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In this article, we talked about affiliate marketing and did some reviews of successful affiliate websites. Using the lesson learned, we developed a strategy that can be used to create a successful affiliate website. Read on.

We live in an age where we do virtually everything through the Internet. From shopping to watching video content, almost all parts of our lives are online. While the majority of online users in Nigeria are content consumers, you can take the other side of the coin by earning.

There are many ways active and passive of making money on the Internet and from these many only a few as legitimate and rewarding as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a tried-and-tested method of making good money on the Internet. All you need is a laptop, a good Internet connection, and the shrewdness of a salesman.

What is affiliate marketing?

In the simplest of terms, affiliate marketing refers to the process of promoting the products or services of a company and in the process getting a commission for your efforts. Although there are many processes involved, the above definition is only a summary of the whole.

To put into perspective, as an affiliate marketer, your job is like that of a salesman who goes from home to home advertising a product for sale. However, in this case, you don’t need to go out; you can do that from the comfort of your home.

Who are the parties involved in affiliate marketing?

Some definitions of affiliate marketing put the number of involved parties as 3 while others say 4. In this article, we’ll go with the 4-party model.

The four parties include the seller or merchant who manufactures the product, the publisher or affiliate marketer who promotes the seller’s product(s) –this is where you’ll likely belong, the affiliate network which is the mediator between the first two parties, and the customer who purchases the product(s).

That being said, the first two parties are where you may likely belong to. However, since you are reading this post because you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, we’ll be focusing on how you can become one.

What are the steps involved in becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria?

Generally, there are four basic steps involved in becoming an online affiliate marketer in Nigeria. But in this post, we look at more than four steps to make it easy for you to follow. I’ll list the steps first before elaborating on each of them.

1.      First, find a niche that you are passionate about

2.      Choose a platform

3.      Join an affiliate network

4.      Search for products related to your niche

5.      Review the products

6.      Promote the products

7.      Get Paid


Step 1: Finding a niche

A niche is any topic area in which you have an interest. In becoming an affiliate marketer, the first step you’ll have to take is to choose a niche which you are less likely to have a problem with. What I mean is that you select a niche that you have interest in. For example, if you love cars, your niche can be on car products, or if you are passionate about mobile technology, you can pick smartphone accessories as your niche. Other examples of niches include health, banking/finance, fashion, entertainment, and so on.

When picking a niche, a rule of thumb is to be specific rather than general. That is, if you are passionate about technology, don’t take technology as your niche because it is a broad field that involves many other broad categories. Instead, you should opt for something like electrical home appliances which is more particular. The idea behind this is to keep you focused on a more particular customer base.

Step 2: Choose a platform

After selecting a niche, the next step is to select a platform where you can promote the products. As a salesman (permit me to use that word), you need an online medium for selling your products. While there are several ways to go about this such as YouTube and social media platforms (like Facebook), the most effective means is through a blog or a website. This is because of the long-term benefits connected with having a blog.

Among other things, having a blog or a website gives you an avenue to connect with users who are your potential customers. This provides you with an opportunity to interact with and give recommendations to your visitors. Moreover, when your visitors keep returning to your blog, then it shows that you may have developed a level of trust with them, which is a key pre-requisite for online business.

In addition, a blog is a good platform to promote more than one type of product, and thanks to many free online tools you can easily set up a blog in no time.

Step 3: Join an affiliate network

Yes, you need to join an affiliate program; and the only way to join one is by being part of an affiliate network. While it is possible to market products without going through an affiliate network, the process is longer and not easy. There are several affiliate networks with peculiar advantages and disadvantages. For example, while some have various payment methods, others are limited to only PayPal – bad for Nigerians. As a caution, before joining a network, you should ensure that you go through their terms and conditions.

Examples of affiliate networks are ClickBank, CJ (Commission Junction), Impact Radius, Linkshare, and Amazon Associates. There are also local affiliate programs for Nigerians such as Jumia affiliate program, Wakanow affiliate program, and Konga affiliate program.

Step 4: Search for products related to your niche

Moving on, your next action should be to search for products that are popular or related to your chosen niche. This is a very important step, and as such should not be overlooked. You don’t want to review a product which will attract very little buyers, do you?

This is where your researching skills come into play. When searching for a product to review, you need to arm yourself with certain facts such as the popularity of the product, how often do people search for it, and stuffs like that. Research tools such as Google keyword tool can aid your research.

Step 5: Product Reviews

Next after making your research and selecting a product is to review the product. This is where your writing skills are needed. Reviewing a product involves writing an article about the product that explains everything about it including the purpose of the product and the reason the reader needs to get it. As a reviewer, you need to write reviews about the selected products in such a way that it triggers the reader [to want] to buy the product.

Step 6: Promote the products

You have created a platform for your business; you have selected a/some product(s) and have done reviews but are yet to make any sales. This might be discouraging because you are in the business only to make money, which unfortunately isn’t forthcoming. Promoting the products involves advertising or marketing your reviewed items so as get people to buy them.

While step 5 is a way of promoting the product(s), there is so much to be done that it doesn’t end there. This is because your blog or website is still new and maybe only a few persons like your family and friends know about it. This means that you need to make people first know about your website, and then the product. There are several ways of achieving this and they include the following.

Email Marketing:

This involves creating an emailing list of probable customers and sending them timely messages about the products.

Social Media Marketing:

We live in an era where platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms serve as good marketing means for affiliate marketing.

Creating backlinks through guest posting:

Backlinking is another good way of sending web users to your website. This begins by posting on popular blogs as a guest with the aim of persuading readers to click on a link that takes them to your website.

Advertising on other websites:

This is another form of backlinking. To push traffic to your new blog or website, one method is to advertise your blog on highly popular websites. This does not only drive more visitors to your website but also brings in more potential customers.

YouTube reviews:

Nowadays, many affiliates marketers have integrated the power of Google’s online video sharing platform, YouTube, in products marketing. This is usually done through unboxing and review videos. However, using YouTube as a product promotion medium can be limiting because some products do not need unboxing.

Step 7: Getting Paid

Every salesman needs his commission. For all the hard work you’ve put into this venture, it makes no sense if you are not rewarded. As previously stated, different affiliate networks pay the marketers differently. Where a majority of the networks pay through PayPal, a few pay through Payoneer which is a good option for Nigerians as PayPal doesn’t support payments to Nigeria. Even better, you can get paid through direct bank deposits if you’re on a local affiliate program like Jumia’s.


Affiliate Marketing for a Beginner: Practical Case Studies

The best way to teach a beginner the online business of affiliate marketing is through careful study and analysis of successful affiliate marketing websites.  This also come very useful and handy for a proffesional affiliate marketer. What you are going to be discovering next is an example of some practical websites that are into affiliate marketing. These are very popular websites that are attracting lots of visitors on a monthly basis. All that you need to do is observe whatever they are doing, copy such strategies and start using them for your affiliate business.

Average Monthly Traffic: 4.5 Million | Average Monthly Income: $30 Million



You can see how it is 100% Focused. This isn’t just a website that is into the provision of third – party and honest reviews but one that is 100% focused. As an affiliate marketer that is aspiring to get to the top, there are things that you should never consider doing and this happens to be one of such. This website isn’t into the rendering of various services. Rather, it is purely focused on helping users decide whether various products are worth buying or not based on the reviews that will be provided.

Average Monthly Traffic: 4.9 Million | Average Monthly Income: $70,000


THISISWHYIAMBROKE – AFFILIATE MARKETING has been well – designed to ensure that browsers or potential users don’t start trying to find their way around. This is very important most especially once you want to design a website that will be focusing on reviewing plenty of products at once. If you visit the website, you will find out that it has been designed in a way that you can easily find what you are searching for without hassles.


The rule is trying to ensure that your review website is as simple to navigate through as possible. Don’t get things mixed up by trying to make it look too complex. This is because you could up getting your target audience put off. You don’t have to be a computer geek to come up with your first review website. Just make it easy to navigate and clean. If you can do this then you are good to go.


If there is one thing that you need to understand about your target audience, such is the fact that they have very limited time to spend on your website. This means that you need to be at your best to keep them around. The last thing that you want to do is make them start searching for what they have come for. Most review websites are so poorly organized that visitors can’t even see what they want to buy after having to go through the stress of searching over and over again.

Average Monthly Traffic: 800K | Average Monthly Income: Unknown



One of the worst things that any newbie affiliate marketer can do is trying to appear like he is selling something. has succeeded in delivering content that will helpful people in various ways. It is true that you are reviewing items or products but never forget the primary objective which is to add value to the lives of your customers. There are lots of affiliate marketers who are missing this one and in the end, they make nothing from their marketing efforts.


The best way to earn trust from your potential buyers is through delivering helpful contents. Don’t ever fall into the temptation of trying to present something to them in the form of advertisement. has stood head and shoulders above lots of review websites due to the fact that it delivers contents which of the highest standard. You will notice that the description for each product being reviewed isn’t sounding like they something is being sold to customers.


When your website is trying to sell something instead of providing quality content, your target audience will interpret it like you are trying to force them in making decision about a particular product. Once your content is genuine and unbiased, your potential customers will trust you and this will enable them make decision to buy something from your website. They are getting detailed description about various products.


GIFT IDEA GEEK – AFFILIATE MARKETING is having lots of visitors on a monthly basis. This should explain to you that there is some underground work going on to bring in the people from everywhere around the world. As an affiliate that wants to be successful, you need to understand that building a website and putting up contents isn’t good enough. It doesn’t really matter what you are selling as your website will be similar to a graveyard once you fail to adopt a method of traffic.


You need to consider the various ways of driving traffic to your website. This is because people need to see your review website and then take action. The means through which every business survives online is traffic. Yours will not be an exception and such is the reason why you need to start adopting the various traffic generation techniques that you can start using to bring visitors to your website. It is the only way you are guaranteed of making money from affiliate marketing business.

Gear Patrol - Affiliate marketing website

Gear Patrol – Affiliate marketing website

Average Monthly Traffic: 2.1 Million | Average Monthly Income: $700,000

Most affiliate marketers will always tell you that the money is in the list. This is what a powerful website such as has been able to apply in other to remain ahead of its competitors. If you are an affiliate marketer, then it will be difficult making money without a list of subscribers. This is because it has been discovered that potential customers need to see a message regarding what you are offering about 6 times before making a decision to buy. You are living money on the table without knowing when you fail to adopt a strategy such as this.


There is no need trying to find out how it can be done because definitely shows you the way. You can see that as a successful website in the field of affiliate marketing, it has been able to come up with a way through which the details of customers can be collected. This will enable it send future promotions to them.

There is a golden rule in the field of affiliate marketing which you will always need to pay attention to if you are really serious about making money. This is so serious that ignoring it can put you out of business even before you know it. The rule is all about offering what is selling. You are not selling products based on emotions but how they have proven to sell over a given period of time.


If you take a look at a website such as, you will see that this rule has been strictly followed every step of the way. It has succeeded in carving a niche for itself through meeting the needs of dog owners. In case you don’t know, the dog industry is worth billions of dollars. You can easily tell that a website such as this is making lots of money given the fact that it records over 1million visitors on a monthly basis.

This website has been able to gain lots of popularities amongst other affiliate marketing websites due to how it has been able to focus on search engine optimization. It has been optimized strategically to rank for some keywords across the various search engines on the internet. SEO knowledge and skills are very important if you want to make money from your affiliate marketing efforts. You need to understand how it works and the various ways through which search engines are ranking websites on a daily basis.


There are lots of factors involved in this process that can get anyone confused. However, with some careful analysis of and what makes it thick when it comes to search engine optimization, you can have a very good head start. Just navigate through the site a little bit and see what it has done to stay relevant before search engines.

There is something which everyone that is getting into affiliate marketing business is usually taught. This is having to establish a relationship with your target audience and trying as much as you can to forget about making the sales. Lots of newbies in the field of affiliate marketing always do struggle to apply this golden rule and in the end, they can even make good sales. Every professional affiliate marketer knows that the sales will naturally come on their own as your major focus should be trying to add value to the lives of your target audience. has been able to demonstrate this strategy in a very clear way which anyone will be able to understand. You can see that the contents being added are aimed at educating the audience and not selling anything to them. It takes plenty of practice to master this skill.

Average Monthly Traffic: 5.4 Million | Average Monthly Income: Unknown

Affiliate marketing is one business that anyone can easily start making some really serious money once the rudiments are well understood. There is something unique about the website Even though there are lots of other websites out there trying to review various products, there is no doubt that this one stands out completely. Its concept is so unique that even if you don’t have the aim of buying anything from it, you can end up bringing out your credit card.


There is only one factor responsible for this which is the fact that you can see the passion through which products have been described. Your audience needs to know that you are passionate about helping them solve a problem in their lives. That is how they will be able to spend money on your website. Just copy what and you will see amazing results in your affiliate marketing business.

There is one major mistake that most affiliate marketers usually make which is making the assumption that their target audience know a few details about what they are offering. This is a wrong formula and you need to correct it if you want to make a living off this business. for instance, if you look at, you will notice that it has been able to discard such assumptions and ensure that whatever that has to be explained is clearly written in details that are simple to understand.


You are not only trying to add value to the lives of your customers but also letting them know vital things about what you are offering. For instance, you want to sell a product that cures acne. It is plainly wrong feeling that your audience knows what such a product can do. Explain to them in details about the various products you are offering as

It is true that you have been taught to always pick a winning product in the business of affiliate marketing. While this is true, there is no doubting the fact that your chances of success will be higher once you can narrow down your niche. It is all about trying to single yourself out from the competition in the best way possible. You can see that has been able to majorly focus on the promotion of long boards.


The idea of focusing on a particular niche is mostly beneficial once you are starting out as an affiliate. This is because it saves you plenty of stress in competing with websites or affiliates that are more established. You can copy what is doing by narrowing down even further in your niche to ensure that you have less competitive websites to deal with.

When you want to talk about affiliate websites that are doing everything within their means, there is no doubting the fact that ticks all the boxes. It does 2 major things that have helped to improve its conversion rates in the business of affiliate marketing. The first of them is trying to keep its focus on one product. You can see that what it sells are football helmets. This is another lucrative product to promote. It isn’t trying to do everything all at once which can end up getting customers confused.


The second technique being used is the idea of integrating a video. According to marketing experts, users do spend more time when a website has video as compared to when it doesn’t. This is a very powerful technique that has adopted to ensure that visitors remain long enough on its site so as to see the products that are on offer.

There are very few affiliate websites out there that are as organized as and such is evident once you visit. The last thing that you want to make your target audience perceive as someone who is new in the world of affiliate marketing is to get them confused about what you have to offer. This can lead to doubt and eventually bring about loss of sales. With what a website such as is doing, you can easily copy and paste a system that is working.


Take a look at the website and you will notice how organized and clean it is. It has been arranged to ensure that potential buyers don’t miss their way around. You don’t need to be computer geek to come up with a website that will be easy to navigate through. All you need is look at a company that has got a winning website and does tick all the boxes.

This website follows from the above example that is set by Most newbie affiliate marketers believe that by making their websites look fanciful, they can win the patronage of potential customers. This mentality pushes them to start spending lots of money on programming applications that will only put a hole in their pockets. doesn’t follow this trend as it tends to be simple and straight to the point.


Potential buyers don’t have all the time in the world while trying to check out your website and how it can be of help to them. Your duty as an affiliate marketer is to provide a website that they will not find complicated in any way. Ensure that everything is spot on for them to take the needed actions that will enable you make sales. It is no wonder the website has over 12million visitors on a monthly basis.

There is this issue or problem which most affiliate marketers are usually experiencing. This has to do with whether they should go for a traditional website or the normal blog. If you have been asking such questions before now then there is no doubt that with what is doing through its wordpress blog, you have gotten the perfect answer. There are lots of benefits that is getting from using the wordpress platform to reach out to its target audience.


The first is that articles are easily posted since it can also be seen as an online diary. This enables it to make posts regularly without stress. There is also the fact that social media websites have been easily integrated into its activities. Using a traditional website as an affiliate marketer is something that will not benefit you that much. It is not just making decisions but sticking to those that will take your business to the next levels.

Are you planning on how to start reviewing various products for your affiliate marketing business? Do you know that with the existence of website such as, such becomes a walk in the park? You need to really take a careful look at this site because it is one that any type of affiliate marketer can start up today. This is due to its high level of simplicity. The truth is that you will hardly find websites that are like this online. It is super – easy to go through.


If you notice very well, you will see that keywords regarding the products (car seats) which it is promoting have been hyperlinked. This is to ensure that potentials buyers click on them for commission to be earned. A trick is to always hyperlink main keywords about products in your website so as to make your audience take action.

This is a top affiliate marketing website as it has been able to ensure that a strong relationship is established with its audience. Sometimes there are new affiliate marketers that are always in a hurry to make money from customers. If there is one thing that you need as an affiliate such is being 100% honest about a product. The fact that you are reviewing a product which customers will need to buy doesn’t mean that you don’t have to list out where such a product has fallen short. Don‘t forget that your target audience understands the fact that no product is 100% perfect.


Kitchen Faucets are being sold by Also, you can observe that it is not trying to trick its customers in a way to make them buy what is being reviewed. Don’t provide misleading information about a product as you could kill the little trust that your customers are beginning to have for you.

This is one of those few websites where you will be shown one simple truth about affiliate marketing that you need to be making the big bucks in other to be in this business on a long term basis. This becomes necessary if you are into advertising and other paid means of taking your products out to your audience. This is where you have to copy the strategy being used by to ensure that you remain or last in this business for as long as possible.


You can see that the products which it promotes are those that are expensive or high – priced. This implies that just one single sale will be worth all the marketing efforts. What you need to do as an affiliate that wants to survive the competition is trying as much as you can to ensure that you stay away from promoting low paying products. This will not make you to breakeven. has been a really successful review website on the internet. There is something that you can copy from it today once you want to start your own review website. This is the fact that your review or opinion should be based on firsthand experience of such products. That is to say, you are giving your opinion about such product based what you know about it. There is no doubt that this is one thing which your potential customers will appreciate.


Once you can get the products that you are reviewing and make use of them, you will be able to give a better and unbiased review. Just read the products being offered by and you will notice something which is the fact that the products being talked about have all been used. This gives them an upperhand to make the sales. has been very popular because it has been able to adopt one powerful strategy that most affiliates usually ignore for one reason or the other. This is having what the website is all about on the domain name. There are websites that have domain names which are general instead of being specific. This is one problem that will make you struggle to get as many visitors as possible. Don’t ever give your target audience the wrong idea about who you are. has been able to ensure that its name sends the right message to potential customers about what it has been created to offer. This makes the whole conversion process much easier. The key here is to choose a domain name for your website that tells a lot about the products you are selling. is an affiliate website that is a combination of various activities. The first is that you will see plenty of helpful posts that can add value to the lives of potential buyers. You can also see products being reviewed in one way or the other. Finally, you will discover that it has some sections that look like sales copy was required to get them up and running. There is one thing that this should explain to you which is the power of outsourcing.

You don’t have to be good in all these areas before you will come up with an affiliate review website that looks like this. All that you need to do is look for someone or a group of persons who can handle various aspects of your website. The only thing that you will be doing is giving instructions as required.




Finally, we have come to the end of this super article on affiliate marketing. If you have made it to this point, you deserve this pot of gold. But if you jumped to this point without reading the introduction and case studies above, I fear your shortcut method to success may affect your ability to properly implement this strategy.

Now to the strategy. You would agree with me that the best way to be successful in life is to copy successful people, in this case, successful methods. Following a successful method might not really be enough in our dynamic world because what works before may struggle to work again but with proper creativity and little modification, you could make it work again and again. If you have been reading this article with utmost concentration, particularly after reading the case studies above, you should have started coming up with ideas on how to make affiliate marketing work for yourself. If you are, then this strategy should not be that difficult for you to comprehend.

There is one similar pattern followed by the successful affiliate marketers above, and it is blogging extensively about the affiliate product. Not just blogging for writing’s sake, it is providing useful information, in form of guide, to buyers who are interested in buying the product. This information could be a product review, product features, best buying guide, advantages of the product against other similar product and so many articles on such products. After a while, the website will become an authority in the niche.

Let me give you an instance of how affiliate marketers can position themselves to make money. Let us say that I am interested in buying a TV for home use. After asking around, I was told LG TV brand is better than most. Before making a decision to buy, I decided to do a little google search on BEST AFFORDABLE LG TV.  Though I have seen the product around many times, I wanted to be sure that I am making the right decision so a little googling is quite important. I launched a web browser and visited and search for BEST AFFORDABLE LG TV. Google search result page number on ranking website is and second place is


We will talk about the first 2 TOP ranking websites as people hardly go beyond that before getting what they want. Statistically, the first 3 website gets 90 percent of the traffic for a search query. Looking at the result, first on the list is with the title LG Televisions | Buy LG TVs Online | Jumia Nigeria. Upon clicking this link here is what I saw;

Best Affordable LG TV on jumia

Best Affordable LG TV on jumia




You can see that is an e-commerce website. Just like most e-commerce websites, they have no guide and no reviews to help me in making a decision to buy. I figured they are only interested in selling the product to me so I jumped out to the next Google suggested website which was After clicking on the website, here is what I saw;



The result from itstechprice consists of affiliate links to jumia. As an affiliate marketer, that should be your strategy to get in between sales funnel and hijack sales from large e-commerce websites. We have discussed above that you can register for the affiliate program of this e-commerce websites and make money each time you refer buyers to them.

I have carried out frequent research which consistently proved to me that affiliate marketing business in Nigeria is still untapped. This fact is not far-fetched when you pay attention to details. For example, contrary to most of our top affiliate websites used in the case study section of this article, the affiliate website above did not have a detailed review of each LG TV. In fact, it did not convince me with any buying guide. There is no benefit that I get by buying from the website’s affiliate link because it did not help me in any way, rather, it simply listed LG TV and write same features as written on Jumia. I can see that the website was also monetized with Adsense but the owner could have done better.

Another point to support the fact that affiliate marketing is still untapped in Nigeria is the fact that out of all the case studies above, no single Nigerian owned affiliate website make it to the list of top affiliate company in the world. So basically, there are few people in affiliate business and I can bet it that larger percentage of this people does not really have an idea of how best to operate an affiliate marketing business without looking spamming.

Most people that are into affiliate marketing in Nigeria mostly promote foreign products via Clickbank and Amazon affiliate merchant. I am not going to say this is a wrong idea, in fact, it is a very good idea and income would triple what you expect to earn if you are focused on Nigerian affiliate programs. But you should be ready to do more work. Finding an affiliate product on Amazon or Clickbank that is not competitive is not easy. You really need to work for many days researching low competitive products. You will need tools like kwfinder, ahref, semrush etc. to find a good affiliate product. But, if you can do the work, the reward is so great that making 6 figures in Naira would be an easy feat.


Now, let me lay out the 8 steps strategy to a successful affiliate marketing business anywhere in the world. If you have struggled to make money from affiliate marketing in the past, or you are simply trying to venture into it, whatever affiliate merchant you decide to go with, be it Amazon, Clickbank, or our local affiliate program such as Konga, jumia etc, this strategy is your only solution to a successful affiliate marketing business.



Step 1-      Product Research;

The first thing you need to do is to know the product. For affiliate marketers on a low budget who would mostly write content by themselves, Start by thinking of different products that you can write on. A product that you knew very well like the back of your hands. But for the big boys who have money to pay writers, simply decide on a product. For product ideas, you have to explore affiliate merchant marketplace catalog extensively. Depending on your choice of affiliate merchant, Start by visiting Clickbank, Amazon, Konga, and or jumia product section and try to explore many products. Make sure the product has lots-of-order and reviews from customers. Lot-of-order products will help you select a product that is needed by a lot of people, also many-review products will ensure you have a source of content for the product when you are ready to start writing about it. In this example, I would like to start an affiliate website that reviews TV. Therefore, my products are TVs.


Assuming you have decided on a product or few products, this is the time to confirm if the product is worth your time by doing keyword analysis. You need to establish that this keyword has reasonable search query. Tools that could help you with this are kwfinder, ahref, semrush etc. But these products are premium products and are very expensive. Personally, I use ahref trial for $7-7 days. I think it is a reasonable investment on the business. Once I subscribed for the $7 trial period, I will work day and night to complete all my keyword analysis in time before 7 days when the service will expire. At the time of writing this article, I have no active subscription on ahref but let me use kwfinder to show you how to do keyword research. Visit and enter your product name, for example, LG TV. Also, you should enter your targeted country. If your targeted country is USA and rest of the world, you should know that your partner merchant should be either Amazon or Clickbank as those affiliate merchants do quite better for international visitors, but if you want to focus on local, do know that merchants like jumia or Konga would be your partners. In this example, I would like to face a less competitive market, I want to focus on Nigerian market and most of my affiliate links will go to either jumia or Konga as they are the biggest e-commerce company in Nigeria. Let us go to kwfinder to do a little findings





From the picture above, you can see different keywords people use when searching for topics related to LG TV. On the left-hand side of the image, there are a good deal of helpful metrics such as TREND, SEARCH VOLUME, PPC, KD (Keyword difficulty). While on the right landside, we have a snapshot of Google search result page. This is kwfinder attempt to make you see websites that you will be competing with, it also goes one better than Google by providing you with their DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA), PAGE AUTHORITY (PA) etc. The higher these values (DA, PA) the more difficult it will be to outrank them. Therefore, while you are keeping one eye on KD, you should know that DA and PA are equally important metrics.

Keyword difficulty is a metric that tries to gauge how difficult it is to rank for a keyword. For example, if I am to write about LG TV, I can see that the KD is 48/100 (POSSIBLE), kwfinder says POSSIBLE because nothing is impossible but what it fails to tell you is that you need a lot of work to rank for that keyword. This means that to rank for such article. You will need to write a quality long-form article with a lot of social share and backlinks. But that should not scare you as you don’t necessarily need to rank for LG TV keyword. You simply need to rank for buyer intent search queries that are related to LG TV. That is why kwfinder also have other suggested words. Looking through the suggestions, it is now your work to find some keyword with difficulty level that is less than 30. Make a list of all these keywords with low KD value and a decent search volume. That is how you will keep finding topics to write about.

Our aim is to look for various search queries involving LG TV with low KD. Generally, your aim is to target Keyword difficulty values of less than 30 and you should know that the lower the better. This can be done by targeting a particular LG TV Model.

How do you do that?


Let us take a look at TV search result on jumia,




This product LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 has 127 reviews, this indirectly translates to a high order. Basically right now, the LG TV product that is ordered most is LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500.

Now let us use kwfinder to see how we can rank for search queries relating to LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500.



There we have it. Keyword difficulty drops to 37/100-STILL EASY. Now we can come up with different topics around the primary keyword LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500. Example of such topics may include

–          LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 REVIEW, or

–          BEST BUYING GUIDE FOR LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500,

–          ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 SMART TV


To increase your chances of getting traffic for this topic, you can boost your article with Latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI). LSI keywords are keywords or search queries that are synonymous or semantically related. They are shown at the bottom of Google search page as similar search terms. To clearly explain this with pictures, let us assume you we have decided to write about LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 REVIEW, which will be regarded as my primary keyword. I would now have a series of LSI keywords as secondary keywords. To get the LSI keywords; let us visit google and search for our primary keyword ( i.e LG 32 Inch Digital LED TV-32LJ500 REVIEW).



This is always at the bottom of the search page. Looking at the LSI keywords, we can see that LG TV-32LJ500,  people like searching for the TV specs, Manual and Remote, therefore we can similarly use the same article to target the following secondary keywords;

–          LG 32lj500b specs

–          LG 32lj500b Remote

–          LG 32lj500b Manual

But if you are really aggressive, you can have one article targeting each keyword (both primary and secondary keyword). In total, we are looking at about 4 articles, that is, if you are aggressive and have the resources but you should be very fine with one long article targeting the primary keyword and spreading LSI keywords around the article.

One more thing to note;



The first result is on Amazon. As you can see that the product is both available on our local affiliate websites such as payporte and jumia and also available on Amazon, therefore if you have a super review page that rank very high, you would start making money from all affiliate portals. That’s like killing multiple birds with a stone.

Step 3-      Pick a domain name

I know that majority of you were expecting this to be the first. After step 1 and 2, you would have a better understanding of your niche and you can pick an SEO friendly name to assist with your ranking. For my TV review affiliate website, I can buy any domain name with TV as one of the words. If I were you, I will focus on reviewing multiple TV brands, not just LG, therefore my domain name would be something like or, it’s very likely that, that name would have been taken. Let me give you a tool to help you suggest SEO friendly domain names incorporating your primary word. My primary words are TV, TVGUIDE and TV REVIEW, therefore, I will go to and search for TV or TVGUIDE or TV REVIEW; let me just search for TVREVIEW;



Now you can see the available domain names in a second.


Step 4-      Register for an affiliate program

Now it’s time to register at the various affiliate merchant website. That is not difficult to do, just visit their respective websites and look for a link to register as an affiliate. Register with many affiliate merchants as possible. In my own case, for my TV review website, I will look to join AMAZON, JUMIA, KONGA, PAYPORTE AND CLICKBANK affiliate membership.

Step 5-      Host your domain;

To have a website for my affiliate business, I will need a web host. I use GoDaddy for all my domain hosting. If you have no idea about domain, web hosting, and website building, I would suggest you give this out to web Design Company. To be frank with you, at this age, if you want to make money online, you need the basics of web design and hosting. Try to get resources online and teach yourself. I am not saying that you should start learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and javascript, you only need a knowledge of web programming that is enough to put your business online. For this, I will advise you simply focus on WordPress. How to host and manage a WordPress website. If you are really serious about this, within a week, you should be fine. After this step, my TV review website is now ready to go live as my website is now functional but zero content.

Step 6-      Write SEO friendly content

At this stage, I will start writing SEO friendly articles around the topics which I have gathered in stage 2 (keyword research). What I failed to tell you was that I would have done a lot of keywords research and would have had at least 100 review topics to write about. Now, this is the time to start writing them. You need a basic knowledge of SEO to write articles that will rank and earn. Don’t let any so-called SEO expert discourage or instill fear in you by making SEO sound like a rocket science. To write SEO friendly content, here is a list of 5 must-do items;

1-      Make sure your primary keyword is in your article title

2-      Make sure your primary keyword was repeated many times in your article. Follow the 1-2% keyword density rule. This implies that, if your total article word count is 1000 words, 1 percent of it is 10 and 2 percent is 20, therefore your primary keyword must be repeated for 10-20 times. Anything more than 3 percent, you will be penalized by Google for keyword stuffing.

3-      Make sure to have your secondary keywords in the body with a keyword density value of 0.5-1 percent.

4-      Make sure your primary keyword is included in header 1(H1) and header 2 (H2).

5-      Include an image with image name that incorporates your primary keyword. Also, your images must have an ALT ATTRIBUTE.


Now you see that you don’t need to pay any self-acclaimed SEO guru to write SEO Google friendly content.

Step 7-      Build Backlinks

Now start building backlinks. Start consulting bloggers to drop a guest post on their website with backlinks to your page. This will continue to build your page authority and domain authority.

Step 8-      Go social

Create a social page for your affiliate business. Most used social website in Nigeria is Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. I would advise you have social media page that will be updated regularly.


We have come to the end of this affiliate marketing strategy. If you have questions that have not been answered in this post, please comment below.

Do you know you can also create a topic on this website; if you have a business/career related discussion to start, simply create a topic and the community will join you in the discussion.



There is a saying that “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and as such a need to work for it. Being an affiliate marketer is no mean feat, but it is very rewarding if you follow the rules. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you are on the path to becoming a financially free Nigeria.

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