigeria.

You can design websites for companies, individuals, etc. right from your home and make money online in Nigeria.

Learning website design has become quite simple with Youtube and other resources scattered across the internet.

So, you do not have the excuse to not learn the skills as it would only take you the cost of data and even little research to find good resources on the subject.


E-currencies have are although risky but highly lucrative if you know your onus. Cryptocurrency is at some places regarded as money and such can be used to make a transaction.

Examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to name among others.

Like I noted before now, you have to master trading of these new legal tenders (although that is still debatable) to make money online in Nigeria.

This is one of the things you could master to make money online in Nigeria.


Food is one of the most basic things that every human being needs to survive, ranking high alongside shelter and clothing.

There are many foods that you can produce for the teeming populace such as chips, beverages, etc.

You can also make pastries like cakes, doughnut, and eggroll among others as well as traditional delicacies.

Going into food production might require the help of others as it might be tedious but the return is certainly heartwarming.

And now as the new media has taken over the landscape, you can use them to put out your work to potential customers without leaving the comfort of your home.

Orders can be placed on the internet and deliveries made at the end of the day, much better than staying idle.


Some persons may call it bead making, other could term it jewelry making but the fact is that it has become one of the most sought after ways to make money in Nigeria.

Traditional marriages, cultural festivals, and all such occasions require beads and that is where those who want to work from home come in.

Beading requires a level of artistic expertise and dedication if it must thrive. Social media platform like Instagram and Facebook are readily available means of promoting your craft; making you a potential earner in the current digital revolutions in the country.


Are you witty? Have a knack for making other people laugh? If so, social media comedy might be your calling or a way to make money online in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, many persons have undertaken this and you do not even need to cross the walls of your home to garner great followership on social media.

Lasisi Elenu leads the pack among Nigerians who are now making waves with their social media comedy.

Once the following is grown, advert spaces can be sold to your clients.

Are you considering this? If you do, then just your mobile device, creativity, and online presence, will give your heart desire.


Themes and plugins are tools used in the designing of a website. While themes dictate the layout, generally of a blog or website, plugins, on the other hand, enhance their functionality.

With millions of blogs/website opened daily across the world, anyone who can develop themes and plugins would be on his way to make money online in Nigeria.


In Nigeria, one of the leading places to interact with people is Nairaland. It generates thousands of traffic on a daily basis.

The site is what is known as a forum which in simple terms means an online discussion platform where people can converse with one another on varying issues.

A forum usually has many areas or sections, and depending on the owner’s interest, might be targeted at a specific sector for instance education.

Having a forum is one of the simplest ways to make money online in Nigeria. You might open one that talks about education, sports or health if you can’t run a general interest forum like Nairaland.

Some of the avenues with which you can make money online in Nigeria via a forum are sponsored posts, paid adverts, consultancy, AdSense to name a few.


Mini importation ranks amongst the most sought after and reliable ways you can make money online in Nigeria.

As the name suggests, mini importation deals primarily with buying goods from outside the country at a ridiculously cheap price and then selling them off at higher rates.

What this means is that you buy the products from the manufacturers directly, meaning it bypass the middlemen. Also, since it is mini importation, you’re not expected to buy in a large quantity like in containers.

The beauty of it all is that you can import many things from phones, laptops, shoes, clothes, bags, among others, particularly from China.

AliExpress has become of the most visited platform to mini importers. There, you can source for the products of your choice directly from the manufacturers and then pay before they are shipped down to Nigeria.

Things you need to have to make money online in Nigeria via mini importation

  1. A laptop to give you access to the internet.
  2. Card for a transaction like Mastercard
  3. Fully funded account
  4. Valid email address
  5. Account of the company’s website (where you want to buy the goods)
  6. Valid home address where the goods will be delivered

Once that is done, you can now import goods of your choice and sell to people. However, ensure you do thorough research to know if the products are needed.


An e-commerce store is just another name for a store located online. It is just like the normal store but the difference is that transactions are done on the internet.

Jumia and Konga come to mind whenever e-commerce is mentioned in Nigeria. They have over the years leverage on the power of the internet to make money online in Nigeria.

Do not fret because these names are big in the industry. In fact, all you must do to carve a niche for yourself to make money online in Nigeria is to narrow down on what you sell on your e-commerce store.

To do this kind of online business, you would need a well-built website where people can get to you. This would not take you more than N50,000 –N100,000, depending on what you want.

Your e-commerce store might just be dealing on only school bags or even interior decoration and once you get the right promotional mix, you would be making a kill.

You can get your products locally or even through mini importation – the choice is all yours.


Since mobile telephony network came to Nigeria, the number of persons who use mobile phones are ever on the rise.

Advancement in technology which has led to the introduction of smartphones has opened up more opportunities for many to make money online in Nigeria with data reselling.

Here, you get data at a cheaper rate and sell it to clients at, of course, a higher price.

This is one of the cheapest ways you can make money online in Nigeria if you are scared of investing much or do not have the needed funds.

Marketing it is easy as you can do so with your social media handles.


Data analysis is basically the process of transforming data to aid the unraveling of useful information in order to make an informed decision.

Thus, as a data analyst, your goal is simply to make meaning from the data and help people who use such information to take reasonable action.

As a data analyst, a thorough knowledge of excel is important. You can then, you can offer your skills in several freelancing websites or even build yours and pitch for clients who would pay for your services.


What you do to make money online in Nigeria with this kind of business is to bid for jobs via forums and freelancing sites.

After this, that is when you have gotten the job, you search for those with the skills to do it and then take a certain percentage.

For instance, you might charge N10, 000 for a job, but later on pay the video editor N8, 000. That way, you have made N2, 000 gain without doing the job. Yours was to play as the middleman and then take your cut when the deal sails through.

Aside from doing that on a small scale, you can also meet a company that sells electronics and then inform them that you can get them customers only if they would give you a certain percentage of the sales as commission.

You can advertise such products via your social media handles and other online platforms.

If you are making N10, 000 for instance on any electronic item sold, imagine how much you can make monthly if you get more clients!


FOREX means foreign exchange and deals with trading in different currencies online and then once there is an increase, you make your gain. It is highly risky as the level of fluctuation can gulp one year’s profit.

However, if you can pull your strings well, you would make money online in Nigeria by trading in currencies.


Many Nigerians go to the internet, searching for differences in the prices of goods and services. Price check Nigeria seems to be one of the few online platforms in Nigeria that gives the customer the ability to compare prices from various places.

You can make money online in Nigeria through the creation of price comparison site if you can get the necessary information on these goods.

Telling people the difference in price between buying shoes in Lagos and Kaduna can get thousands of persons trooping to your site to compare prices and make an informed decision.

In addition, you can check difference e-commerce websites in the country and draw a comparison of their prices.

There is software that would make it easier for you to do that and as such, it is not hard to get by.


Housing is one of the basic needs of man and comes as a priority. Becoming a housing agent is one of the ways you can make money in Nigeria.

You can get information about available properties for those searching for accommodation.

As a housing agent, you need to post available properties either on a website, social media platform and even forums.

Today, there are many online housing agencies dotting the country’s landscape which indicates that there is money over there.

You may concentrate on a particular area or even, for instance, residential properties, to make you stand out from others.


A classified ads board is simply an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. However, the board does not moderate the transactions as the persons involved must meet (they have to do that themselves). So, buyers and sellers have to meet physically or over other channels.

In Nigeria, Jiji.ng and OLX.com.ng are the two major classified ads boards, with hundreds of transactions going on daily.


One of the work from home jobs in Nigeria is managing jobs boards. This is basically a platform to post jobs across diverse sectors.

Just like a blog, you can earn income from via adverts, sponsored books, sales of your products or services and AdSense.


Anyone who is knowledgeable about the development of web-based apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, databases, plugins, and themes, among others, can help companies, individuals, to do such and earn a decent income.


Yearly, hundreds of Nigerian youths seek admission to several tertiary institutions across the globe.

Most of them do not have the right information about such educational services and thus needs much guide from someone who is in the sector or has ready or useful information about getting admission overseas.

This is one of work from home jobs in Nigeria that someone like a teacher or any person who has worked in the educational sector can readily step into.

You would be needed to give the potential students information about schools, the courses they offer, duration of such courses and several other things needed to make their admission process easy and ultimately successful.

How to run an educational consultancy firm

  1. Research

Research is important while starting off an educational consultancy firm online. This is to ensure that, even though you have passion, you are also equipped with the right knowledge of how things work.

There have been persons who are successfully done the job that you can readily go to and get the needed information before launching out your business.

  1. Have a plan

Every business that wants to success does one thing from inception: have a business plan.  The business plan covers such things as the amount of money needed to bankroll the business; your marketing or promotional efforts; the number of employees; and other vital details that would help your educational consultancy work thrive.

  1. Become certified

Certification is one of the ways you can potentially become an expert in your field. And if you are set to run an educational firm, taking education-related courses and programmes will help position you as an expert in your educational consultancy job.

  1. Carve a Niche

The educational sector is wide and varied.  Right from the onset of the business, it is highly recommended to set your target market (those you want to serve) before jetting off.

In this business, your focus could be on educational publishing companies, children, schools, international educational organization, and bodies.

  1. Have your business registered

In Nigeria, to register your business, you go to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Registering your business gives you an edge over other business in that it is now treated as a legal entity that can sue and be sued.

  1. Create a business space

You can host a website or blog where people can contact you directly from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Give free services

This would give them the opportunity to test your services which gives you the opportunity to sell your business to them.

  1. Market your business

No one would hardly know about your business unless there are plans, well-thought-out, to sell it to the right customers. Promotion of your business involves using mediums like a Facebook ad, adverts on websites/blogs or forums.


To earn from this skill, you can register on freelancing sites and bid for jobs. Also, you can create your site, put out your works on it and other social media platforms to get clients.

Negotiation and marketing skills are essentials for anyone who seeks to market this skill on these freelance mediums.

This is because there might be people who are already vast in the field and those many of your potential clients might be skeptical of giving you jobs.

You professionalism like meeting deadlines, using the best software as well as ensuring fluid communication with your clients, are all pivotal in your quest to make money online in Nigeria.


Online directories are simply a list of websites.  Here, you create a blog/website and list businesses on the site. They may be businesses in particular areas/niche.

For instance, you can list fashion designers in Lagos on your site. Anyone that searches for such might be directed to your blog/website.

Once you are able to do that, get traffic, you can monetize it via AdSense, sponsored posts, paid adverts, etc.


One of the ways you can make money online in Nigeria is by being a voiceover artists.

When you hear a voice over a commercial without seeing the person talking that is a voice over artiste doing their work.

This is if you have a good voice and can comfortably use it to read radio or television scripts.

Those adverts on TV, radio and even movie thrillers you watch, are all products of quality voice overs.

Aside from that, you can work with education firms who might need your voice for the recording of some academic work.

Again, you can find your voice can be used for audiobook writers as well as working with businesses to produce phone prompts. Phone prompts are the voices you hear when a customer calls a company to make inquiries put the call it being put on hold.

How can you get a good voice over?

  1. Get a quiet environment to record your voice
  2. Have a good microphone
  3. A computer with internet
  4. Audio software like Audacity to record, edit and even save the recording.

There are several freelancing sites that you can pitch your services and once you get the job and do it excellently well, you would be a sought-after person.

Although this is not compulsory, a good voiceover artiste must have a good accent, understand the rudiments of clear speaking to make headway.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you get certified. This is because the competition is becoming stiffer as the day wears on in the voice over market.


Although there are no fast and free ways to make money online in Nigeria, this part of the article will show you some easy ways you can earn cash.

Most of these things are quite simple, requiring the least of investment as thus many would consider them free and fast ways to make money online in Nigeria.

So, here are some of the free and fast ways to make money online in Nigeria:


In Nigeria, betting has become one of the most common ways you can make free and fast money online in Nigeria.

Betting sites and shops are on the increase daily in Nigeria. What that means is that there is a ready market for it.

Betting on football games, racing, and many other sporting activities, can give you money fast. With a little as N100, you can make hundreds of thousands in just one day if you put your football knowledge to use. Instead of arguing who is better between Chelsea and Arsenal, put that knowledge to use by betting with a little sum.

Website or App reviews

Hundreds of apps are being rolled out yearly and most of the developers want people who can give a review of these apps. Same thing for websites or blogs.

Doing reviews of websites or apps, are some of the free and fast ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Online Competitions

There are many free online competitions you can enter into and make money. You can win cash gifts or even products. It does not require more than an internet connection and data to enter online competitions.

Network marketing

As a network marketing personnel, one can make money by the number of persons they bring into the scheme. There are many online network marketing companies that pay handsomely well if you have strong marketing skills to bring people in.



How to make money online with Google using YouTube

YouTube is basically a platform where people upload video and audio content that teaches, entertain and at other times, inform.

It was started on 14 February 2005 at San Mateo, California, United States.  As at 2018, there are over 1 billion YouTube users in the world.

How do you start off a YouTube channel?

  1. Know Your Why: Did you start the channel so you can inform, educate, canvass a course?  You must be able to have a clear-cut idea of your motivating factor for opening the YouTube else you might not, in the long run, make money online in Nigeria.
  2. Find Your Niche: You cannot be talking about everything on your channel. So, find out what you are passionate about. It may be entertainment news, movies review, cooking, and technology and name them.
  3. PROMOTE VIA BLOG/WEBSITE: If you have a website, you are to promote your YouTube channel. Again, you might even run a Facebook promotion to let people know what you are doing.

This might take you some cash, but if done rightly, it would surely boost the viewership of your YouTube channel, putting you on the path to making money online in with Google.

Way to monetize Youtube:

  1. Go for Sponsored Ads

Here, you attach the ads to your videos. So, depending on your audience and the content you churn out, you can negotiate the amount to be paid by the advertiser.

  1. Affiliate Links

Driving traffic to your affiliate links is another way you can make money online in Nigeria using your YouTube channel.

How does this work? For every product bought via the affiliate link, you get a certain amount of the money. Say for instance someone buys a mobile device of N40, 000 via your affiliate link, added to your YouTube channel, you could get about 10 percent of the money, which is N10, 0000, depending on the companies, policies.

  1. Sell your own product (s).

Aside from Google, YouTube is arguably the second largest search engine in the world. This is a sheer pointer that you can make a massive income selling your products via the medium.

How do I mean? Well, let us say your YouTube channel teaches about skincare, you can make products along that line – your niche. At the end of your videos, make a call to action (CTA) that would take your viewers to your landing page.

Make Money with Google ad word

Making money online has become easier with Google ad word. This is advertising for businesses meant for businesses or companies who want their ads are shown on Google and its advertising networks.

Companies paid huge money to those who can help them make their ads appear on this search engine and this can be done right from the comfort of your home.

How to make money online  with Google by AdSense

Even though many authorities would dissuade you that AdSense does not pay, the truth remains that many persons, notably bloggers, still make money online in Nigeria with it.  Yes, they do and it is not likely it would slow down anytime soon as there is rarely any competition for it.

In simple terms, AdSense is owned by tech and search engine giant, Google, renowned as the leading search engine globally.

AdSense basically pays you with the number of persons that click through your blog or website. This is known as CPC (cost per click). It thus indicates that the higher the number of persons that visit your blog the more likely you’re to make money online in Nigeria.

And the more CTR (click-through rate) you have, the more the opportunities to make money online in Nigeria.

Steps to getting AdSense approval

Many people complain that they find it hard getting approval from AdSense due to their strict rules.

However, if you take some of the tips I would enlist below, assuming you already have a website or blog, you are then on your way to getting approved for AdSense by Google, the owners:

  1. Post unique contents on your blogs/website:  Google loves original contents and thus, would find it hard, if not impossible, to give a nod to your application for AdSense. Copy and paste are highly frowned at by the search engine giant.

Thus, make sure you have original, long and valuable content before applying for AdSense.

  1. Have many posts: Do not think that your blog will get approval for AdSense when it has only one or two posts. As much as your content should be original, they should be a handful before you can get Google’s nod for AdSense.
  2. Apply: When these criteria are met, you should then apply for AdSense using a Gmail account. You are expected to open one if you do not have.

Apply with the link to your site which would enable them to to assess your site before approval or otherwise is given.

Ways to prevent AdSense ban

Just as your AdSense is approved, it can also be banned if you do the following:

  1. Click on your ads: Google can penalize you if you are clicking through your ads or telling your friends to so for you. You IP address/location is tracked and then your account suspended.  So, do not cross that redline except you do not want to make money online in Nigeria
  2. Hold ad-click content: This is a case where you beg people, on your site, to click through your ads. It is one of the gross sins that can lead to the suspension of your account.
  3. Use robots: When robots are used to systematically inflate your earnings from AdSense, Google can shut-down your account.
  4. Building Sites for Ads: The aim of Google is to ensure your readers get value via your posts. Therefore, creating a website or blog just for posting ads, means automatic penalization by the search engine giant.

Make Money online with Google jobs

At some given time, Google announces vacancies for jobs which can be done remotely and otherwise.

Someone who has the required skills can become a staff with Google when such application start coming.

You see, one can make money online with Google using this means.

Search engine optimization

Do you know what it takes to rank a post or website on the first page of Google? Well, if your answer is yes, then you could make money online in Nigeria with this skill.

Companies and individuals will pay you to do keyword research for them, and direct their content marketing endeavor.

Make money online with Google via consultations

With your knowledge of the YouTube, adword, and other related skills, you can turn yourself into a consultant.

Here, to make money, you can run an e-course and teach people how to start blogging, do search engine optimization among others.



What Is Blogging?

Blogging is essentially updating or adding new information to a blog on a regular basis. It started off as a kind of journal; people recording daily happenings in their lives.

Over the years, it has proven to be one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria.

The rapid growth of the internet and modern means of communication has not changed all of that.

In fact, millions of blogs are opened daily.  What this means is that there is an ever-increasing readership base for blogs

Why Do People Blog?

There are several reasons why you may consider taking up blogging as a way to make money online in Nigeria. It is a common fact that Linda Ikeji and a host of other Nigerians, make money online in Nigeria from their blogs.

Here are some of the reasons why people take up blogging:

  1. Make money online: As I noted earlier, blogging is a million dollar industry and there are no signs that it would change, at least not yet. You can make money online in Nigeria through this means.
  2. Source of expression: Blogging is an art built mainly by writing. There are many who see blogging as a means of getting their voices heard; a platform to inspire change and sell their businesses to potential clients.
  3. To record history: This was especially in the early days of blogging where people want to record happenings in their daily lives.

One of the first steps to learning how to make money blogging is by opening one. You can also hire someone to do it for you if you do not have the patience to go through the rigors.

There are free blogging platforms like Word Press, blogger, and others, where you can put your contents. However, it is not the best way to start off your blogging career.

I would suggest, and strongly too, that you have a self-hosted blog that would give you the freedom, professionalism, and position you well to know how to make money blogging.

How to make money blogging:

  1. AdSense

In simple terms, AdSense is owned by tech and search engine giant, Google, renowned as the leading search engine globally.

AdSense basically pays you with the number of persons that click through your blog or website.

This is known as CPC (cost per click). And the more CTR (click-through rate) you have, the higher the chances that you would make money online in Nigeria.

  1. Sponsored Posts

Aside from AdSense, bloggers can get sponsored posts from people or other bloggers if their website has gained an incredible following.

Sponsored posts are like blog posts just that the blogger is paid to do publish the content on his platform.

Such posts may be written by the owner of the blog or the person or company that has the post –the main thing is that the blogger is paid for giving exposure to the content.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Here, your duty is to get the put the products/services of a firm on your website, social media platforms, etc., for your potential clients to buy.

How do you make money online in Nigeria through such means? It is quite simple as ABC. These companies have to pay you a certain percentage of the price of the product whenever someone buys through you.

That means if someone clicks on the link for a boutique from your site and buys a piece of clothes, some money will be wired into your account. Easy does it!

  1. Adverts

Here, you get adverts from people who pay you to put their products in the eyes of your audience. The ad codes are attached to some areas in the blog. So, depending on your audience and the content you churn out, you can negotiate the amount to be paid by the advertiser

  1. Writing/Other Services

Every blogger can also make money online in Nigeria by offering writing services to people since blogging deals majorly with written, and a blogger considered a writer.

In addition, you could also offer to design a blog, do graphics work for people or offer any other services you are skilled in. Your audience will come back for your services once you prove yourself.

  1. Sell Your Products

A blog affords you the luxury of selling your products to the right audience. With your blog, you should be able to sell a book, whether hard or soft copy. At other times, it could be a dress; that is if the niche is fashion related.

Thus, you might not need to beg people for a medium to sell your wares since your blog is already there.

  1. Consultancy

Having a blog, and being successful at that, gives you a measure of expertise. You are seen as an authority in the field which indicates that they would be many people willing to pay you to take them by the hand in how to make money blogging in Nigeria.


There is plenty of online work from home jobs in Nigeria that you can do to fetch you money.

As a stay at home mom or someone who wants the freedom that online work from home jobs in Nigeria give, you might want to take a look at some areas you can make money online in Nigeria:

Data Entry

To make money online in Nigeria via this, you must have garnered a whole lot of experience in Microsoft Excel or Database management.

As a data entry expert, your duty is to organize jumbled data; make them easy to access and use. You do this through the excel spreadsheet. For instance, you might be told to input the mobile contact addresses of firms in a particular area.

This is essential so you do not miss out or even muddle up data which might be costly in the long run.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is one of the oldest online work from home jobs in Nigeria that is showing little signs of crashing any time soon.

How can you make money online in Nigeria with bulk SMS? One of the most used formats is creating a website where people that integrate the bulk SMS platform.

Also, you can make proposals to organizations like a church, mosques, among others, telling them how important it is to buy into you bulk SMS platform.

Email marketing

In addition to others, email marketing is now a proven work from home jobs Organizations are ready to pay you to help them run their email marketing campaign. If you can create landing pages, help them build an email list, create a squeeze page and write awesome email copies, believe you me, there are several organizations or individuals who are ready to dish out the cash to do such for them.

Social Media Consultant

This is unlike social media management in that what you do here is to an organization or individual your expertise; knowledge about social media. You are not expected to manage their accounts but rather share your wealth of experience with them.

To do this, you must have cut your teeth in the social media sphere and even gathered some certification.

Online game developer

Developing online games is one of the online work from home jobs in Nigeria that is gaining grounds speedily. The introduction of smartphones has made it all the more essential for parents to buy games online for the wards/children.

So, if you have basic coding knowledge and software development skills, this is one sure way to make money online in Nigeria.

You can even pitch your ideas to a school or organizations that work with children. It is not only children that even need online games. Adults also do the same, meaning you have people ready to buy from you.

Online Money Transfer Using POS

Most of the time, especially during weekends, and in remote places, people do not get access to banks and thus cannot withdraw money from their ATM. It could be that the queue is annoyingly long when they find ATMs dispensing money and might not have the luxury of waiting for their turn.

There are POS owners who charge N500, N1000 etc., depending on the volume of transactions, to give people physical cash in such instances.

How to make money online in Nigeria by website flipping

Just as domain flipping, website flipping is equally one of the work from home jobs in Nigeria. Unlike domain flipping, here, you design and furnish it with contents, and then sell it off to someone at a very high price.

You can get someone to do it for you if you do not have the time and then sell it at a higher price.



Ghost Writing Job

A ghostwriter is one who creates a book, other written contents for people without taking credit.  As a ghostwriter, you are to do the job; get paid while another person (the one who gives you the job), takes the credit.

There are hundreds of persons who are nursing the idea of authoring books. Create a free blog on blogger or other platforms, use your social media space, among others, to solicit for clients.

Once you have the writing skills, this is a business that can put cool cash into your pocket.

Online Flight Booking Business

With a computer and internet connection, you can become an online fight ticket agent.

You might not require an IATA certification to do this. All you need is to enter into a partnership with a ticketing company (registered and certified one) and then you can book flights online for clients.

The company can then pay you a certain percentage as commission. One good thing about this is that you can do it alongside your day job as it is not that demanding except you want to make it a full-time job.

Online Marketing

Can you convince people? Are you on social media? Then you should not be among those asking “how can you make money online in Nigeria with 1000.”

There are hundreds of companies who want people to buy their products and or services and are willing to pay you handsomely it you get clients for them.

You can sign up with a company that will, in turn, give you leads to generate sales for them. After this, you are given a commission for each sale you make. It is that simple.

In fact, you can create your own products and market them via social media/the internet.

Online Prediction/Betting

You may not have a betting site, but this is one answer to the popular question “How can you make money online in Nigeria with 1000.” In this case, what you do is to give people games or betting tips online.

Those who are ready to win their bets can pay you cash to give them games or possible winning bets.

You can charge a fee for each game you give them online. Your social media platforms are a great way of doing this. All you need is to promote your work via these platforms and have them pay you.

In addition, you can open a blog which is free on blogger or WordPress.

You see, when people ask you “how can you make money online in Nigeria with 1000,” telling them to look at the option might just signal the end to their struggles.

Online booking

There are many persons who do not have the time to do bookings for things like movie tickets, airline tickets, among others.

Virtual assistance

With the increasing level of work to do, many top shots, or rather, busy professionals are now opting for people who can assist them virtually.

Just like the normal office assistants, these ones work online to help these professionals get things sorted out like sending and receiving emails, making orders, making payments among others.

Online shopping

Quite like online booking, you can also make money online in Nigeria as a student by shopping online for busy executives.

You can do the shopping on their behalf and get paid.

Computer Jobs

Another good way to make money online as a student in Nigeria is by using your IT skills.

Being in an academic setting, you can do well by doing online registration for students, type, and scan materials, install software and games on laptops and phones.

You can also provide general internet solutions to those in need. Opening a cybercafe is one sure way to make money online as a student in Nigeria as if you have the money.

There has never been a better time than this for anyone to make money online as a student in Nigeria.




If you are a student , either college or universitty level studies, you can make money online by considering some of the less capital intensive online money making methods listed in this article.


There has never been a better time than this for anyone to make money online. No thanks to the internet, it is now easier.

Aside from making money, doing businesses on the internet gives room for flexibility as well as moving them globally – where you can be patronized across the borders.

https://sheriph.com/make-money-online-nigeria-complete-list/feed/ 0
AFFILIATE MARKETING IN NIGERIA: BEGINNER’S GUIDE, STRATEGY AND CASE STUDIEShttps://sheriph.com/affiliate-marketing-nigeria-beginners-guide-strategy-case-studies/ https://sheriph.com/affiliate-marketing-nigeria-beginners-guide-strategy-case-studies/#respond Mon, 25 Jun 2018 21:43:12 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1933 AFFILIATE MARKETING

In this article, we talked about affiliate marketing and did some reviews of successful affiliate websites. Using the lesson learned, we developed a strategy that can be used to create a successful affiliate website. Read on.

We live in an age where we do virtually everything through the Internet. From shopping to watching video content, almost all parts of our lives are online. While the majority of online users in Nigeria are content consumers, you can take the other side of the coin by earning.

There are many ways active and passive of making money on the Internet and from these many only a few as legitimate and rewarding as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a tried-and-tested method of making good money on the Internet. All you need is a laptop, a good Internet connection, and the shrewdness of a salesman.

What is affiliate marketing?

In the simplest of terms, affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting the products or services of a company and in the process getting a commission for your efforts. Although there are many processes involved, the above definition is only a summary of the whole.

To put into perspective, as an affiliate marketer, your job is like that of a salesman who goes from home to home advertising a product for sale. However, in this case, you don’t need to go out; you can do that from the comfort of your home.

Who are the parties involved in affiliate marketing?

Some definitions of affiliate marketing put the number of involved parties as 3 while others say 4. In this article, we’ll go with the 4-party model.

The four parties include the seller or merchant who manufactures the product, the publisher or affiliate marketer who promotes the seller’s product(s) –this is where you’ll likely belong, the affiliate network which is the mediator between the first two parties, and the customer who purchases the product(s).

That being said, the first two parties are where you may likely belong to. However, since you are reading this post because you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, we’ll be focusing on how you can become one.

What are the steps involved in becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria?

Generally, there are four basic steps involved in becoming an online affiliate marketer in Nigeria. But in this post, we look at more than four steps to make it easy for you to follow. I’ll list the steps first before elaborating on each of them.

1.      First, find a niche that you are passionate about

2.      Choose a platform

3.      Join an affiliate network

4.      Search for products related to your niche

5.      Review the products

6.      Promote the products

7.      Get Paid


Step 1: Finding a niche

A niche is any topic area in which you have an interest. In becoming an affiliate marketer, the first step you’ll have to take is to choose a niche which you are less likely to have a problem with. What I mean is that you select a niche that you have interest in. For example, if you love cars, your niche can be on car products, or if you are passionate about mobile technology, you can pick smartphone accessories as your niche. Other examples of niches include health, banking/finance, fashion, entertainment, and so on.

When picking a niche, a rule of thumb is to be specific rather than general. That is, if you are passionate about technology, don’t take technology as your niche because it is a broad field that involves many other broad categories. Instead, you should opt for something like electrical home appliances which is more particular. The idea behind this is to keep you focused on a more particular customer base.

Step 2: Choose a platform

After selecting a niche, the next step is to select a platform where you can promote the products. As a salesman (permit me to use that word), you need an online medium for selling your products. While there are several ways to go about this such as YouTube and social media platforms (like Facebook), the most effective means is through a blog or a website. This is because of the long-term benefits connected with having a blog.

Among other things, having a blog or a website gives you an avenue to connect with users who are your potential customers. This provides you with an opportunity to interact with and give recommendations to your visitors. Moreover, when your visitors keep returning to your blog, then it shows that you may have developed a level of trust with them, which is a key pre-requisite for online business.

In addition, a blog is a good platform to promote more than one type of product, and thanks to many free online tools you can easily set up a blog in no time.

Step 3: Join an affiliate network

Yes, you need to join an affiliate program; and the only way to join one is by being part of an affiliate network. While it is possible to market products without going through an affiliate network, the process is longer and not easy. There are several affiliate networks with peculiar advantages and disadvantages. For example, while some have various payment methods, others are limited to only PayPal – bad for Nigerians. As a caution, before joining a network, you should ensure that you go through their terms and conditions.

Examples of affiliate networks are ClickBank, CJ (Commission Junction), Impact Radius, Linkshare, and Amazon Associates. There are also local affiliate programs for Nigerians such as Jumia affiliate program, Wakanow affiliate program, and Konga affiliate program.

Step 4: Search for products related to your niche

Moving on, your next action should be to search for products that are popular or related to your chosen niche. This is a very important step, and as such should not be overlooked. You don’t want to review a product which will attract very little buyers, do you?

This is where your researching skills come into play. When searching for a product to review, you need to arm yourself with certain facts such as the popularity of the product, how often do people search for it, and stuffs like that. Research tools such as Google keyword tool can aid your research.

Step 5: Product Reviews

Next after making your research and selecting a product is to review the product. This is where your writing skills are needed. Reviewing a product involves writing an article about the product that explains everything about it including the purpose of the product and the reason the reader needs to get it. As a reviewer, you need to write reviews about the selected products in such a way that it triggers the reader [to want] to buy the product.

Step 6: Promote the products

You have created a platform for your business; you have selected a/some product(s) and have done reviews but are yet to make any sales. This might be discouraging because you are in the business only to make money, which unfortunately isn’t forthcoming. Promoting the products involves advertising or marketing your reviewed items so as get people to buy them.

While step 5 is a way of promoting the product(s), there is so much to be done that it doesn’t end there. This is because your blog or website is still new and maybe only a few persons like your family and friends know about it. This means that you need to make people first know about your website, and then the product. There are several ways of achieving this and they include the following.

Email Marketing:

This involves creating an emailing list of probable customers and sending them timely messages about the products.

Social Media Marketing:

We live in an era where platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms serve as good marketing means for affiliate marketing.

Creating backlinks through guest posting:

Backlinking is another good way of sending web users to your website. This begins by posting on popular blogs as a guest with the aim of persuading readers to click on a link that takes them to your website.

Advertising on other websites:

This is another form of backlinking. To push traffic to your new blog or website, one method is to advertise your blog on highly popular websites. This does not only drive more visitors to your website but also brings in more potential customers.

YouTube reviews:

Nowadays, many affiliates marketers have integrated the power of Google’s online video sharing platform, YouTube, in products marketing. This is usually done through unboxing and review videos. However, using YouTube as a product promotion medium can be limiting because some products do not need unboxing.

Step 7: Getting Paid

Every salesman needs his commission. For all the hard work you’ve put into this venture, it makes no sense if you are not rewarded. As previously stated, different affiliate networks pay the marketers differently. Where a majority of the networks pay through PayPal, a few pay through Payoneer which is a good option for Nigerians as PayPal doesn’t support payments to Nigeria. Even better, you can get paid through direct bank deposits if you’re on a local affiliate program like Jumia’s.


Affiliate Marketing for a Beginner: Practical Case Studies

The best way to teach a beginner the online business of affiliate marketing is through careful study and analysis of successful affiliate marketing websites.  This also come very useful and handy for a proffesional affiliate marketer. What you are going to be discovering next is an example of some practical websites that are into affiliate marketing. These are very popular websites that are attracting lots of visitors on a monthly basis. All that you need to do is observe whatever they are doing, copy such strategies and start using them for your affiliate business.



Average Monthly Traffic: 4.5 Million | Average Monthly Income: $30 Million



You can see how it is 100% Focused. This isn’t just a website that is into the provision of third – party and honest reviews but one that is 100% focused. As an affiliate marketer that is aspiring to get to the top, there are things that you should never consider doing and this happens to be one of such. This website isn’t into the rendering of various services. Rather, it is purely focused on helping users decide whether various products are worth buying or not based on the reviews that will be provided.



Average Monthly Traffic: 4.9 Million | Average Monthly Income: $70,000



ThisIsWhyImBroke.com has been well – designed to ensure that browsers or potential users don’t start trying to find their way around. This is very important most especially once you want to design a website that will be focusing on reviewing plenty of products at once. If you visit the website, you will find out that it has been designed in a way that you can easily find what you are searching for without hassles.


The rule is trying to ensure that your review website is as simple to navigate through as possible. Don’t get things mixed up by trying to make it look too complex. This is because you could up getting your target audience put off. You don’t have to be a computer geek to come up with your first review website. Just make it easy to navigate and clean. If you can do this then you are good to go.


If there is one thing that you need to understand about your target audience, such is the fact that they have very limited time to spend on your website. This means that you need to be at your best to keep them around. The last thing that you want to do is make them start searching for what they have come for. Most review websites are so poorly organized that visitors can’t even see what they want to buy after having to go through the stress of searching over and over again.



Average Monthly Traffic: 800K | Average Monthly Income: Unknown



One of the worst things that any newbie affiliate marketer can do is trying to appear like he is selling something. ConsumerSearch.com has succeeded in delivering content that will helpful people in various ways. It is true that you are reviewing items or products but never forget the primary objective which is to add value to the lives of your customers. There are lots of affiliate marketers who are missing this one and in the end, they make nothing from their marketing efforts.


The best way to earn trust from your potential buyers is through delivering helpful contents. Don’t ever fall into the temptation of trying to present something to them in the form of advertisement. ConsumerSearch.com has stood head and shoulders above lots of review websites due to the fact that it delivers contents which of the highest standard. You will notice that the description for each product being reviewed isn’t sounding like they something is being sold to customers.


When your website is trying to sell something instead of providing quality content, your target audience will interpret it like you are trying to force them in making decision about a particular product. Once your content is genuine and unbiased, your potential customers will trust you and this will enable them make decision to buy something from your website. They are getting detailed description about various products.





GiftIdeaGeek.com is having lots of visitors on a monthly basis. This should explain to you that there is some underground work going on to bring in the people from everywhere around the world. As an affiliate that wants to be successful, you need to understand that building a website and putting up contents isn’t good enough. It doesn’t really matter what you are selling as your website will be similar to a graveyard once you fail to adopt a method of traffic.


You need to consider the various ways of driving traffic to your website. This is because people need to see your review website and then take action. The means through which every business survives online is traffic. Yours will not be an exception and such is the reason why you need to start adopting the various traffic generation techniques that you can start using to bring visitors to your website. It is the only way you are guaranteed of making money from affiliate marketing business.



Gear Patrol - Affiliate marketing website

Gear Patrol – Affiliate marketing website

Average Monthly Traffic: 2.1 Million | Average Monthly Income: $700,000

Most affiliate marketers will always tell you that the money is in the list. This is what a powerful website such as GearPatrol.com has been able to apply in other to remain ahead of its competitors. If you are an affiliate marketer, then it will be difficult making money without a list of subscribers. This is because it has been discovered that potential customers need to see a message regarding what you are offering about 6 times before making a decision to buy. You are living money on the table without knowing when you fail to adopt a strategy such as this.


There is no need trying to find out how it can be done because GearPatrol.com definitely shows you the way. You can see that as a successful website in the field of affiliate marketing, it has been able to come up with a way through which the details of customers can be collected. This will enable it send future promotions to them.




There is a golden rule in the field of affiliate marketing which you will always need to pay attention to if you are really serious about making money. This is so serious that ignoring it can put you out of business even before you know it. The rule is all about offering what is selling. You are not selling products based on emotions but how they have proven to sell over a given period of time.


If you take a look at a website such as dogfoodadvisor.com, you will see that this rule has been strictly followed every step of the way. It has succeeded in carving a niche for itself through meeting the needs of dog owners. In case you don’t know, the dog industry is worth billions of dollars. You can easily tell that a website such as this is making lots of money given the fact that it records over 1million visitors on a monthly basis.




This website has been able to gain lots of popularities amongst other affiliate marketing websites due to how it has been able to focus on search engine optimization. It has been optimized strategically to rank for some keywords across the various search engines on the internet. SEO knowledge and skills are very important if you want to make money from your affiliate marketing efforts. You need to understand how it works and the various ways through which search engines are ranking websites on a daily basis.


There are lots of factors involved in this process that can get anyone confused. However, with some careful analysis of BabyGearLab.com and what makes it thick when it comes to search engine optimization, you can have a very good head start. Just navigate through the site a little bit and see what it has done to stay relevant before search engines.



There is something which everyone that is getting into affiliate marketing business is usually taught. This is having to establish a relationship with your target audience and trying as much as you can to forget about making the sales. Lots of newbies in the field of affiliate marketing always do struggle to apply this golden rule and in the end, they can even make good sales. Every professional affiliate marketer knows that the sales will naturally come on their own as your major focus should be trying to add value to the lives of your target audience.


BestCovery.com has been able to demonstrate this strategy in a very clear way which anyone will be able to understand. You can see that the contents being added are aimed at educating the audience and not selling anything to them. It takes plenty of practice to master this skill.



Average Monthly Traffic: 5.4 Million | Average Monthly Income: Unknown

Affiliate marketing is one business that anyone can easily start making some really serious money once the rudiments are well understood. There is something unique about the website BestReviews.com. Even though there are lots of other websites out there trying to review various products, there is no doubt that this one stands out completely. Its concept is so unique that even if you don’t have the aim of buying anything from it, you can end up bringing out your credit card.


There is only one factor responsible for this which is the fact that you can see the passion through which products have been described. Your audience needs to know that you are passionate about helping them solve a problem in their lives. That is how they will be able to spend money on your website. Just copy what BestReviews.com and you will see amazing results in your affiliate marketing business.



There is one major mistake that most affiliate marketers usually make which is making the assumption that their target audience know a few details about what they are offering. This is a wrong formula and you need to correct it if you want to make a living off this business. for instance, if you look at KidsTabletsWithWiFi.com, you will notice that it has been able to discard such assumptions and ensure that whatever that has to be explained is clearly written in details that are simple to understand.


You are not only trying to add value to the lives of your customers but also letting them know vital things about what you are offering. For instance, you want to sell a product that cures acne. It is plainly wrong feeling that your audience knows what such a product can do. Explain to them in details about the various products you are offering as KidsTabletsWithWiFi.com.



It is true that you have been taught to always pick a winning product in the business of affiliate marketing. While this is true, there is no doubting the fact that your chances of success will be higher once you can narrow down your niche. It is all about trying to single yourself out from the competition in the best way possible. You can see that LongboardReviews.net has been able to majorly focus on the promotion of long boards.


The idea of focusing on a particular niche is mostly beneficial once you are starting out as an affiliate. This is because it saves you plenty of stress in competing with websites or affiliates that are more established. You can copy what LongboardReviews.net is doing by narrowing down even further in your niche to ensure that you have less competitive websites to deal with.



When you want to talk about affiliate websites that are doing everything within their means, there is no doubting the fact that FootballSnackHelmets.com ticks all the boxes. It does 2 major things that have helped to improve its conversion rates in the business of affiliate marketing. The first of them is trying to keep its focus on one product. You can see that what it sells are football helmets. This is another lucrative product to promote. It isn’t trying to do everything all at once which can end up getting customers confused.


The second technique being used is the idea of integrating a video. According to marketing experts, users do spend more time when a website has video as compared to when it doesn’t. This is a very powerful technique that FootballSnackHelmets.com has adopted to ensure that visitors remain long enough on its site so as to see the products that are on offer.



There are very few affiliate websites out there that are as organized as OutdoorGearLab.com and such is evident once you visit. The last thing that you want to make your target audience perceive as someone who is new in the world of affiliate marketing is to get them confused about what you have to offer. This can lead to doubt and eventually bring about loss of sales. With what a website such as OutdoorGearLab.com is doing, you can easily copy and paste a system that is working.


Take a look at the website and you will notice how organized and clean it is. It has been arranged to ensure that potential buyers don’t miss their way around. You don’t need to be computer geek to come up with a website that will be easy to navigate through. All you need is look at a company that has got a winning website and OutdoorGearLab.com does tick all the boxes.



This website follows from the above example that is set by OutdoorGearLab.com. Most newbie affiliate marketers believe that by making their websites look fanciful, they can win the patronage of potential customers. This mentality pushes them to start spending lots of money on programming applications that will only put a hole in their pockets. TopTenReviews.com doesn’t follow this trend as it tends to be simple and straight to the point.


Potential buyers don’t have all the time in the world while trying to check out your website and how it can be of help to them. Your duty as an affiliate marketer is to provide a website that they will not find complicated in any way. Ensure that everything is spot on for them to take the needed actions that will enable you make sales. It is no wonder the website has over 12million visitors on a monthly basis.



There is this issue or problem which most affiliate marketers are usually experiencing. This has to do with whether they should go for a traditional website or the normal blog. If you have been asking such questions before now then there is no doubt that with what TomsHardware.com is doing through its wordpress blog, you have gotten the perfect answer. There are lots of benefits that TomsHardware.com is getting from using the wordpress platform to reach out to its target audience.


The first is that articles are easily posted since it can also be seen as an online diary. This enables it to make posts regularly without stress. There is also the fact that social media websites have been easily integrated into its activities. Using a traditional website as an affiliate marketer is something that will not benefit you that much. It is not just making decisions but sticking to those that will take your business to the next levels.



Are you planning on how to start reviewing various products for your affiliate marketing business? Do you know that with the existence of website such as CarSeatAnswers.com, such becomes a walk in the park? You need to really take a careful look at this site because it is one that any type of affiliate marketer can start up today. This is due to its high level of simplicity. The truth is that you will hardly find websites that are like this online. It is super – easy to go through.


If you notice very well, you will see that keywords regarding the products (car seats) which it is promoting have been hyperlinked. This is to ensure that potentials buyers click on them for commission to be earned. A trick is to always hyperlink main keywords about products in your website so as to make your audience take action.



This is a top affiliate marketing website as it has been able to ensure that a strong relationship is established with its audience. Sometimes there are new affiliate marketers that are always in a hurry to make money from customers. If there is one thing that you need as an affiliate such is being 100% honest about a product. The fact that you are reviewing a product which customers will need to buy doesn’t mean that you don’t have to list out where such a product has fallen short. Don‘t forget that your target audience understands the fact that no product is 100% perfect.


Kitchen Faucets are being sold by KitchenFaucetDivas.com. Also, you can observe that it is not trying to trick its customers in a way to make them buy what is being reviewed. Don’t provide misleading information about a product as you could kill the little trust that your customers are beginning to have for you.



This is one of those few websites where you will be shown one simple truth about affiliate marketing that you need to be making the big bucks in other to be in this business on a long term basis. This becomes necessary if you are into advertising and other paid means of taking your products out to your audience. This is where you have to copy the strategy being used by LiveLongerRunning.com to ensure that you remain or last in this business for as long as possible.


You can see that the products which it promotes are those that are expensive or high – priced. This implies that just one single sale will be worth all the marketing efforts. What you need to do as an affiliate that wants to survive the competition is trying as much as you can to ensure that you stay away from promoting low paying products. This will not make you to breakeven.



PickMyShaver.com has been a really successful review website on the internet. There is something that you can copy from it today once you want to start your own review website. This is the fact that your review or opinion should be based on firsthand experience of such products. That is to say, you are giving your opinion about such product based what you know about it. There is no doubt that this is one thing which your potential customers will appreciate.


Once you can get the products that you are reviewing and make use of them, you will be able to give a better and unbiased review. Just read the products being offered by PickMyShaver.com and you will notice something which is the fact that the products being talked about have all been used. This gives them an upperhand to make the sales.



100DaysOfRealFood.com has been very popular because it has been able to adopt one powerful strategy that most affiliates usually ignore for one reason or the other. This is having what the website is all about on the domain name. There are websites that have domain names which are general instead of being specific. This is one problem that will make you struggle to get as many visitors as possible. Don’t ever give your target audience the wrong idea about who you are.


100DaysOfRealFood.com has been able to ensure that its name sends the right message to potential customers about what it has been created to offer. This makes the whole conversion process much easier. The key here is to choose a domain name for your website that tells a lot about the products you are selling.



InflatableHotTubGuide.com is an affiliate website that is a combination of various activities. The first is that you will see plenty of helpful posts that can add value to the lives of potential buyers. You can also see products being reviewed in one way or the other. Finally, you will discover that it has some sections that look like sales copy was required to get them up and running. There is one thing that this should explain to you which is the power of outsourcing.

You don’t have to be good in all these areas before you will come up with an affiliate review website that looks like this. All that you need to do is look for someone or a group of persons who can handle various aspects of your website. The only thing that you will be doing is giving instructions as required.




Finally, we have come to the end of this super article on affiliate marketing. If you have made it to this point, you deserve this pot of gold. But if you jumped to this point without reading the introduction and case studies above, I fear your shortcut method to success may affect your ability to properly implement this strategy.

Now to the strategy. You would agree with me that the best way to be successful in life is to copy successful people, in this case, successful methods. Following a successful method might not really be enough in our dynamic world because what works before may struggle to work again but with proper creativity and little modification, you could make it work again and again. If you have been reading this article with utmost concentration, particularly after reading the case studies above, you should have started coming up with ideas on how to make affiliate marketing work for yourself. If you are, then this strategy should not be that difficult for you to comprehend.

There is one similar pattern followed by the successful affiliate marketers above, and it is blogging extensively about the affiliate product. Not just blogging for writing’s sake, it is providing useful information, in form of guide, to buyers who are interested in buying the product. This information could be a product review, product features, best buying guide, advantages of the product against other similar product and so many articles on such products. After a while, the website will become an authority in the niche.

Let me give you an instance of how affiliate marketers can position themselves to make money. Let us say that I am interested in buying a TV for home use. After asking around, I was told LG TV brand is better than most. Before making a decision to buy, I decided to do a little google search on BEST AFFORDABLE LG TV.  Though I have seen the product around many times, I wanted to be sure that I am making the right decision so a little googling is quite important. I launched a web browser and visited www.google.com and search for BEST AFFORDABLE LG TV. Google search result page number on ranking website is jumia.com.ng and second place is https://itstechprice.com


We will talk about the first 2 TOP ranking websites as people hardly go beyond that before getting what they want. Statistically, the first 3 website gets 90 percent of the traffic for a search query. Looking at the result, first on the list is https://www.jumia.com.ng with the title LG Televisions | Buy LG TVs Online | Jumia Nigeria. Upon clicking this link here is what I saw;

Best Affordable LG TV on jumia

Best Affordable LG TV on jumia




You can see that Jumia.com.ng is an e-commerce website. Just like most e-commerce websites, they have no guide and no reviews to help me in making a decision to buy. I figured they are only interested in selling the product to me so I jumped out to the next Google suggested website which was https://itstechprice.com. After clicking on the website, here is what I saw;



The result from itstechprice consists of affiliate links to jumia. As an affiliate marketer, that should be your strategy to get in between sales funnel and hijack sales from large e-commerce websites. We have discussed above that you can register for the affiliate program of this e-commerce websites and make money each time you refer buyers to them.

I have carried out frequent research which consistently proved to me that affiliate marketing business in Nigeria is still untapped. This fact is not far-fetched when you pay attention to details. For example, contrary to most of our top affiliate websites used in the case study section of this article, the affiliate website above did not have a detailed review of each LG TV. In fact, it did not convince me with any buying guide. There is no benefit that I get by buying from the website’s affiliate link because it did not help me in any way, rather, it simply listed LG TV and write same features as written on Jumia. I can see that the website was also monetized with Adsense but the owner could have done better.

Another point to support the fact that affiliate marketing is still untapped in Nigeria is the fact that out of all the case studies above, no single Nigerian owned affiliate website make it to the list of top affiliate company in the world. So basically, there are few people in affiliate business and I can bet it that larger percentage of this people does not really have an idea of how best to operate an affiliate marketing business without looking spamming.

Most people that are into affiliate marketing in Nigeria mostly promote foreign products via Clickbank and Amazon affiliate merchant. I am not going to say this is a wrong idea, in fact, it is a very good idea and income would triple what you expect to earn if you are focused on Nigerian affiliate programs. But you should be ready to do more work. Finding an affiliate product on Amazon or Clickbank that is not competitive is not easy. You really need to work for many days researching low competitive products. You will need tools like kwfinder, ahref, semrush etc. to find a good affiliate product. But, if you can do the work, the reward is so great that making 6 figures in Naira would be an easy feat.


Now, let me lay out the 8 steps strategy to a successful affiliate marketing business anywhere in the world. If you have struggled to make money from affiliate marketing in the past, or you are simply trying to venture into it, whatever affiliate merchant you decide to go with, be it Amazon, Clickbank, or our local affiliate program such as Konga, jumia etc, this strategy is your only solution to a successful affiliate marketing business.



Step 1-      Product Research;

The first thing you need to do is to know the product. For affiliate marketers on a low budget who would mostly write content by themselves, Start by thinking of different products that you can write on. A product that you knew very well like the back of your hands. But for the big boys who have money to pay writers, simply decide on a product. For product ideas, you have to explore affiliate merchant marketplace catalog extensively. Depending on your choice of affiliate merchant, Start by visiting Clickbank, Amazon, Konga, and or jumia product section and try to explore many products. Make sure the product has lots-of-order and reviews from customers. Lot-of-order products will help you select a product that is needed by a lot of people, also many-review products will ensure you have a source of content for the product when you are ready to start writing about it. In this example, I would like to start an affiliate website that reviews TV. Therefore, my products are TVs.


Assuming you have decided on a product or few products, this is the time to confirm if the product is worth your time by doing keyword analysis. You need to establish that this keyword has reasonable search query. Tools that could help you with this are kwfinder, ahref, semrush etc. But these products are premium products and are very expensive. Personally, I use ahref trial for $7-7 days. I think it is a reasonable investment on the business. Once I subscribed for the $7 trial period, I will work day and night to complete all my keyword analysis in time before 7 days when the service will expire. At the time of writing this article, I have no active subscription on ahref but let me use kwfinder to show you how to do keyword research. Visit https://kwfinder.com/ and enter your product name, for example, LG TV. Also, you should enter your targeted country. If your targeted country is USA and rest of the world, you should know that your partner merchant should be either Amazon or Clickbank as those affiliate merchants do quite better for international visitors, but if you want to focus on local, do know that merchants like jumia or Konga would be your partners. In this example, I would like to face a less competitive market, I want to focus on Nigerian market and most of my affiliate links will go to either jumia or Konga as they are the biggest e-commerce company in Nigeria. Let us go to kwfinder to do a little findings





From the picture above, you can see different keywords people use when searching for topics related to LG TV. On the left-hand side of the image, there are a good deal of helpful metrics such as TREND, SEARCH VOLUME, PPC, KD (Keyword difficulty). While on the right landside, we have a snapshot of Google search result page. This is kwfinder attempt to make you see websites that you will be competing with, it also goes one better than Google by providing you with their DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA), PAGE AUTHORITY (PA) etc. The higher these values (DA, PA) the more difficult it will be to outrank them. Therefore, while you are keeping one eye on KD, you should know that DA and PA are equally important metrics.

Keyword difficulty is a metric that tries to gauge how difficult it is to rank for a keyword. For example, if I am to write about LG TV, I can see that the KD is 48/100 (POSSIBLE), kwfinder says POSSIBLE because nothing is impossible but what it fails to tell you is that you need a lot of work to rank for that keyword. This means that to rank for such article. You will need to write a quality long-form article with a lot of social share and backlinks. But that should not scare you as you don’t necessarily need to rank for LG TV keyword. You simply need to rank for buyer intent search queries that are related to LG TV. That is why kwfinder also have other suggested words. Looking through the suggestions, it is now your work to find some keyword with difficulty level that is less than 30. Make a list of all these keywords with low KD value and a decent search volume. That is how you will keep finding topics to write about.

Our aim is to look for various search queries involving LG TV with low KD. Generally, your aim is to target Keyword difficulty values of less than 30 and you should know that the lower the better. This can be done by targeting a particular LG TV Model.

How do you do that?


Let us take a look at TV search result on jumia,




This product LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 has 127 reviews, this indirectly translates to a high order. Basically right now, the LG TV product that is ordered most is LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500.

Now let us use kwfinder to see how we can rank for search queries relating to LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500.



There we have it. Keyword difficulty drops to 37/100-STILL EASY. Now we can come up with different topics around the primary keyword LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500. Example of such topics may include

–          LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 REVIEW, or

–          BEST BUYING GUIDE FOR LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500,

–          ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 SMART TV


To increase your chances of getting traffic for this topic, you can boost your article with Latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI). LSI keywords are keywords or search queries that are synonymous or semantically related. They are shown at the bottom of Google search page as similar search terms. To clearly explain this with pictures, let us assume you we have decided to write about LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 REVIEW, which will be regarded as my primary keyword. I would now have a series of LSI keywords as secondary keywords. To get the LSI keywords; let us visit google and search for our primary keyword ( i.e LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 REVIEW).



This is always at the bottom of the search page. Looking at the LSI keywords, we can see that LG TV-32LJ500,  people like searching for the TV specs, Manual and Remote, therefore we can similarly use the same article to target the following secondary keywords;

–          LG 32lj500b specs

–          LG 32lj500b Remote

–          LG 32lj500b Manual

But if you are really aggressive, you can have one article targeting each keyword (both primary and secondary keyword). In total, we are looking at about 4 articles, that is, if you are aggressive and have the resources but you should be very fine with one long article targeting the primary keyword and spreading LSI keywords around the article.

One more thing to note;



The first result is on Amazon. As you can see that the product is both available on our local affiliate websites such as payporte and jumia and also available on Amazon, therefore if you have a super review page that rank very high, you would start making money from all affiliate portals. That’s like killing multiple birds with a stone.

Step 3-      Pick a domain name

I know that majority of you were expecting this to be the first. After step 1 and 2, you would have a better understanding of your niche and you can pick an SEO friendly name to assist with your ranking. For my TV review affiliate website, I can buy any domain name with TV as one of the words. If I were you, I will focus on reviewing multiple TV brands, not just LG, therefore my domain name would be something like www.besttvguide.com or www.besttvreview.com, it’s very likely that, that name would have been taken. Let me give you a tool to help you suggest SEO friendly domain names incorporating your primary word. My primary words are TV, TVGUIDE and TV REVIEW, therefore, I will go to www.namemesh.com and search for TV or TVGUIDE or TV REVIEW; let me just search for TVREVIEW;



Now you can see the available domain names in a second.


Step 4-      Register for an affiliate program

Now it’s time to register at the various affiliate merchant website. That is not difficult to do, just visit their respective websites and look for a link to register as an affiliate. Register with many affiliate merchants as possible. In my own case, for my TV review website, I will look to join AMAZON, JUMIA, KONGA, PAYPORTE AND CLICKBANK affiliate membership.

Step 5-      Host your domain;

To have a website for my affiliate business, I will need a web host. I use GoDaddy for all my domain hosting. If you have no idea about domain, web hosting, and website building, I would suggest you give this out to web Design Company. To be frank with you, at this age, if you want to make money online, you need the basics of web design and hosting. Try to get resources online and teach yourself. I am not saying that you should start learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and javascript, you only need a knowledge of web programming that is enough to put your business online. For this, I will advise you simply focus on WordPress. How to host and manage a WordPress website. If you are really serious about this, within a week, you should be fine. After this step, my TV review website is now ready to go live as my website is now functional but zero content.

Step 6-      Write SEO friendly content

At this stage, I will start writing SEO friendly articles around the topics which I have gathered in stage 2 (keyword research). What I failed to tell you was that I would have done a lot of keywords research and would have had at least 100 review topics to write about. Now, this is the time to start writing them. You need a basic knowledge of SEO to write articles that will rank and earn. Don’t let any so-called SEO expert discourage or instill fear in you by making SEO sound like a rocket science. To write SEO friendly content, here is a list of 5 must-do items;

1-      Make sure your primary keyword is in your article title

2-      Make sure your primary keyword was repeated many times in your article. Follow the 1-2% keyword density rule. This implies that, if your total article word count is 1000 words, 1 percent of it is 10 and 2 percent is 20, therefore your primary keyword must be repeated for 10-20 times. Anything more than 3 percent, you will be penalized by Google for keyword stuffing.

3-      Make sure to have your secondary keywords in the body with a keyword density value of 0.5-1 percent.

4-      Make sure your primary keyword is included in header 1(H1) and header 2 (H2).

5-      Include an image with image name that incorporates your primary keyword. Also, your images must have an ALT ATTRIBUTE.


Now you see that you don’t need to pay any self-acclaimed SEO guru to write SEO Google friendly content.

Step 7-      Build Backlinks

Now start building backlinks. Start consulting bloggers to drop a guest post on their website with backlinks to your page. This will continue to build your page authority and domain authority.

Step 8-      Go social

Create a social page for your affiliate business. Most used social website in Nigeria is Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. I would advise you have social media page that will be updated regularly.


We have come to the end of this affiliate marketing strategy. If you have questions that have not been answered in this post, please comment below.

Do you know you can also create a topic on this website; if you have a business/career related discussion to start, simply create a topic and the community will join you in the discussion.



There is a saying that “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and as such a need to work for it. Being an affiliate marketer is no mean feat, but it is very rewarding if you follow the rules. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you are on the path to becoming a financially free Nigeria.

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How To Start Forex Trading in Nigeriahttps://sheriph.com/start-forex-trading-nigeria/ https://sheriph.com/start-forex-trading-nigeria/#respond Sun, 24 Jun 2018 19:55:45 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1927 forex trading in Nigeria 2

Forex trading in Nigeria is gaining momentum and awareness is at an all-time high. This article is aimed at educating you on forex trading, information on reliable forex trading brokers, how lucrative is forex trading, advising on the available forex trading strategies and short details about successful forex traders in Nigeria. As regards successful traders in Nigeria, let us warn you that this article does not in any way endorsing anyone, we strongly advise against investing your money with any trader, and our facts on how successful these individual are is not verifiable, so act with caution.

Forex trading can be regarded as the trading done in foreign currencies. Other names forex trading is known with include Forex Exchange or FX.  Another simple definition for forex trading is the trading of one currency for another for profit and loss. For example, exchanging of Pounds or Dollars (Foreign currencies) for Naira (Nigeria Local Currency) and vice versa. This definition is just a basic way of interpreting forex trading as no broker presently offer naira pairs. The popular currency pair is EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPJPY, AND USDCHD.


What does this mean?

Let us assume I bought USDJPY at a certain value, to make a profit, I would have to wait for the price to rise (bullish) and sell the pair again for profit. A drop in price means I am losing money.


Terminology in Forex Trading

You may probably not know anything about Forex trading in Nigeria as a newbie, but have heard about how people have made opportunities for themselves using the platform for business.

Forex trading can be an alternative source of income in Nigeria since it is similar to what banks and bureau de change do.  Forex trading business practically involves the prediction of the outcome of a particular trade market.

If you are not too familiar with Forex trading yet, lets quickly go through some common terms used in the trade.

Base currency:

This is the type of currency you spend or get rid of.

Quote currency:

The basic idea of Forex trading is selling one currency to purchase another. The quote currency is the currency you are purchasing. The amount you spend on quote currency to purchase base currency is based on the exchange rate.

Short position:

When you want to buy quote currency and sell base currency is called a short position. For instance, you would want to sell British pounds to buy U.S. dollars.

Long position:

A long position is the opposite of the short position. It is when you buy base currency and sell quote currency. In other words, you would want to purchase British pounds by selling U.S. dollars.

Bid price:

This is the price which your broker is willing to buy base currency in exchange for quote currency. The bid is regarded as the best price you are willing to sell your quote currency on the Forex market.

Ask price:

This is the price your broker is willing to sell base currency in exchange for quote currency. The ask price is regarded as the best price available you are willing to buy from the Forex market.


A spread is referred to as the difference between the ask price and the bid price.

Types of Forex Markets

There are three types of Forex market in operation right now, they are:

  • Forward Market: In a forward market, there is no trading of actual currency, rather specific prices are set. There are contracts representing certain currencies and settlements are made in the future. It is mostly used by the government and big corporations.
  • Future Market: Future market used to be the most popular foreign exchange market for traders. This is because it is available to individual investors for a longer time compared to the other types of markets. Nowadays, most companies trade in this market mainly to protect themselves from a possible surge in the future foreign exchange rate.
  • Spot Market: Most traders refer to spot market as the Forex market because it is the basis of the other two types of Forex trading markets. In this market, currencies are traded based on the current price of the market. The Forex prices are automatically determined by the forces of supply and demand among other factors.

How lucrative is Forex trading in Nigeria?

Nigeria has over the years depended on crude oil as the only means of generating revenue for the country. There have been calls recently for Nigerians to look into other sectors like agriculture, tourism, and solid mineral to help our already battered economy.

Forex trading is a very lucrative business that Nigerians need to pick an interest in. It has its own risks but when you put the necessary things in place, then you can rest assured to make profits.

One major reason why Forex trading in Nigeria is very lucrative is the fact that only a few Nigerians are aware of the trade and the economy of the country puts Nigerian traders in a better position. As it is today, the value of the US dollar is bigger than our Naira.

You can actually start Forex trading in Nigeria with as little as $100, but you have to take time to study how the global economy works before you start trading with a bigger amount. The Foreign exchange market is dynamic, so it is possible to invest just $100 and make huge profits and the possibility of losing is not ruled out. Forex trading can be very lucrative when you use the right strategy so as to know the right time to invest.

Remember that the foreign exchange market cannot be accurately predicted but you can make guesses based on how you see the trend of the market.

How to make predictive profitable decisions

The secret of making profits in Forex trading in Nigeria is to look at the market situation and make a predictive decision about the economy. You can invest in the trade if you believe that the U.S economy will continue to weaken for a continuous period, then you would probably want to sell dollars in exchange for a currency from a country with a strong economy.

Let’s use Nigeria for instance; the country has high demands for goods which are likely imported from foreign countries. The countries that export all the goods to Nigeria have an advantage of boosting their economy and adding more value to their currencies.  In this case, it is wise to sell Nigeria’s currency in exchange for the currencies of the other countries because they have stronger economies.

Let’s also consider politics.  When a country is having an election, then the country’s currency will appreciate if the winner of the election has an agenda that is fiscally responsible. For example, when president Buhari won 2015 election, the value of Naira depreciated against the U.S. dollar. This is because economic factors such as unemployment and inflation always have an effect on the value of a country’s currency.

To succeed in Forex trading in Nigeria, you will need to be a very quick thinker and also very calculative because both your profit or loss depends on the trend of the market when you are investing.

Learn how to calculate your profits

A pip is used to measure the difference between the values of two currencies. Usually, 1 pip is measured as equal to 0.00001 of a change in value. For example, if you dollar trade moves to 1,547 from 1,456, it means you currency value has increased by 10 pips. Multiply the number of pips that has changed your account by the exchange rate.  This calculation will let you know how much your account has decreased or increased in value.

To understand this properly, you will need to open a free account with a Forex broker so that you can learn and practice the trade better.  There are many Forex trading platforms you can make use of as a Nigerian and we will talk much more about them later.

Before you venture into any business, it is important to know what the business is all about and the best approach to take that will enable you to make the best of such business. For forex trading in Nigeria, there is a need for you to know how the market operates before investing in it.

Don’t just jump into the trade but analyze the market. There are different methods you can use to analyze the market. Below are three types of analysis you should consider.

  • Technical Analysis: This type of analysis involves reviewing historical data and reviewing charts to predict how the currency will move based on past events. These charts can be obtained from your brokers or by using popular platforms such as Metatrader4.
  • Fundamental analysis: Fundamental analysis involves analysis taken by looking into a country’s economic situation and using the information gathered to influence your trading decisions.
  • Sentiment analysis: This type of analysis is subjective. In this analysis, you try to analysis the mood of the market to know if it’s “bullish” or “Bearish”. It is not every time that you will need to put your finger on market sentiment but you can sometimes make a good guess that can influence your trade.

Why Nigerians fail in Forex trading

Many Nigerians have not been successful in Forex trading because they have not taken the relevant time to study what Forex trading is all about. Some people just jump into the business simply because they have heard about the profits involved in the business without having the required knowledge of how to run the trade.

It is a common practice for Nigerians to call any business “Scam” when they do not understand how the business works. Many Nigerians have considered Forex trading in Nigeria as a scam, the same way they even do to banks because they deduct money from their bank balances for what they do not understand.

The following are major reasons why Nigerians experience failure in Forex trading.


  1. Lack of knowledge

Many Nigerians fail in Forex trading business because they don’t bother to equip themselves with the right knowledge about the mode operation of the business. They also do not make proper research so that they can know what the business entails.

Another problem with Nigerians is their over assumption. After reading one or two pdf files on Forex trading, they consider themselves gurus and don’t bother making the necessary consultation before starting the trade.

  1. Greed

Over 70% of Nigerians that have lost their money in Forex trading business did so because of their greed. An average Nigerian wants to buy cars and build houses without actually working for it or by just putting a little effort.

It is important that Nigerians know that the business requires patience, and it is not a “get rich today” scheme. Be careful of offers that look too good to be true.

  1. Lack of good Mentors

There are some people that parade themselves both online and offline as mentors, telling you that they can teach you how to make thousands of dollars monthly when they have not made a dime yet in the business.

Beware of such people because when a person makes a thousand dollars monthly, he will not bother going around advertising himself in exchange for peanuts.

If you must get a mentor, get someone that is credible and has been proven by others to be reliable. Don’t fall victim to those self-acclaimed Forex trading gurus.

  1. The wrong mindset

Many Nigerians still have the mentality of the 17th century. We so much believe that someone needs to work for 7am to 5pm before he can make a decent amount of money. Online few Nigerians have realized that you can actually work at home at your own convenient time and still earn money.

Although there are fraudulent businesses online, you can still deny the fact that they are legitimate businesses online that have made many people millionaires today.

There is no business without a risk but the most important thing is to know when to take the risk. Have a positive mindset and know that you can still earn a significant amount of money doing business in the comfort of your house.

How to start Forex trade in Nigeria

Before you start Forex trading in Nigeria, you should know that not all forex brokers are genuine. We have also compiled a list of recommended brokers you can make use of in Nigeria.

Open an account:

Before you open an account, go through all the recommended brokers and see the one that their style and pattern suit you. When you have chosen the broker of your choice, proceed to open an account with them. The process is simple and free.

Fund your Account:

You must fund your account before you can start a live trade. There are different methods of funding of account depending on the forex trade platform you are using. You can use direct deposit or by using your credit/debit card to fund your account. Some platforms use third-party payment platforms such as interswitch or PayPal.

Have a Domiciliary Account:

For an effective transaction, it is important for you to have a domiciliary account. It also makes it easy for you to make a withdrawal from your profit when there is any. Some traders make use of currencies but it all goes to the domiciliary accounts in the end. The domiciliary account is used for depositing funds into your Forex trading account.

High Performing Device:

most times, many people lose money in Forex trading as a result of insufficient trading devices. A good device such as a Laptop or a Tab is very necessary for efficiency and accurate performance in live market.

Fast Internet Connection:

You will also need a very fast and reliable internet connection to be able to trade without stress in Nigeria. Fast internet connection is essential because there are times you need to take quick actions and your connection must be strong. Check your area to see which of the network is best for you.


People are making a lot of profits in Forex trading in Nigeria. But it all depends on the level of skills applied. Forex trading is a type of business you grow in. you should always sharpen your skills and remain current because that is how you can make profits.


After you ensure that all the things listed above have been put in place. The next and important step to take is to start. It is advisable to start with little funds but it should be substantial enough to make reasonable profits.

Forex Trading Strategy

forex trading strategy

forex trading strategy

If you intend to become a master in Forex trading in Nigeria, then you will need to choose the right strategy that will work just fine for you. Every Forex trader has their own Forex trading strategy but still look for a news every time. Keep it in mind that, different strategies work for different individuals.

There are many Forex trading strategies but we have selected few that are well suited to the Nigerian market.

Scalping: This type of Forex trading strategy is for short-lived trades which hold for just a few minutes or even seconds. As a scalper, your concern is how the market is now and how you can take advantage of it. What a scalper seeks is to quickly beat the bid or offer spread and skim just a few points profit before it closes.

Daily Fibonacci Trade: This strategy combines Fibonacci retracements and extensions with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly pivots. The emphasis, in this case, is using the combinations with only daily pivots. It can be extended easily to longer timeframes incorporating other combination of pivots.

The Pop “n” Stop Trade: For those who have tried to chase price when it bounds away to the upside, only to suffer lose when the price goes to the opposite way, then you will need to use the pop and stop Forex trade strategy. This strategy helps you determine whether or not price will continue in the direction of the breakout.  You need to know the direction of the price in other to profit from the situation.

Position trading: This is a longer-term trading approach where trades can be held for weeks or even months. Position traders mainly rely on fundamental analysis of the trade like NFP, GDP, and Retail to give a bias. For example, you analyze the fundamental of USD and determine it’s bullish. You wait for the USD to get support before you take your position because you don’t want to go long at any price.

Swing Trading: This is a medium-term Forex trading strategy where you only hold trades for days and weeks. Swing traders concern themselves with capturing a single move in the market. Traders likely buy support, trade the bounce of moving average and sell resistance. In swing trading, it is also important to learn technical concepts like moving average and candlestick patterns.

Day Trading: Day trading is a forex trading strategy similar to Swing trading but at a faster pace. In Day trading, the trades are held for only minutes and hours and trades are done during the most volatile session of your instrument because that is where you can make profits.  As a day trader, you don’t need to concern yourself with the fundamentals of the economy or the long-term trend because it is irrelevant.

Successful Forex Traders in Nigeria

Forex Traders in Nigeria 2

Forex Traders in Nigeria

Despite the fact that Forex trading in Nigeria is not as popular as it is in other countries, there are Nigerians that have success stories in the trade.

Any serious minded person can make profits in Forex trading just like any other business. Determination, commitment and using the right approach or strategy are what are required to make profits. The trade is for everybody.

Here, we have a list of successful Forex traders in Nigeria, who have shared their success stories to encourage those who want to join in the trade.

Mayowa Owobamirin: He is the sales account manager at PBFX global Market. He is a binary options trader. According to him, binary option is a method that guarantees the best possible financial prospect because he has been able to, maximize profits with it. He started with just $100 but he had made thousands of dollars while trading.

Benjamin Ajimoko: Ajimoko said one’s mindset can determine his/her success in Forex trading. He said one thing that made him a successful Forex trader in Nigeria was how disciplined he was while trading. Forex trading involves winning and losing, but he was not emotional about it but he sticks with the strategy that works for him.

Blessing Ezeako: She is a trader with Lite Forex. She started trading as an alternative source of income but it has become a full-time job. To her, Forex trading in Nigeria is not a “get rich business” but when the right strategy is applied, there is no limit to one’s profits. She said, she attended different pieces of training and acquired knowledge. She advises new traders to also attend training and seminars because that was what propelled her to where she is today.

Bade Afioluwa: In a bid to try out new business, Bade Afioluwa came across Forex trading online. He decided to invest much money because he heard that it was a get rich quick scheme. But he lost all his money. However, he was able to realize his mistakes and decided to learn more before he started again. He later contacted Global Forex traders, who introduced him to better tricks of trading. That was how his success story started.

His friend and family members began to entrust their money to him when they saw how lucrative Forex trading is. He then employed a strategy that has since then yielded much profit for him. The strategy involves extracting profits from up and down trends, which result to a stream of profits that comes consistently.

He said he only trades when the timing is right and when the odds are in his favor. He is not just a successful Forex trader in Nigeria but also a coach and mentor that have trained new traders into becoming successful traders.

Forex trading brokers in Nigeria                                     

Forex brokers are financial institutions that are licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities of countries where they operate. The Forex brokers are the ones that enable traders to access and trade the Forex market. They also play intermediary roles between the Forex traders all over the world and the Forex market.

Below is a list of Forex trading brokers in Nigeria that you can trade with.

InstaForex: With a minimum of $1 deposit, you can start trading with InstaForex with a bonus rate of 250%. They are one of the leading Forex trading brokers in the world and they are opened to Nigerian traders. They have a leverage of 1:1000. With InstaForex, nobody has a reason not to trade.

FXTM: FXTM is an award-winning broker with clients from over 180 countries including Nigeria. They have their headquarters located in Cyprus and offer a minimum deposit of $5.  Their platform is easy to operate because they support MetaQuutes platforms.

EToro: One unique reason why EToro is one of the leading Forex trading brokers is that they give their users the ability to look at other user’s financial activity, which helps them to know the right decision to take. They have a minimum deposit of $200 with the trading bonus of $1000.

Avatrade: Avatrade is one of the top players when it comes to Forex trading in Nigeria. They have their headquarters in Ireland but are one of the Forex trading brokers that support traders from Nigeria. Their platform offers a minimum of $100 with 40% trading bonus.

Rally Trade: this is the only Forex trading broker in Nigeria that actually has its headquarters in Nigeria. As a means to encourage Nigerian traders, they offer welcome bonus from 40% up to 100% from the first deposit. The minimum deposit is $100 for a basic account.

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How to start a football viewing center business in Nigeriahttps://sheriph.com/football-viewing-center-business-nigeria/ https://sheriph.com/football-viewing-center-business-nigeria/#respond Sat, 23 Jun 2018 11:36:22 +0000 https://sheriph.com/?p=1922 football viewing center business in Nigeria

Football is, no doubt, the biggest, most popular and most loved game in the world. Football fans always look for a way to connect to the various clubs or countries they support. Most of them will go to any length so that they don’t miss any of their club’s matches.

Nigeria is no exception to this fact as many Nigerians usually go crazy in support of their various clubs or whenever the Super Eagles (Nigerian National team) have any international match to play.

With the love of football in Nigeria, a football viewing center business is an ideal business that has the potential of yielding much profit.

Football viewing Center business overview

Football viewing centers can be categorized under sports and entertainment industry. A football viewing center is a place where live football matches are shown and football lovers pay a fee ranging from 60 naira to 200 naira to watch a match.

Why you should start a football viewing center

There are many reasons why you should consider starting your own football viewing center business in Nigeria. Below are some of them

  • Football stadiums where matches are played cannot accommodate the many fans that the popular game has. There are millions of fans from Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America who would love to watch matches live but they can’t because even the largest stadium in the world can only accommodate about 90,000 of them. So there is a need for fans to look for other means to watch these matches so that they wouldn’t miss out.
  • An average football fan in Nigeria may not even be able to afford a satellite TV to watch matches from their favorite clubs as such; they may choose to look for an alternative to watch the matches. Many of them opt to go to a viewing center instead of visiting friends.
  • The love and passion for football in Nigeria is very massive. Even those that have satellite TV in their houses still go to viewing centers to watch matches. They prefer watching matches of their favorite clubs in football viewing centers because it gives them the opportunity to team up with other club fans.
  • You should consider starting a football viewing center business because it is an avenue to get rid of unemployment and make cool cash because there is no limit to the amount of money you get and for the fact that it comes daily.

Let’s make a little analysis of how much you stand to gain daily when you start a football viewing center in Nigeria.

Let’s say you charge 100 Naira per match and your viewing center can accommodate about 50 persons. You have the potential of making up to 5000 Naira per match.

In situations where there is more than one match in a day, you stand to make more money. For example, if Liverpool plays against Chelsea by 1 pm, Man City against Arsenal by 4 pm and Barcelona against Real Madrid by 9 pm, that will mean you can make 15,000 Naira in a day.

You can make much more depending on the capacity of the viewing center and the strategy and effort you use for the business.

What you need to start

Football viewing center business is a very lucrative business since 90% of the Nigerian youths love football and can go any length to watch matches of their favorite clubs.

To make enough money to pay your bills and save, there are some things you need to put in place. This list focuses on how you can make profits as a medium scale business owner. Remember you can always expand the business depending on your vision and capital.

  1. Have a detailed business plan

A good and detailed business plan is very important for every businessman. Every good businessman should have a well-crafted business plan that spells out all what the business is about and how to ensure it becomes successful.

Before you set up a football viewing center business in Nigeria, there is a need for you to take a feasibility study. The feasibility study helps you to understand what the business is all about and helps you know what you what you are getting yourself into.

The feasibility study also helps you understand the cons and pro involved in the business so that you can set up a better strategy to help you make the best out of it.

The business plan should contain a concise guide on how the business would be run and what it takes to make it successful. It should also specify the budget needed to make to run the business for a long period of time.

As part of your business plan, you can visit one or two football viewing centers around you. Note how each of them is run and know how you can improve yours to stand a chance to compete and also outsmart other competitors to make a good profit.

It is also important to make a list of equipment you will need and how you can purchase them. You can start by getting the important ones before getting others as the business grows or as you get more funds.

  1. A good location

Getting a good location is vital to the success of any business and a football viewing center business is no exception. A location that can be accessed easily by your customers is ideal for the business.

You can get a location in a busy area or close to residential areas so that people coming back from their places of work can get to your viewing centers easily.



  1. A suitable space

After you get a good location for your business, there is a need to consider a suitable space. The space can go a long way to determine how much profit you can make form the business. There are three criteria you should consider before choosing a viewing space.

  • It should be a place big enough to accommodate all your expected audience. You do not want a place that will make your customers uncomfortable. You should also get a space that has room for expansion so that when you get more customers, they can get space to seat.
  • You should also consider the security of the place. The place should be secured during and even after football games. Viewing centers in Nigeria have the tendency for miscreants to cause a fight, vandalize properties and other vices. Having a tight security will help control these challenges.
  • Get a place where the majority of the population would require such services. Statistics show that youths visit viewing centers more than older people. Your major target should be the youth.


  1. Sets of Seats

If you are starting on a low budget, it is advisable to get wooden benches for your viewing center. The wooden benches can be constructed by any professional carpenter for a cheap amount.

Ensure that the carpenters construct benches that will make your customers comfortable. There are some viewing centers that use plastic chairs for their customers. You can only adopt that style when you have enough funds for it.

Remember, you must not start a business big. You can start the business small and then grow it gradually.

  1. Source of ventilation

It is expected for a viewing center to be stuffy but when yours is well ventilated, it will make it stand out and make people want to come back.

You can get sets of ceiling fans and standing fans to provide enough ventilation. Only use conditioning systems when you know you can afford them.

The way you arrange the benches will go a long way to ensure smooth passage of air within the environment.

  1. Good Televisions

You are required to get at least three good and original televisions which will be used to show the football matches. The size of the television should be put into consideration because of the bigger the television, the better the view.

The televisions must not be flashy but plasma is preferable. They should have good sounds and quality pictures display.

When you have enough money and more customers, you can make use of projectors. Projectors give a bigger picture and make it easy for people even at the far end of the place to watch with ease.

  1. DSTV decoders

DSTV decoders are the best to get because they have the right to cover almost all the football matches in the world. You can get at least three. It is helpful in cases when two to three football matches are played at the same time.

You must also get the appropriate subscription plan. The plan you get should be able to show competitions like the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish laliga, French league 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Seria A and so on.

You need a premium subscription to show the listed matches above. It costs around 14,500 Naira only.

  1. Source of power

It is well known that the state of power in Nigeria is not stable and unreliable. Depending on the power source from the Government could be very disastrous because there could be a power outage during a match.

It is advisable to forget about power source from the Government and run on generator sets. Get a generator that is capable of powering all your appliances.

If you must use a power source from the Government, get an inverter so that you don’t get stranded the middle of a match when there is a power outage. The inverter keeps the appliances running after power shortage until you get a generator.

  1. Writing board

This is where you can write a list of upcoming matches for the day. The writing board could be a chalkboard or a whiteboard. It doesn’t matter which it is, the most important thing is the information is clearly written on the board for all to see.

  1. Cleaners

You will need to employ the services of cleaners to always tidy the environment. The place is usually littered with pure water nylons, biscuit packs, and other snacks.

Regular cleaning and dusting of the appliances will also be necessary. It should be done after each match so that when customers come back, they can meet a clean environment.



  1. Tickets

Tickets simply serve as receipts to certify that customers have paid for the services about to be rendered to them. This is important because there are people that will want to play smart and try not to be pay before watching a match.

This also helps in the efficient running of the business because it can also serve as a means to know how many people paid to watch a particular football match.


  1. Publicity

The last but not the least thing you need to do to is to create proper awareness and publicity for your business. The level of publicity you create for your business will go a long way to announce your football viewing center to members of your immediate community.

Don’t forget to give your customers quality because that is what will make many of them come back after the first day.

you can allow customers and potential customers to watch free football matches for free for the first few days. This will mark you in their good book and will make them want to patronize you.

How to earn extra cash from your football viewing center

There are other things you can also do to earn extra income apart from just showing football matches. These include:

  1. Games

Whenever there is no football match to show, you can use the center as a gaming house. There are quite a number of games that young boys like to play. The most popular ones are FIFA and PES.

Youths like game competitions. So, to attract more customers, you can set up PES or FIFA competitions.

  1. Food and drinks

Selling food and drinks can serve as a form of entertaining them while they watch the matches. This is another way to earn more money from your viewing center.

Most people come with either friends or family to watch their favorite clubs play. Having meat and drinks will be a good way to entertain their friends as they enjoy the football match.

  1. Betting

Gambling could not be said to be legalized or not in Nigeria but setting up a betting shop will help you earn more money.

One of the reasons many people watch matches is to know whether the games they bet on is a winner or loser. Many youths are now into betting which will make you earn more money when they patronize you.

  1. Showing of moving

There are periods when most popular clubs will be on break, especially after a full season. During this period, you can convert your viewing center to a mini cinema. You may not charge up to the amount a standard cinema changes.

In conclusion, you can only enjoy football viewing business when it is properly managed. You should put all the necessary things in place to set up a successful football viewing center in Nigeria.

As you grow, think of how you can make the center conducive and comfortable for your customers. When your customers are comfortable and get the best from you, they will have more reasons to always return to you.

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